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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lofi Inn, Singapore

We spent the second night at Lofi Inn, Singapore. A hostel, to be exact. We decided to get ourselves a single bed in 8-bed mixed dormitory room, since there were 8 of us. Voila!

This was our second lodging.

Address 43 Dickson Road, Little India
Singapore, 209518
Phone +6563920224

We got discounted good deal from that offered SGD$26 for each bed and plus point that led us to book for this hostel was due to the toleration of having baby inside! (Most of hostels/hotels around the world disallow baby, for others harmony. No? But they are humannnnnnn!)

It was quite challenging to get to this hostel since we came from Sup Tulang Merah at Beach Road Garden. No, the challenge wasn’t due to the location, it was due to hiring two taxis at one time! Not two cabs, we HARDLY get a cab! I mean, SUPER DUPER HARD TO GET A CAB till I thought of laying flat like died possum at the middle of the road! And it was 10PM! Shooh!

I wasn’t sure why they didn’t want to stop (fine, I’m not pretty or sexy enough), and if there were, they wouldn’t want to go to Dickson Road! Like huh? Aku boleh tebar duit, nah, nah, nah! Tanak?? But we finally managed to get two cabs, using different route, splitting ourselves into two small groups, with hubby and I as the marshal for each. And so I had to confess to Kak Ngah and Pak Ein, that we usually don’t take cab in all of our trips, besides Vietnam. Trust me, we didn’t do it on purpose. Hokey hosey?

The registration was smooth and the receptionist allowed us to pay the extra deposit using RM. (It is good to tell the truth that you don’t bring extra SingDollar.) Besides having attached bathroom and lockers, the room was actually pretty small for a big crowd, but the way they arrange it make it nicely fit for the 8 of us. The youngsters were forced to occupy the upper beds (including hubby and I), while the veterans took the lower beds. (Matilah cakap kakak sendiri veteran hahaha!)
The facilities and services are quite normal, similar to other hostels, ie: laundry, dryer, communal area, game room, lift access, luggage storage, designated smoking area, wifi, and the best part, the cool rooftop bar. Breakfast is served here. Since they were serving eggs, bread, juice, and sausages, we politely rejected the sausages due to you know why. At the rooftop, we met one uncle, who has been staying at the hostel, for many months (and still staying there). He said, unlike Malaysia, the house price in Singapore is ridiculous, and living at the hostel is less costly. Well uncle, Malaysians also complaining the same thing. Sama jer. Anyways, he is enjoying his life to the fullest, mix around with different foreigners, everyday.
While lepaking at the rooftop, watching Pak Ein and hubby smoking, the rest of us enjoyed the night by sipping milo, alongside the...rain! Pfft!

Since this hostel located in the heart of colorful Little India, it is actually reachable via MRT (estimated 10 minutes walking). Cabs are quite easy to get but who needs cab now, huh?! Personal experience? Simple. Period.

Note : Do visit to get best price and compare with other sites. 

First lodging can be read here.
(Third lodging will be in the next coming entry.)


Supermeng Malaya said...

aku rasa pun memang paling murah plus x de service charges macam agodaM tu.

kalau baring tgh jalan tu kereta porsche berhenti cemana?

kena bangun cepat2 pose cantik tak?


Biqque said...

meng, kitorang pun mmg suka sbb dia tak amik depo, patu bleh cancel free, and cheaper.

porsche? wow...terpaksa kibas2 sluar lantas bangun terus pose neelopak! hahahaha!

Azian Elias said...

kalau ke Spore ni selalunya visit sedara mara je.habis masa kat situ..nak jalan2 sangat sure tak sempat.

Biqque said...

azian, ok la tu ada sedara-mara, yg pegi saja2 ni pun tak larat nak pegi berkali2 dah hahaha...

Diana Diane Teo said...

I also did plan to stay in hostel cause hotel in Singapore is ridiculous expensive too. But the bed given of course will be double decker, it's kind inconvenient for my family. Who is going to sleep on the top cause I have two person who aged almost 60 (takkan ask them to climb up and down everyday right) then I have 3 big giant family members, sleep on the top, the person who sleep below guarantee cannot sleep. So end up, a budget hotel.

Ren said...

Wow canteknya bilik kat Lofi Inn tu!!! Ke dalam gambar je cantek?

Biqque said...

diana, hahahahahaha lawak la...ya, double deck is not an option in this case. so better find budget hotel instead. hotel so darn expensive kan!

janggel, bilik 8org tu agak kecik! katil dia letak keliling bilik, so ada la tempat bersila tu muat la bersila dlm 4-5org. kalo dok dpn toilet, ha dpt la bersila 6-7org. hahaha! psl cantik tu, i think biasa2 jer. tapi tak buruk or busuk or kotor la. bersih.

Unknown said...

Ini komen pertama selepas berberapa minggu tak lawak mana2 blog hahaha.. baca entry ni pasal hostel, teringat MALAM PERTAMA kt SG dulu..huhuhuhu.. memang terbaekkk..pilihan kami sejak turun temurun heheheh

Biqque said...

na, hamboih malam pertama yeeeeekkk! 18sx sgt!

yup, terbaekkkk!

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...


aku pun baru start melawat kengkawan balik! hahahahaa.... bencinta sungguh nak bukak blog! hayuhhhhhh come back!


Lofi Inn ni cam ada fefeeling like home jugak eh?! Looks cozy :D

Biqque said...

masmz, aah syok gak la tempat ni sbb family ramai2 kot...lepak2 santai2...

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