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Monday, October 7, 2013

Palmiera Cacatoos Home Makeover : Side Table

In decorating the main hall, hubby was keen to get a new side table, to replace the existing coffee table that might not blend in with our new sofa. And so I suggested to him that we should go to Ikea and check for said item. One minute he was pushing me on the wheelchair, and another minute I was left in the middle of the aisle. Pfft! Well, he was too amaze with this one treasure box rather than looking after his unwell wife! Haha!

He quickly lifted down this solid squarish treasure box (I must say it looks like a laundry box) and started to explain in details, in order to luring me to agree with his choice. 

"RM150 for a side table and you want two units?" I almost had my eyeballs out.

"Yes...and we can put in lamp into it! But first we need to shellack it lah." 

"Excuse me...not "we" should be "you"...okay?" I highlighted the phrase.

We then went to the lamp section and managed to get two super cheap table lamp for the side tables. We also purchased two units of high chair for kitchen island, and two units of Ribba frames for our "Wall of Frame". But I was really frustrated when Hyllis aluminum rack was out of stock!

We got almost all items on the things-to-buy list and went back home, where hubby started to assemble one of the side table, and demonstrated it to me. I found it quite cute and classic, especially when the light was on.

Few days after, hubby started his painting job and kudos to him (though he completed them in two weekends), for the painting job was done perfectly! (Boleh la...hahaha!) It took both of us to assemble this item, and it used allen key (not included in the box).

He placed it in between of the wing chairs, as well as next to the new 5' bench, which I will blog about it later.

So what's next? More makeover coming. Stay tune!

Note : All pics are taken using Lenovo Ideaphone S890.  


abbazeef-wanderlust said...

nape aku terasa mcm eric (deco bersama eric) dah terancam skang ni? hahahha.

Biqque said...

abbaz, bkn saja terancam, dah pupus dah hokay! hahahaha!

Supermeng Malaya said...

dah mcm hotel berbintang bintang dah umah mak esah ni...

Biqque said...

meng, nanti aku lekat bintang glow in the dark kat ceiling hahaha!

Supermeng Malaya said...

mak esah. aku suka la layout dan design baru ni.. itam itam di tompok tompok..

banner atas tu poweresss !

semua buku masakan kan?

Biqque said...

meng, lama gile kot tak tukar hahaha! aku biasa la, itammmm gothic kelam suram kill kill die die kalo bleh ada darah percik2 aku letak dah hahahaha!

banner tu adalah 20 naskah buku masakan trips aku hahaha! hoi, byk la ko masakan...tu buku trips aku la! iti, info, poi, sume dlm tu :) segalanya ada diceritakan disini

Supermeng Malaya said...

hahahah.. of chos la aku tau tu bukan buku masak memasak..

tapi lawo la.. print banyak banyak pahtu jual.

mana tau ada org nak beli sebagai panduan memasak..

* larrri....

Meitzeu said...

Hi there. :)

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Biqque said...

meng, aku pun agak ko tau sebenarnya tapi saje nak gak bgtau hahahahaha! ada gak org suh reprint and jual tapi hmmm hmmm kang org komplen ni bukan muku masakan plak hahahahaha...

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