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Monday, February 17, 2014

First Trimester : Vomit Chronicle

2 Aug 2013 (Week 5)
We, anyhow, went to the office like other days and I made a call to set an appointment with new gynea, Doctor Seri Suniza from Prince Court Medical Center (PCMC). But it was scheduled on 28 Aug 2013 which I had to wait for another 5 weeks.

I endured my days and weeks with major different experiences from my first pregnancy. I started to get nausea all day long and puked all my daily meals regardless in the toilet or by the road side. Milo was my new best friend where I had it every morning (before work) and evening (before sleep). I kept telling myself that I HAD to bear with the sickness, for it showed the “connection” and “update” that the baby is alive. By this time, I still on my current weight, not bloating like my first pregnancy.

Having massive trauma and still, traumatized with previous miscarriage, I didn’t get myself into possible foods and things that might be the so-called “reasons” to miscarry. Anyhow, I was sort of taking things slowly and less-seriously, not to over-think or over-do like before.

28 Aug 2013 (Week 9)
Alhamdulillah…it was the day I visited my gynea. None other than felt the excitement, moreover to see our little tiny baby, yet nervousness topped it all. My gynea started to ask routine questions and filled up the pink-checkup book. 

One question popped out from her mouth was “What happened to the last 6 years?” and I replied “Only God knows…”. She was quite surprised when we told her that we’ve waited for 6 years, got miscarried the twins, and now we were pregnant again 2 months later. But again, this is Allah’s plan for us. Who are we to question it, right? She then scanned my tummy and found that our little precious was doing well with normal heartbeat. By this time, it was known as embryo, looked more like a tadpole.

She also prescribed me four supplements; multivitamin (Similac Pramilet with 30 tablets per bottle), calcium (Caltrate 600 with 60 tablets per bottle), baby brain support (NeuroGainPB with 30 tablets per bottle), and last but not least, the most important support for hormone and womb (Duphaston with 20 tablets per film). Trust me, these drugs REALLY costly. Hence, I did a lot of price checking and the cheapest were as per below:

Duphaston (20 tablets) - Watson or any pharmacy, ranging from RM54.00 to RM68.00
NeuroGainPB (30 tablets) - Watson or any pharmacy, ranging from RM48.00 to RM51.00
Caltrate 600 (60 tablets) - Watson or any pharmacy, ranging from RM37.00 to RM40.00
Similac Pramilet (30 tablets) - Watson or any pharmacy, ranging from RM19.90 to RM21.00
**Note: To be taken one tablet each per day, except for Duphaston (max 4 tablets per day as and when needed ie: bleeding).

Anyhow, we opted to purchase all these drugs at my hometown, Taiping, for the price were wayyyyyyyyy cheaper compared to KL. But we had to spend hundreds of ringgit la coz we had to get more than 2 bottles each for stock.

25 Sept 2013 (Week 13)
At this point of time, I still on drugs, I still had my sickness and I still didn’t put on weight like last time. I didn’t limit my desire to eat. I just “bantai” whatever I want except for pineapple, coconut and sugarcane. Anyhow, I tried to limit my movement, for week 13 was the same week where I miscarried my twins before. I went for monthly checkup and as usual, my gynea scanned my womb. Found that little one was giving her back, so her spine was clearly seen in the monitor. By this time, it looked closer to a fetus, without details. But we can see her hand moving and waving non-stop. So cute!

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Nuriel said...

by the congratulations again! alahmdulilah..semuanya kerja yang Atas..Alah s.w.wt

Nak tanya something..if u dont mind..u ade amik supplement ape2 ke b4 preggy? or g check doc?
just 4 ur still not preggy yet..3 yrs marriage..hopefully one fine day! aminnn..

Biqque said...

nuriel, tx :)

for this pregnancy, i hanya amik folic acid sebiji sehari selama 2-3 bulan as preparation. other than that mmg takde.

for previous pregnancy, i ada amik folic acid, chlomid, with gonal-f and pregyl injections...but tak jadi apa2 pun...but no harm to try kan :)

ye betul, semua ni keje Allah...i got pregnant when i least expect it...slama ni semua doctor yg check kata takde pape, mungkin belum masanya aje. i siap buat hsg test lagi..insyaAllah, u will have yours one fine day, jangan berhenti mencuba...but my advise, sila pegi check suami isteri to ensure you guys have no fertility issue ya? :) DUA2 mesti kena takes two to tango :) whatever the result is, please please please terima and dont blame each other...pasti ada jalannya.

kalo nak tau apa i buat dulu, u can read here:

Lavender said...

pengalaman kita sama lah.i had my miscarriage on June last year & on September i pregnant again. Right now,i am 6 months in pregnancy

Biqque said...

lavender, congrats and take care ya :)

Nuriel said...

thank you so much!! really appreciate it! hope u r doing fine all 9 months journey! =D chaiyok!

Ren said...

Lawonye buku pink tu!

Biqque said...

nuriel, tx :)

ren, kalo gomen buku merah :D hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Tak tau kenapa, tapi i sebak baca this and previous entry.

Biqque said...

zaraab, hanya org yg memahami cerita ini saja yg tahu...waaaaaa...

Anonymous said...

you i nak tanya. u makan Abbot similac pills tu berapa bulan sblm u pregnant? or u makan masa pregnant? i baca yg tu elok utk pre-pregnancy..

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