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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Japan : A-Bomb Dome and Hiroshima Castle, Hiroshima

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In the afternoon, we took a Shinkansen ride from Okayama Station to Hiroshima Station via SKS Sakura 553, with the help of JR Pass. Else, 5860yen shall be burned into ashes.
In just an hour, we reached the legendary city that was destroyed in 1945 due to atomic bomb. The destructive power of the bomb was tremendous and demolished nearly everything within a two kilometer radius. But seeing what I saw, 65 years later, was far greater than what we have in Ipoh. Kudos to Japanese Government, great efforts were taken to rebuild the city.

The vista was calm and peaceful. I never thought that I would step my foot on this re-born city. Predictions that the city would be uninhabitable proved false. They were in fact, living vastly in harmony.

While chit-chatting with hubby on WWII, we walked towards the streetcar, where we bought a 1-day Hiroden Trip Card (600 yen) that would bring us around the city. Knowing that it would be quite a composed exploration, we had to check-in our bags first.
Earlier, we booked Chisun Hotel since it is located just right in front of the tram stop. We were attracted to its statement, “It says 0 minute on foot. Let’s see how close it is.”

We stopped at Kanayama-cho, and guess what, the hotel was just right in front of it! Hahaha! Super darn close! Well, we can actually walk from Hiroshima Station, approximately in 15-20 minutes, but we aren’t going to waste our time since we only have one full day in Hiroshima. And it was a good buy though, since we had fully utilized the day pass, which I will tell you guys how, at the end of this post.
It was a quick check-in. We left our bags and later, came down, grabbed a map, bought pancake and fries at the convenient store, and took a tram ride to Atomic Bomb Dome. In Hiroshima, we were so happy to know that it was a good time to view Sakura in Japan, particularly Ueno Park, which we had visited earlier. It was even in the local newspaper!
The stop was 5 minutes away from the site and we were served with serene situation where locals walking their cute dogs along the reservoir. "Pirate?"
Right before me, I saw an Aioi river that connects the whole 120,000 square meters Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park with medium-sized Aioi Bridge. With trees, lawns, and walking paths, the surrounding was totally contrasted to Tokyo city. There were locals enjoying hanami along the pedestrian, small boats cruising along the river, but most of the visitors were concentrating on the historic dome.
Hubby and I remained silent. "Wah, got alarm somemore..."
We stayed focus on the former Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall. Despite of controversy either to torn it down of preserve it as memorial, I am pretty sure that preserving it is the best option, in order to remind war undertakings.

I looked at hubby with sad face.
“Of all the buildings, this is what left?” “There’s a reason behind it.”

The reason why the vertical columns were still intact was due to the detonation location, which almost directly above the dome. So it was slightly missed from the original target, vertically and horizontally T-shaped from Aioi Bridge. Over 70,000 people were killed, particularly whoever inside the building, and another 70,000 suffered from fatal injuries from radiation.

“Make peace, no war…” Now hubby giving me a sad face.
Right opposite the building, we saw more people walking down the lane. “Let’s go to the other side.”
We stopped for a quick reading at the end of the building compound before crossing the bridge. I also grabbed almost all fridge magnets on shelf for TravelholicAwesome, since none of them have been to Hiroshima. From far, the dome still viewable and it was even nicer to capture it with sakura trees added on it.
“What’s that?”

I barely noticed the axis shape. It seemed like a clay house which has been said looked like a burial mound in ancient Japan. But some said it looked like a gem. Whatever it is, the arch tomb is dedicated for those who died because of the bomb, regardless of the blast or the radiation.

“A-Bomb dome is seen through the Cenotaph.” Hubby told me, for I was too lazy to walk that far. While I played Alice in Wonderland with those big fat trees!
On the other side of the banks, we saw another statue with more information on human activities like origami paper cranes and clock tower. Mostly, to remember the tragedy, where they will have yearly “moment of silence” ceremony held exactly at the same time, the same day, of the catastrophe.
“Eh, Japanese girls in kimono! Quick, take my picture with them.” Luckily then spoke little English and understood what I was asking for.
“Ayang, look at that auntie.”


