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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Japan : Kiyomizudera Temple and Gion, Kyoto

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Hotspot #26 and #27 : Wooden Stage and Geisha
“Next will be Kiyomizu.” Hubby reminded me. We took the same bus #206 and headed to Kiyomizudera, a “pure water” temple.
Walking uphill to the temple was freaking tired, I swear! But we were entertained by locals in kimono and yukata that walked around the area, buying sweets and pickles. We finally reached the main entrance where lots of visitors lingered around and taking pictures.

“HAHAHAHA!” Pasrah. We quickly ran away and hid among the school kids, hoping that he will not see us.

We paid 400yen each for entrance fee, and entered the best known wooden stage temple and stopped right on the most jut floor that overhang from the main hall, 13 meters above the hillside. This stage allowed us to view the numerous cherry and maple tress that I believed, would be nicer in spring and fall. From this stage as well, we saw Kyoto city in the distance.
Similar to one of the castle in M’sia, this temple’s main hall was built without the use of nails. Behind the hall, there was Jishu Shrine, with two stones 18 meters apart. If you can find a way to from one to the other stone with your eyes closed is said to bring luck in finding love.
“No thanks, I already have you.” Guess who said to who.

We then walked to the left side of the main hall, walking on the wooden trails fixed on the hill wall. It was quite scary to see that this trail was under construction. Without thinking of the capacity that it would take, we carried on, just to take few shots of the wooden stage.

From this view, I saw Otawa Waterfall that is divided into three separate streams, longevity, success at school, and fortunate love life. Visitors were using a cup with long poles to drink from them, according to their intention. Same goes to Koyasu Pagoda, visitors came to visit it as it is said to bring easy birth and safe childbirth. So please, come to Kiyomizudera when you are in 38-39 weeks of pregnancy ya. Hahaha!
“Maiko!” Not again. Why maiko visit Kiyomizu???

“Oversized maiko…who are camwhoring with other oversized maiko.” LOL!
Yes, there was a service for visitors who’d like to play as maiko but I had no guts  to ask for the price.

We walked down the trail and snapped few shots by the pond. It was getting dark and this area will be illuminating during annual Hanatoro event, as well as during autumn leaf season.
“Eh, do we still have time to catch maiko at Gion?” I started to panic, on the bus, back to Gion, the famous geisha district. I really, really, REALLY wanted to see them.

“Not sure…they can be seen on their way to work, around 4pm.” I checked on my wrist watch, it was already 5.30pm.

"Nevermind, let's go!"

We tried our luck and waited at Hanami-koji Street, towards the Gion Corner. We’ve waited for almost 30 minutes, before we had a glimpse of the first geiko…or maybe a maiko.
Note : Geiko is Kyoto dialect for geisha, while maiko is geiko apprentice.

I tried to capture her but I can only capture her shadow! SERIOUSLY! I don’t know how they walk in tight kimono and geta, BUT THEY WALKED VERY FAST!

Without glasses, short-sighted, in dark, I was cursing myself for not professional enough in capturing moving maiko. I should have practiced hundred times before I signed for this job. So, I waited. Hubby? He was just standing there like a lamp post.
“Ayang! I saw maiko!” Hubby pointed to one cute maiko that just went out from one dark alley. “Be ready!” He said.

Right after she came out, I turned into paparazzi mode and quickly ran behind her, WHEN SHE JUST WALKING! Shame huh? I was running while she was walking, and she was right before me?!
I Click! Click! Click! Non-stop! And she gone.

I ran back to hubby and preview the shots. IT WAS TOTALLY BLACK! NO FACE! NO KIMONO! NOTHING!

“WHYYYYYYYYY?” I blamed hubby for nothing.

“Just use auto mode. No use if you set AV or TV. Trust me. Maiko purposely move around to make sure that all pictures will look shaky.” Hubby THEN suggested.

Again, I waited. Exactly like Antonio Banderas in Desperado.

This time, two maiko walked out from the taxi. “Wah, take taxi ar now!” Hubby told me that maiko getting fedup with tourist, for some of them tried to get close to these maiko and accidentally knocked maiko’s face with their lens. Ok, no comment. Hahaha!

Clever. I waited at the traffic light and luck was on my side, the traffic light changed to red! Thank you God!
I swear, flashes were everywhere. Pity them. Hahaha! Well, THEY are the attraction in Kyoto. What else! I went back to hubby with a big smile, though some of the pictures were shaky. Hubby requested to call the night off, but I requested for another shot of maiko. Crazy wifey.

Not for long, I saw another maiko, with her caretaker and manager. She was forced to stop when the manager was greeted by one rich-looking lady, who I suspected somebody who is regular or noted in that area. Ya, maiko is full of discipline and respectful. They have to be nice to their customer, as expert hostesses. So I have no view whether it is a good job or not.
Satisfied with what I had, we went back to Jam hostel and thank god, THE THAI GUY ALREADY CHECKED-OUT!

