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Friday, February 14, 2014

The Day I Found That I Am Pregnant, Again

Well…being part of the TTC community, I believe that most of us will regardless happily or sadly share our precious and memorable experience throughout the journey. This doesn’t exclude me. Whilst some people probably “conceal” the pain, as for me, I am openly discussing it publicly, for I want to know, and others might want to know, that we are not alone. Previously, I did share few posts particularly on TTC (read here) as well as my beautiful but heartbreaking stories of my late twins, Nuh Rafael and Hud Rafael (read here).

Quote saying, never look back, but sometime, we need to look back to get better. 6 years of waiting and yet, we were tested enormously. I was in despair when I lost the twins and I cried almost every single day. Until hubby slapped me with his word of “redha”, then I able to stand on my both feet and wipe away all my tears. Yes, we need to “redha” and accept “qada and qadar”. We might not be living with our plan but we are living with His plan, without doubt.

I miscarried the twins on 24 April 2013 and undergone a confinement process for two months, which was up to June 2013. In the same month of June, we went for a quick recovery trip to Boracay Island, Philippine (read here). To mention, yes, we did try to conceive again, just to see whether everything was back to normal a.k.a “up and running”. To tell you guys the truth, we did calculate my ovulation dates (this is very important especially when you have regular menstrual cycle) and tried this particular position and on God’s will, it did work!

This time around, we didn’t actually put high hope, honestly. But having a solid regular menstrual cycle, I noticed that I was 2 days late. I waited for 4 days before I forced myself to get a pregnancy test kit from the nearby pharmacy. I chose the cheapest stick and planned to pee on it on next early morning. While tearing off the packet, I noticed that it didn’t stated pregnancy test kit. Instead, it stated HCG test kit! And so I thought I had wrongly purchased the tester!

29 July 2013
Anyhow, I continued pee-ing and dipped it in the urine cup. Guess what? I didn’t wait for the result and put the stick back into the packet, and threw it in my room’s dustbin! As I thought that it was useless, I went to the same pharmacy on the next day and told the pharmacist that she wrongly gave me the kit. But she confidently said that HCG test kit IS the pregnancy test kit. Still confused with the terms, I purchased another packet of tester, with pregnancy word printed on it! Hahaha!

I went back and waited for the next early morning. Yes, early morning is the best time to test your urine, before you put something in your tummy yah (eat and drink). Before I brushed my teeth or even washed my face, I pee-d in the urine cup and dropped three drops of my urine onto the tester. And I waited…in the fastest roller-coaster-heartbeat-rate ever!

IT WAS DOUBLE LINER! Two color bands appeared in the C and T regions, which means POSITIVE! ALHAMDULILLAH! (Though it wasn't as clear as my previous test kit during the twins period.)

I didn’t run to hubby like I used to do when I found out that I was pregnant for the first time. Instead, I quickly ran towards the dustbin and looked for the HCG test kit that I threw away the day before. The tester surprised me when it displayed the same result, which was DOUBLE LINER as well! Hell yeah, stupid me! 

I giggled and shivered at the same time before I broke the news to hubby. He was smiling, saying ALHAMDULILLAH, and holding me close to him and said "I knew the time will come..." and kissed my forehead. It was indeed, the best moment that I was waiting for...and that was the turning point where my phobia started! God, please spare your mercy...

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Wafiq Legacy said...

Tahniah. Take care yourself kak. =)

MasZuber said...

Yay!! Semuga Allah memudahkan masa nak brsalin nanti.. Cant wait to see the baby!!

Zilla said...

tahniah, biqque dan moga semuanya dipermudahkan...

Miss B said...

walaupun x rajin berblog, tapi rajin baca blogpost org.. dari dulu sampai skrg i love baca psl travelling summary from you..but when 'this' topic again di share.. i was like.. Mengalir air mata aku ni kak, i am HAPPY FOR BOTH OF YOU, yet 3 OF YOU. Love you la kak..stay strong, Allah punya jawapan dlm setiap persoalan. Alhamdulillah ya rabb.

Unknown said...

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya. Ujian yang Dia bagi, pasti hikmah berganda menanti. Insha Allah, all in good times. Take care Biqque!

atun's said...

Salam,1st time komen dekat blog ni..sblm ni follow n baca jer n jd silent topic ni menyentuh hati dan perasaan..terasa nk ucap tahniah dkt cni..TAHNIAH yer...ALHAMDULILLAH..rezeki smuanya dari Allah..smg dilindungi Allah selalu..AMIN.

Ely Hasrul said...

yeah yeah... TTC! TTC! TTC!

NMN said...

Alhamdulillah... Tahniah! Dah lama tak jengah blog you. Bila jengah tengok2 ada topic best. Terus I baca semua entry TTC you & menangis sensorang tgh2 malam. Jaga diri ye. Semoga selamat & sihat semunya serta dipermudahkan segala urusan...

Biqque said...

salwa, tx :)

mas, insyaAllah...sila dtg melawat ok! hahaha!

zilla, tx :) aminnnnn!

mrs weck, sama la slalu baca blog u tapi dah jarang ha ko update hahaha...tu la, i share ni pun sbb ramai kat luar sana yg senasib so nak motivate org supaya jgn la berputus asa :) luv ya too!

bibie, tu la...tak kasi kot ni, dia kasi kot nun...kita redho and terima je :)

atun, tx baca :) mekasih, doakan yg baik2 ye...

skin, yeah yeah sgt hahaha!

nmn, blog campur2 hehehe...sedih kan tapi apa nak buat, dah tertulis camtu...harap2 Allah masih menyayangi kami lagi...aminnn!

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