“See the lens la.”

“Hahahahahaha! Kalah orang muda.”

We walked back to the tram stop and took a tram ride to Hiroshima Castle. The stop was somewhere near the Hiroshima Sogo Shopping Complex.

“Sit at the steps.” Knowing hubby, he will NOT simply sit on the floor. Unlike me, I can just sit anywhere I like.

“Why?” Hubby questioned.

“You never sit in front of KL Sogo, so do it here in Japan. Rasa rempit tak?”

“Hahaha! 100 times clean than KL. Ok, I sit.”
It was about 20 minutes walk where we had to use the underneath tunnel to Hiroshima Castle. From outside, the castle was surrounded with wall, canal and watchtower, all still intact. Right before the bridge, there was a metal signage of Promenade of Culture, which explained precisely, by looking at the reconstructed “ninomaru”.
We entered the castle compound where we saw two trees that survived the bombing. A Willow and a Eucalyptus, both located approximately 760meter from the hypocenter.
Further inside, there was one small shrine where cabbies and locals had a quick break. I observed that all cabbies in Japan ALWAYS clean their cabs. Shining and sparkling, always customer-ready.
From far, we can see the five stories keep and every inches of this castle was previously reconstructed in 1958 due to bomb blast, which made this castle is a replica from its original, which was built in 1589.
“Do you know where Hiroshima got its name?”

“Definitely from…a…Japanese name…lah?” Hahaha!

Earlier, Hiroshima was called Gokamura, which later renamed with Hiro and Shima taken from an ancestor and his helper, a.k.a, a wide island. We didn’t enter the castle since it was already late. Else, the fee was 360yen. So we enjoyed sakura viewing by the river.
“It still early. Where else should we go?” I asked hubby, showing him the 1-day Hiroden pass.

“To the last tram stop. Hiroshima Port.”

We gambled and stayed on the train, till the last stop. It was getting dark outside and no one left in the tram except us. Ya la, who wants to go to port kan? Hahaha! Once we reached the station, it was quiet and empty. No one was there. We didn’t dare to go far so we played funny with unmoving coach, over and over.
Later, the tram driver walked into the arrived coach, and so, we followed. We giggled and smiled, for we had so much fun, making stories while riding from the very last stop of the route. This was how we spent the 24 hour day pass! Hahaha!

“Next?” I still wanted to spend the night, to the fullest.

“Just walk around and see how…”

We walked to Nagarekawa Street, the largest and most entertaining street in Hiroshima city. Nature of business were varieties, from restaurant to karaoke to dvd to ehem-ehem, you name it.
One thing that’s for sure, you are safe to walk anywhere you like, regardless day or night. That’s Japan. And we found peace, in Hiroshima.
Back in hotel, we explored the lobby and room. Hubby then made a hilarious statement where he thought that the grey flat board was an exercise equipment or a heater or some sort of robotic thingy. We can't hold the curiosity any longer and went down to the reception to ask about it. AND IT WAS AN IRON BOARD! Pfft!

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Anash said...

me first?
weh...baca slow2 tak mo miss a thing
(mcm baca majalah ujang slow2 or majalah gila2..hehe)

bestnyerr..but cant affort that tip with that long...penattt

Biqque said...

anash, ada simpan tak majalah ujang dulu2? mana nak cari ek? hahaha! ala, dont say that...bleh, u think i got many money meh? (broken abis) sure u can cheap only week enuff oledi...

Ren said...

Wow Anjing berbaju???? see anjing pon nak pakai baju tau, nikan pulak manusia yg semakin nak membogel kekekeke.

Nak pegi la nanti.

Biqque said...


ha janggel, sana aman sgt...takde hiruk pikuk mcm kat tokyo...orang pun jalan slow2...

just.HY said...

ok dah abes baca...mmg dorang preserve ye dome tu. mmg menarik lah!

baby u light up my world like nobody else. alala..

