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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beauty In Darkness

I thought my late mom was the only person who influenced me in beauty and fashion awareness.

She used to go to salon on weekly basis just to get her hair permed and apply moose onto it.
I followed.

She used to design her own baju kurung and send for tailored and the design must come with ribbon on the side.
I followed.

She used to get her kain baju kurung in kembang payung.
I followed.

She used to buy Avon product like lipstick, talcum, blusher, eyeliner, you name it.
I followed.

And now, Kak Ngah, my elder sister, did her part by influencing/contributing 90% of my beauty awareness. Dang! She just a replica of my late mother!

She used to apply Enchanteur talcum onto her face as well as Enchanteur deodorant back in 1990’s.
I followed.

She used to try RZAC product to peel off her dead skin on her face, thus whitened her face back in 2006.
I followed.

She used to try Tia Amilia Night and Day set, again to whiten her face back in 2008.
I followed.

She used to apply MAC Pressed Powder with Strobe to mattefy her face back in 2009.
I followed.

And now, she is using B-Liv Off with Those Heads.
I follow...
…even harder
…by using B-Liv Off with Those Heads, Shrink and Tighten Large Pores, Cleanser, with additional of Body Scrub and Cellulite by Collistar, and unplanned purchase of Cyber Colors MegaCurl Mascara!

I blame her for the bomb!

P/S: Lucky I got plenty of freebies like B-Liv travel set, Cyber Colors BB Cream, Face Mask, and a travel kit for hubby.


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