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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Japan : Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Kobe

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Hotspot #21 : The World's Longest Suspension Bridge

After a short ferry ride, we took a tram ride to Hiroshima Station to collect our bags. From there, we took a SKS trip (Hikari Shinkansen) to Kobe, and stopped at Nishi-Akashi Station, and later, changed for JR Kobe Line to Maiko Station. (See, this is what you need to do to fully utilize the JR Pass to the max!)
Kobe, a port city, alongside Yokohama, Nagasaki, Hakodate, and Niigata. Once, it was hit by the great hanshin earthquake, it destroyed 10,000 buildings and killed over 5,000 people. And today? The city is completely rebuilt! How amazing…
Knowing that it was just a stop-by hotspot, we left our bags, again, in 400yen coin locker. After a short train ride, we reached Maiko Park, where we had our jaw, DROPPED!
The famous Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge.
“HUIYOOOO! THE BRIDGE IS SUPERRRRRRRRRRRR LONG AND HUGE!” We can barely see the end of the bridge.
I quickly setup the tripod for a couple shot since it was getting dusk. Without perfect lighting, sure goyang one.
We then walked further, under the bridge that connects Kobe with Awaji Island, via the Kobe Awaji-Naruto Expressway. (Naruto tuuuuu!) Believe it or not, this 4km length bridge is the world’s longest suspension bridge!
At this Maiko Marine Promenade, there is an observatory hallways, 50 meters above the water. And yes, the 2.5 hour-guided-tour-ONLY-in-Japanese, came with fee, which is 240yen. Again, no, thanks.
There was an exhibition center before the bridge that provides well presented info about the planning, construction, and the detailing. Unfortunately it is closed. Anyhow, I didn’t feel frustrated at all coz all the info are available ONLY in Japanese. Hmmm.
“Gunakanlah bahasa kebangsaan kiiiiiita, marilah amalkan ramai-ramaiiiiii…” Hahaha!

"Wait for sunset, then we off to Kyoto, ok?"
Satisfied fluttering over the bridge, we went back to the Maiko Station and collected our bags.

“Ready for maximum Shinkansen ride?”

From Nishi-Akashi Station, we went to Shin-Osaka via JR Kobe Line Rapid (Kodama Shinkansen). From Shin-Osaka, we went to Kyoto Station via JR Special Rapid (Hikari Shinkansen). From Kyoto Station, we went to Tofukuji Station via JR Nara Line (normal train). From Tofukuji, we went to Gion-Shijo via Keihan Main Line (150yen normal train).
P/S: Thanks to Chawana, for a quick sneak preview of Kyoto Station, that gave us an idea of how it looked like.

NOW YOU SEE, HOW WORTH IT THE JR PASS WAS!  (If it wasn’t because of Jam Hostel located on Keihan Main Line, all rides would be free.)

We were so glad that the Jam Hostel was just 5 minutes walk from the subway station. We stopped at 7-E to get two packs of meal and went to the hostel. We were welcomed by two urban Japanese by the counter, and collected the keys and being given the info on this hostel’s rules and policy. Took off the shoes, wore provided sandals, walked up, met other hosteliers, unloaded our personal things, and…
“Where to heat up our dinner?”

The common room was in the pantry. 4 chairs with 1 round table, fully conquered by Caucasians with laptops (free wifi), sipping bottomless tea and coffee. Hmmm…

Since there was no sign of them going out from the pantry, we ate on the bed. One Thai guy was packing his bag and started the conversation with us, since we were the only Asian in that 8-bed dorm. This was the third time he came to Japan and from what he told us, he has been to many places. Good that we got more tips from him to walk around Kyoto, in exchanging from our tips to him, to walk around Tokyo.

“Ayang, tengok baju dia…” Hubby spoken in Malay, asking me to look on the guy’s cloths that he loaded in his trolley-bag.

“Oh mai…bunga-bunga?! Dia ingat pi pantai ke?!” I can’t control myself and started covering my mouth, looking at his flowery beach shirts.

The Thai guy earlier told us that he thought that Japan is like Thailand, hot, sunny, and beach-ready. Weh, spring kotttttt! Agak-agak laaaa…hahaha! It was freaking cold at night, and breezy at day, you know!

So we prepared to sleep.


The Thai guy was snoring like a steam train, from Thailand straight to Nepal! SUPER LOUD! I tried many ways to keep it down!

  1. Covered my ears with pillow. Still can hear!
  2. Covered my ears with both palms. Still can hear!
  3. Stuck my ears with both pointing fingers. Still can hear!
  4. Stuck my ears with cotton balls. Still can hear!
In fact, the guy started to chant something in Thai!

“Loi thim noi tu bang de pak errrrr…medaiiii...medaiiii...nang nak pung tok dui chang maiiii...”