Unknown said...

sis, u went there for a week or 2 weeks? so many places meh?

hehe.. really appreciate it if you can made a post on japan rail pass.ehehe .. im sure there's a lot people in malaysia are curious about it(not about the buying process, instead about the journey using jr pass) tq biqque~~~

Biqque said...

john, haah ada stated diorang letak alarm, wallahualam la bleh bunyi ke tak if ada trespasser :D

cik hijab, went there for 9 days jer...but we fully utilized each day to the max :D 2-4 hotspots in a day :)

i did post on JR Pass earlier.

how to purchase:

how to exchange:

how to use:

happy reading :)

just.HY said...

btw, it's danny! not john!

Biqque said...


Unknown said...

I teringat Hafiz pegi Dome kt Hiroshima ni, dia kata dia siap nangis2 masa kuar dr museum tu sebab tgk gambar. Korang tak pegi ke museum tu?

Bilalah agaknye ada peluang nk duduk2 lepak bawah pokok mcm org jepun buat nih huhuhuuhu..

Iron board ke tu hahahaha..kt hotel kitorg pn ada, tp tak terlintas plak yg benda alah tu iron board!!!

Biqque said...

Na, kitorg tak masuk. Dulu kat Vietnam, ada tgk kesan dari orange bomb, yg tu pun i dah tak sanggup. So tgk tragedy camni lagi i tak tahan. Sedih beb...

Tu la, bila la kt mesia blh lepak2 camtu kan...

Ha, sapa nak sangka benda alah tu iron board! Mmg pelik bentuknya siap ada button bagai hahaha!

Lily Riani said...

hiroshima nye daiso 3 tingkat... eheheh kawan i soh masuk.

i pun dok chisun masa kat tokyo, affordable and decent and byk cawangan. chup! pulau kucing you dah blog ke? hehehe..

Ely Hasrul said...

hahahahh besh besh ko tau everytime aku baca entry ko cam nk kumpul duit aje bukak tabung derma utk korang pg jenjalan hahah punye la suka dgr cite.. nk pg sdr? ko pon tau napa hahahha

uncle c duk kt tangga tuh aku pon cam xcaya hahaha..

Cawan said...

ni laa tptnye bomb atom kebabommm tu landing ke? sungguh tragis.. tapi diorg ni cepat membangun, ketepikan kisah silam..

wahhhh bnyk gambar sharul skng, dh pandai posing jugak.. retis.. kalah ko biq.. ha haa..

Biqque said...

lily, chisun tu best la i rasa. bersih, senang, dekat. kitorang masuk daiso kat chiba aritu dah, best gile hahaha! rasa cam nak angkut sume balik. pulau kucing dah ler...enoshima island. kucing tido, sejuk. sila baca hehehe.

skin, aku dgn berbesar hati sanggup ditaja semata2 utk balik bercerita utk ko :) ha dia duk gak akhirnya. kalo tak, mau nyer...

cawan, tu la, cepat membangun, cam takde mende jer. ha ko tau, dia malu aku letak gambar dia, aku ckp, aku nak tunjuk tempat tu, dah ada muka dia, terpaksa la kuikuikui! skang posing dah gediks tauuuuu hahaha! ko kena lawan blk ni cawan :D

Supermeng Malaya said...

adalah sangat tidak aci..

cemana ko jumpa FM hiroshima???

Unknown said...

Oh mai Sharul dah gediks?? hahahahahhahahahaha

Biqque said...

supermeng, aku bolot sume kat kedai tu dlm 15 ketul, tulis "Nuke Free" :D ada kedai kat before aioi bridge tu...

na, terkezut kan? hahaha!

Anash said...

tak jumpa la majalah ujang maupun gila-gila..
nanti balik kampung lama sket leh cari..(kalau masih selamat dari dibaham anai-anai)...
but again

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