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Monday, September 30, 2013

Palmiera Cacatoos Home Makeover : Wing Chair

Apart of wallpaper makeover, the other main big makeover that we insist to do is the settee. Though our existing suede-fabric-sofa can be considered in good condition, still, hubby is quite ashamed with what Kiki has done to the sofa's arm. HE SCRATCHED IT LIKE NO ONE BUSINESS! Initially, we thought of just reconditioning it but looking at the price of changing the cover, it is better for us to just get a new sofa.

And so we went for sofa hunting at few places nearby, and finally managed to seal the deal. Ok, I am not going to tell you guys about the sofa yet, for this post is mainly about the most wanted wing chairs that we ever dream of! The reason why we get these chairs is to make them as a couple-reading-chair that will be the center of attraction at the main hall. I told hubby that I am dying to get this pair, and he kept on telling me that I WILL NOT find a cheaper wing chair. Trust him. Trust him? 

I know that Ikea did sell wing chair with the price of RM750 per unit but hubby lost his interest once he saw the fabric. He insisted to get a leather wing chair. Now, WHO WAS the one who told me that I couldn't get a cheap wing chair? Pfft! 

We finally found the most affordable and comfortable wing chair at Simple and Nice, near Pasar Borong Selangor, Seri Kembangan. The salesperson, Dilbar, has been a good salesperson, especially when he heard I pronounced his name right. Hahaha! I won't tell the price of this pair, but I can say that it is reasonable, since it comes in Casa Leather. Hubby chose the color, Clamentine (orange), and in less than 2 weeks, this pair is delivered to Palmiera Cacatoos!

Without lighting

With lighting
P/S: Gonna blog about that squarish side table with lighting soon! It needs lotsa hardwork!

Having a cat with no scratch post in the house (don't ask me why), I quickly took out the old curtains and started to get creative with it. My goal was to make a cover, to wrap them up, regardless any method or any way, I NEED to hide them from Kiki! I lay the curtain over the chair and started sew buttons at both sides. VOILA! Tell me that I'm genius! Tell me! Hahaha!

We then let Kiki explored the wing chair and he seems like he was not interested to scratch it at all. Fiuh! LEGA AIH!


Hubby was looking from a distance and said..."So, how am I going to sit on it, if you are the only one who knows how to unbutton it?" 

"Do I look like I care?" Hahaha!

So what's next? More makeover coming. Stay tune!

Note : All pics are taken using Lenovo Ideaphone S890. 


Ren said...

La kosi tu bebungkuih macam tu je ke???? cam dalam umah hantu cite Casper.

Unknown said...

Macam kat rumah aku, ada scratch post pun...yang 7 ekor tu tetap nak mencakau kat sofa. Jadi kreatif, bungkus sofa. Dah rupa macam rumah berhantu pun ada.

Biqque said...

janggel, bibie, sbb tu aku guna langsir...if kain putih??? hahahaha dgn aku2 skali terkejut kihkih!

Supermeng Malaya said...

haaaaa spot gambar raya nih !!

lawo kusi tu.. lagi lawo kalau ada gambo kiki atas tu.. tgh posing


abbazeef-wanderlust said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! akhirnya ko dpt kusi tu!!! ok. im jelly. ko tunggulah aku dah ade umah sendiri nnti. sobs. bile nye ntah. haha.. btw nice! blend with the wallpaper kaler! tp bab membungkus tu mmg dasat ah! so tiap kali nk duduk kene bukak lah kan? i bet u xtahan lama ah nk bukak2 ni! hahaha

Biqque said... pengumuman raya kan? hahaha! ye la, ye laaaa, nanti aku amik gambar kiki duk celapak atas kusi tu mcm king gitew...hahaha!

abbaz, finally kan! ala umah sewa pun ok per if nak beli...aku dulu umah sewa penuh gak brg tapi bab pindah mmg menyampah la kan. so takpe, ko tunggu je umah baru :) hoi hoi, aku mmg jenis boleh tahan lama la bab sabar2 ni demi menjaga perabot hahaha...perabot umah aku sume elok tahan lama tauuuuu WLAUPUN murah2 gitew hahahaha...

NEKCIK said...

Asalam Biqque...haa..haa...sama cam masaalah nekcik lah nii..dengan 14 ekor bebudak bulus ni..tapi hanya certain tempat jer dia suka cakar...

Twilight Man said...

What a brilliant couple doing David Copperfield tricks now! I am waiting!

Biqque said...

nekcik, ramai nyer! hahaha saya sekor cukup la...nanti kurang kasih sayang plak kihkih!

twilight, nothing much la...hehehe...just a simple makeover :)

Ely Hasrul said...

Kena pesan kt Sami ni tokleh lompat atas kusi

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