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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Marina Means To Urban Era

The various definition of MARINA according to Urban Dictionary :

1. The coolest person in the world just because thats how it is.
- Did you see marina? Dang shes just so cool.
Perghhhhh, I'm coooollllll :)

- She is one with the ocean and the sea, she is kind, giving and forgiving to those who are deserving.
-A Mermaid, with long beautiful hair, awesome smile, and beautiful golden skin.
-A lover of all mankind, she will fight to the death for what is good and right.
-She can be vengeful and full of wrath to those who are unjust.
-Loving, kind, graceful, lover of chocolate and strong coffee.
-Protector of the Ocean and the Sea, she keeps her watchful eye on all Mariners, Marine Life, Sailors and Sportsmen.
-She is your best friend and keeper of you secrets, she is you lover and your protector.
-To know a Marina is to love a MARINA.
Yeah baby know me is to loveeee me :) tapi part mermaid tu sangat la mitos kan...

3. A place where you keep the boats
- Don't park your car in the marina!
Everyone knows that...

4. A very special slut that enjoys blowing multiple people and having unprotected sex.
- What a marina. I can't believe her, she is such a marina.


Ely Hasrul said...

hahahahhahahahhahahahhahahah yg part memula tu aku setuju.. yg part last tuu aku setuju gakkkk wkakakakakakkakaa akakaka adoiii xtahannnnnn ahahahhahahaha

Biqque said...

bahbiiiiiiiiiii! hahahaha!

Lily Riani said...

ahahhahah... cipta sendri ke....hahahah

Unknown said...

wah i tak sangka rupenye selama nih, i berkawan dengan mermaid...huhuhu

Biqque said...

marina the black and fat mermaid :D

dibitz said...

gelak sakan nih!!! how true? only u will know kahkahkahkahkah!!

Biqque said...

zzzzzzzz...haremmmm satehhhhh...

jauharief said...

jauhari jeweler; expert, specialist

hihi :p

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