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Monday, October 21, 2013

Palmiera Cacatoos Home Makeover : LED TV

This item shall end the Palmiera Cacatoos Home Makeover Part 1. Hehehe...well, that's all for now...but I do really hope that we can continue Part 2 in the near future, particularly for dining hall area, master bedroom, and a lil bit of outdoor touch.

Okay! As some of us know that my house was broke-in last two years, which left us one fat 29" non-reputable CRT TV, hubby and I decided to get a new TV for our living hall. No, ah-ah, not the main living hall, but first floor living hall that we call common area. THAT leads to a question, "No TV for guest?" and the answer is "Yes. For now..." 

So we went to few small and big electronic shops which we finally ended up with one shop at our house area. They offered the cheapest price for a Japanese brand in 40". We juggled between slim Sharp and non-slim Toshiba for almost 2 hours which each of them provides similar features with one HUGE difference.

Isn't that amazing? Most of TVs in the market only support 3-4 common formats that might force you to get a media converter, but Toshiba offers more format ie:AVI, PS, TS/TP, VOB, MOV, MP4, ASF/WMV, DivX, Xvid, MKV, RMVB, FLV, 3GPP, M-JPEG, but IN CHEAPER PRICE!

But the drawback is it isn't that slim as Sharp or Samsung...and the speaker is visible as it is located at the bottom front of the screen. Honestly, I didn't fancy the design but knowing hubby, features are MORE important than looks. Come to think of it, I couldn't disagree much with his point.


So a 40" Toshiba LED TV it is. Same with our fridge and washer. This LED TV comes with 2 years warranty + 1 year Insurance coverage (lightning and such). The shop sent a unit to our house and installed it. 

We then tested the TV and found that the "refresh rate" was too obvious that can't be ignored! Hubby told me that our eyes could be unfamiliar with LED screen, since we've been watching a CRT screen for few years. Pfft! Is it?

Since I am still using the old Astro decoder, we couldn't test any HD channel yet, though this LED TV is a full HD TV. Aih...migrating to Beyond will cost me more than what I am paying right now! Plus, hubby is eagerly wants the Astro Superpack with IPTV. Hmm...

So the moment of truth has come...hubby took out his pendrive and attached it to the USB port and started to browse for the latest and clearest movie format in Torrent world, THE MKV. Haha! And it works! It's readable! *clap clap clap*


Kiki then came and explored the TV. He looked up, figured out, how can he climb on it, like he used to do on the fat CRT TV. "No you can't Kiki! Ne ne ne nehhhhh ne!"

So what's next? 

Sudah! SUDAH! Poket dah koyak! Balik semua...balik!

Note : All pics are taken using Lenovo Ideaphone S890.  


Supermeng Malaya said...

so dah abis ek? apa lagi.. HOUSE WARMING LAaaaaa

i like to party party !

Biqque said...

i like to move it! move it!

meng, parti buihhhhhhhhhh!

tapi part 2 ada lagi tak start...ha cane? cane? hahahaha!

Ren said...

berapa harga ni biq?

just.HY said...

amboiiii... tak datang pun lagi dah kene halau. siap ko! hantar santau baru tau! hahahah ape2 format yg ko sebut tu semua aku taktau. hahahah. yg tau avi. mp4. mkv. flv. je

Biqque said...

janggel, ala murah jer...separuh rega henpon mahai si jon tuuuuu! pfft!

john, halau dari blog jer bukan rumah hahaha! ko jgn nak santau aku, ko tak tau ke kemenyan mak esah lagi power? ala format2 lain tu sume tak payah kot...yg penting yg biasa2 kita dok donlod tu je la...janji leh tgk clear cun vavavom kan? terpaksa suh na n cawan donlod macam2 sbb internet laju! hahaha!

Anash said...

been a guest of honoured...

akak dah rasa snek preview TV nih!!!!!!

*will remember cakra khan's song*

Biqque said...

anash, hahahaha sneak preview bersama kiki yg mengada hahaha! ha nak donlod lagu tu arini lah!

abbazeef-wanderlust said...

hahahaha. aku pon ade tv toshiba! tv aku yg inci xbyk ni, lg best feature dier dr tv mak aku yg nearly 50inch tu! hahaha. the best part mmg tang yg dier blh read almost ALL downloadable movi. dah try feature subtitle? ull be amazed! hahaha

Biqque said...

abbaz, hi-five skit! hahaha...tu la, inci tak byk tapi ada advantage dari segi tu kira a good buy la kan :) subtitle dah try!

abbazeef-wanderlust said...

ok lapik tgn dulu br blh hi5! hahaha. kan kan? utk pendownload tegar mmg terbaik feature neh. tp saiz subtitle dier tu aku xtau nk besarkan cmne. ke mmg cmtu je kecik subtitle dier? haha

Hulubalang said...

wahhhh tv...bestnya byk format boleh baca...aku pon pendonlod tegar tp bukan tegar penyanyi cilik indon tu!! hahaha...dalam simpanan aku dh beratus2 movie tp yg tgk x sampai 10 movie lagi...camne tu? hahahaha

Biqque said...

abbaz, ok lapik2 *tunduk malu* hahaha! takde plak kitorang godek nk besarkan...hahaha...tgk gitew je la sbb sofa aku dkt ngan tv, so bleh lagi baca :D

hb, aku sabit umah internet tak laju jer...dok berharap kat org tlg donlod n tgk je mana ada hahahaha! bak skit movie!

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