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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Second Trimester : Blood Anatomy

23 Oct 2013 (Week 17)
4 months gone by and yes, I was still on drugs and I still didn’t feel safe at all. Fear, phobia and trauma, you name it, was still haunting and lingering on my mind. We both kept praying to the Almighty, for saving my baby this far. We went for monthly checkup and had usual scans (2D and 4D). By this time, the body formation was almost complete and looked like a baby with cute ears, palms, knees, and such. She was facing to the side. My gynea tried to get a better picture of her face but she kept on covering it with her two hands. I was warned by my gynea not to have any stress nor depression at work, for it was not good for the baby, moreover my health.

8 Nov 2013 (Week 19)
I noticed that I had difficulty in performing the “nature’s call”. Constipation is said to be the issue as many as half of pregnant woman. Digestion problem alert! As I didn’t consume as much water and fruits I should have, I didn’t know that I was one of the victims! I was in the office that day. I went to the toilet and prepared to do that “thang” but then I noticed fresh red blood was covering the WHOLE toilet bowl! I quickly stood up and closely examined whether there was any blood clog or fleshy tissue. My heart was beating super fast and I kept on wiping my vajayjay as well as anus, to find out where did the blood coming from!

I walked out from the toilet and called hubby. I forced him to take me to the Emergency for speedy checkup on what was happening. I wasn’t and wouldn’t accept any traumatic news. On the way, I wassap-ed my nurse on the situation. She told me as long as no pain, shouldn’t be a problem. But being me, I still need a solid confirmation that my baby STILL alive.

We reached the Emergency and went inside. The standby MO, who happened to be the same MO who attended my previous lost, Doctor Shaharudin, was on duty. The nurse then asked me to lie down while she checked the outgoing blood. She confirmed that if it was discharging from my vajayjay, it will never stop. Anyhow, there was no blood coming out.

Still, I requested to check for baby’s heartbeat, just to re-confirm. The MO told me that they had no scanning machine at Emergency. Anyhow, he managed to find one device that able to scan only the sound (not like monitor where we can see the picture). He tried to scan my tummy and let me listen to the sound. There was fast-beating sounds that sounded familiar and thank the Almighty Allah, the baby is still alive! And I satisfied.

20 Nov 2013 (Week 21)
Drugs were still on. I went for monthly checkup and I swear, at this point of time, I can’t wait to scan my little baby. My gynea told me that this period was the best time to do detailed scan, to ensure that the baby was in good condition, internally and externally. No scanned picture as everything was recorded in video format saved in CD. The detailed scan was performed by Doctor Tan Niap Hong, who specialized in this department. He was the one who attended my lost twins (read here) since he is the specialist in multiplex pregnancy.

Entering the “same” room with different purpose made me had a mix-feeling. I was lying down and the doctor started to play around with his super hi-end scanning machine with one hand holding the scanner and another hand maneuvering the joystick. Honestly, I didn’t understand every single explanation and image that he showed to us. But as long as he told us that everything was normal and ok, I prefer to stick that in my mind. The most awaited news then being told that our little precious will be a girl!

After completed a session with Doctor Tan, I went to my gynea’s room for detail explanation on what we had gone through during the detail scan. The routine scanning with my gynea had to be postponed since they didn’t want too much of scanning being done on the baby. I told her about the false bleeding story and she told me that not all doctor can do the sound scanning like what Doctor Shah did. She also told me to continue my supplement since I was doing very well with the help of these medications. 

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~Beb~ said...

Assalam sis, doakan smua ok2 smpi bb kluar. Memang! My pregnancy pon mcm2 dugaan dtg. Tapi alhamdulillah semua nya ok n bb girl dh almost 6months. Doa byk2 ye.

Lavender said...

Again.our pregnancy story almost same. I also had constipation n blood came out non stop untill now thats makes me went to geneal surgeon at kpj ampang puteri.Alhamdulillah ,everything is going fine & i still in treatment by surgeon

Biqque said...

beb, salam...tx sgt sbb doakan utk kitorang ye :) baby girl jugak? best! sama2 kita berdoa ok :)

lavender, i dah baca blog travel n baby u :) mmg byk i know that i am not alone. let's pray and doa banyak2 kat Allah semoga everything smooth utk kita ye?

Orga said...

seronok baca citer ko biqque, ada jugak geng, hehe...time preggy memang trauma tengok blood, tambah-tambah kalau ada experienced miscarriage. wife aku pun cuak ritu,muka dah lain, siap nak nangis bagai, apa lagi terus ke jameaton untuk check, nasib baik semua ok. and kitorang pun bakal baby girl jugak, bolehlah buat kawan nanti biqque :)

Lavender said...

Biq : Tq so much sebab baca blog kite.. I luv to read ur story on pregnancy & other people's pregnancy story also. Sebab setiap orang punya pengalaman preknen yang berbeza & dugaan yang berbeza. Take cara ya... jangan lupa update lagi pasal baby =))

Farra Da Smiley said...

semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan biqque..banyak dugaan insyallah besar ganjarannya kelak :)

Biqque said...

orga, mau tak cuak kalo kita mmg nak sgt2 kan...weh ko pi jameaton gak eh? aku suka doc tu, sgt motherly...dulu aku slalu gak pi checkup biasa2 dgn dia :) wah baby girl? alhamdulillah...brapa bulan dah wife ko? ok pasni bleh kita travel ngan baby plak hehehe :D

lavender, org yg ttc je akan paham :) sama2 kita take care ok? pape, update la :)

farra, insyaAllah...amin...i pray for the best :)

wakgelas said...

mugo selamat semuanyer.,ehHee

Biqque said...

mekasehhhhhh wak gelas! :)

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