And so I slept, peacefully. 

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Ren said...

Wah ramainya manusia kat temple tu!!
Geisya! WoW!!!

Lawanya Geisya tu! Hahahaha

Biqque said...

jggl, aku risau jer runtung anjung tu! eiii...aku diri kejap jer patu blah. hahaha!

geisha yg aku tangkap ni tak bape comel. ada yg laaaaaaaaaagi comel! petang nak maghrib lagi ramai tau, malam dah masuk keje dah. teringin nak di serve by geisha...hmmm...

Diana Diane Teo said...

The two places that I went when visited Kyoto. Lucky you and your hubby. Not only for sakura season but managed to saw geisha! I failed eventhough went Gion twice.

Biqque said...

diana, i bet u'll catch them in your third visit :D

Ely Hasrul said...

okek aku teruja nk teka sapa ckp tuh.. ko ke uncle c.. ko ke uncle c.. fuhh xbleh teka laaa hahahhaha

niL said...

Biqque, tak try ke kimono tu??? Cun lah!

ckucin said...

ada soklan tak berapa nak cerdik..

Maiko tu sebenarnya apa keje dorang yek???

Biqque said...

skin, hahahaha tak bleh teka yeeee...

nil, tak try, mahaiiii! sob sob...

ckucin, maiko tu serve tea, menari and layan tetamu. mcm peneman/entertain tamu gitu. cuma ada la yg "blkg cite" yg buat lebih dari itu :) sbb tu orang pandang serong kat diorang...

Twilight Man said...

Your photos have lively atmosphere with happy faces everywhere. So you also saw real maikos visiting and camwhoring at the temple too. I saw one shop below that rented those kimono outfits and many Hong Kong gals impersonated for a day. Got idiots in my Facebook asked whether they were real or fake ones??

Now I know that Gion was alive at night with so many Geikos all over!! My evening encounter was like baru buka kedai and they tip toed slowly till our zoom lenses caught them.

hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

wow!!! you went there during the sakura blooming season! super perfect! I was there twice but during the Winter Season..too time..hehe said...


@biqque - aku semakin membenci kau! hahahahha...nape x gune continuous shot + AI servo. ko gune canon kan? lg ok kot kalo gune tu. hehehe..

seyes dasat maikos2 diorng neh..

Unknown said...

Entry yg i nanti2 kan, sebab i nk tau rupa kiyomizu tu time sakura. Sebab masa i pegi semua pokok tu masih berputik lagi..tapi kenapa la sakura putih! dalam poskad semua gambar kiyomizu warna PINK! diorg tipuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

Ok banyak nye maiko!! Yg gemuk2 tu paling hebat skali!!

Kucing Gatal said...


Gambar2 yang diambil sangat menarik!
Teruskan berkongsi cerita ye.

Kucing Gatal

Biqque said...

twilight, envy u for the tip toed maiko! mannnnn, i wish i had time that day. we were late!

owh god, the idiots didnt know how real maiko looks like? hahaha!

hvvorld, it was great to see sakura blooming at kiyomizudera, buat all were too white! u must try next time :D

abbaz, jgn salahkanku jgn salahkannnn ku hahaha! ya allah masa tu tak ingat apa dah, sbb dah lewat, terus aku tekan2 tak benti tanpa tgk setting, bodo gile kot! teruja abis hahaha!

na, yeeeeeeeeeeee putih semataaaaaaaaaaaaaa! sakittttttttttt hati ok! i tak paham nape diorang tak tanam sakura pink banyak2! hmph!

ye, maiko gems tu comel2 hahaha! diorang sakan amik gambar ok! kalah aku...hahaha!

kucing gatal, lawak ar nama ko :D baiklah, tunggu cite seterusnya. hahaha!

Lily Riani said...

temple nih, diff season diff feel kan. cam kene gi every season ler pulak.... ek ellaaaa. but cantek giler n byk kimonoer as compared to my trip

Biqque said...

lily, temple tak tukar, bunga daun pokok jer tukar hahaha so kena pi sume season la ek. tadak duitttt!

aah ramai gile pakai kimono. i sabit jauh je nak commute, kalo tak, blasah dahhhhh! said...

@biqque - nih mesti sbb adrenalin rush kan? haha....yg penting aku picit je shutter tu..hahaha.. btw nih mmg akan jd bnda wajib ms g 2015 nnti. =D

Fatt said...

ye biq, nape ko tak tekan continuous shot mcm si abaz skolah agama kl ni ckp..kekeke...takpe..kita ripit lagi kyoto tahun depan!!

Biqque said...

abbaz, ko tatau betapa berdebarnyer aku nak kejar sampai tak prepare setting sume hahaha!

fatt, owh mmg wajib pegi lagi jepang ni, tak sabar aku!

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