YA ALLAHHHH! I felt like watching Thai horror movie! I didn’t even remember how I managed to sleep that night...I guess the handsome Ananda Everingham (actor in Shutter) was IN the picture, thus, I’ve made it.

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Ren said...

WOW dah kuar entry baru!

Ok jap nak baca.


just.HY said...

ok dah baca! suka gmbr kecik korang 2 org tu bwh bridge. ade amek gmbr kiss kiss tak? great moment to do that! opps! teringat masviona. hahaha...

aku penah dgr yg suka berdengkur bagai nak runtuh bangunan tuh! cis mmg spoil mood ok nak tido! time tu kat thailand....arghh!!! geram aku! nasib baik time tu dh pagi.

Twilight Man said...

I have been reading all your lovely posts and admire your beautiful photos. It was your earlier posts that helped my gang to prepare our Visa application to Japan. Thank you!!

I have also realised that I missed all the great places in Seoul because I joined a tour which took me to ski. I will visit Seoul again on my own and follow your trails! Kamcha Hamida!

Biqque said...

hahaha janggel, sila2.

danny/john, cium2 ala2 bill and guliana rancic tu takde hahaha! pasal dengkur tu, aku mmg jenis tak bleh tahan dgr, aku tak leh tido. haih...kuat ko tau, ramai gile cuba ubah2 badan buat bunyi bising, tapi dia tak jugak terjaga. geram tul!

twilight, glad to know that i have helped u guys! at least, u did cover those parts that i didnt visit. hehe. owh seoul, my trails weren't that great coz i only have 4 days there. if u go, i'll definitely read your amazing trips! haha! said...


@biqque - suke btol ltk klimaks last2 kan? hahaha.. mesti kuat gile kot dengkur tu! penah gak experience bnda yg sama, dlm flight lg!!!

doakan jela org tu sehat wal afiat. =p.

pjg gile kot bridge tu. bygkan kalo bgn awal pagi tgk jmbatan tu. mcm endless..horror gak..

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...


adakah jauh sangat imaginasi ku mengatakan bahawa korang makan makanan raksaksa (sushi ada lampu merah)... hahahaa....

Walla bersunset di negara matahari terbit!

Biqque said...

abbaz, hahaha at least ko rasa la klimaks tu dan membuatkan ko nak lagi dan lagi dan lagi kihkih!

ya Allah aku tatau la nak ckp camne, tapi mmg tragis la orang dengkur kuat2 ni...kadang rasa cam nak betulkan jer bantal dia.

bridge tu menarik gile, bleh jalan kaki n ada laluan bawah bridge tu, tapi kena bayo, mahal weh...tapi memikirkan gempa, mmg agak horror la...

masmz, sedap wooooooooooo telur ikan tuuuuuuuuuuu! feveret aku :D

tu la, patutnyer mengejar sunrise, tapi dpt sunset jer sbb asik bgn lambat hahaha!

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH..nak tergelak dulu.. apa kes la mamat thai tu pakai baju bunga2!! kata dh dtg japan 3kali dah, tak kan la cuaca kat sana dia tak hafal lagi!!! apekehaiiii hahahahahah..

I rasa u tak sesuai la tidor hostel ramai2..len kali amik private room la..i pun rasa tak sanggup nk dengar dengkuran yg tahap gaban kuat mcm tu..astagaaaaa

Ok berbalik kepada cerita di Kobe..hmm lawa bridge tu, ada rupe2 mcm Golden Gate kat san fran hehehe..bridge ni panjang sampai ke mana?

3plepl8 said...

The thai guy he was nice. Lot of info. Dengkur? I heard nothing lol. Wished had more time in kobe.

Biqque said...

na, tu la tak paham tu...tatau dia study camne.

hostel tu plg murah, tu yg sambar gak tu. kalo tak, mmg amik bilik dah. masalahnyer i tak kalis bunyi. i senang dengar, patu tak leh tido. TAPI kalo TV takpe plak! radio tak leh, bunyi lain tak leh. hahaha!

bridge tu ke seberang sana, awaji island. i mmg suka bridge2 ni. and san fran bridge tu mmg salah satu pujaan hatiiiii hahaha!

3plepl8, he IS a nice guy, no doubt. the reason why u didnt hear coz u WERE snoring too! hahaha! ya, we should spend more time in of the beautiful city ha...

Unknown said...

Ahahahahah pecah rahsia org tu..patut la dia pun tak dengar muahahahaha.. San Fran? tahun bila plak hehehe..? i pun sebenarnya ari tu nk p Kobe sb nk tgk bridge tu la, maklum ler kt mesia xde, tp tah cam mana, tak pegi plak..nk suh ripit len kali la tu kot..

Fatt said...

poskad akuuu!!!! :)

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