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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Relaxing Redang @ Redang Kalong : The Party Ended

Again, I woke up a bit late due to “lepak” session last night. Two days before, it was up till 2am. Last night, it was up to 3pm! Crazy!

Since there was no more snorkeling for final day, we were forced to take bath before we had our breakfast. The mood changed in view of the fact that we will be going back to KL and face the cruel world. Clearly seen, the weather was gloomy and depressing, as if it was unbearable to let us went away from the island. 
The vinegar thingy had helped hubby a lot. The swell went away and left no mark at all. Thank god. Hubby then can walk and run without any pain to bear. So we walked to the jetty and snapped few pictures with hubby and Suci as the subject.
The rain started to drizzle. The hotel owner, AB Lee, advised us to rush into the boat, before it started raining heavily, and before the wave got wilder. This time, all bags were under the roof.

While riding on the bumpiness boat, we did twice of Mexican wave. It was cute to see it captured in Dan’s video. (Click link at the end of the post.)

The rain stopped once we reached the Merang jetty. While waiting for another minibus/van, some of us went for quick shopping. Dan, Byya, Fatt, and I, bought ourselves Redang/Dive t-shirts, while Kak Anash went crazy and bought ALL turtle keychains! Hahaha!

Once the van arrived, I quickly dealt with the abang driver, to get us to Pasar Payang, ICT (“ikan celop tepong”), and the best “losong” stall. Instead of free land transfer straight to bus station/airport, we agreed to pay RM50 to that abang, to bring us to these places.

On the way to Redang Kalong office, the Chinese uncle (driver) then drove to one “keropok lekor” stall. He told us that this stall “do business not for untung one”. Hahaha! Ya right! That makcik should have loved us very much, since we bought all her “losong”.
We then stopped at Redang Kalong office and left our bags. We squeezed 11 of us in a van, while Kak Anash called a ride from her local office, to drive another 3 of us. The driver left us at Pasar Payang and we quickly had window shopping. Well, those batik, pelikat, sampin, were too expensive lah! So we ended up having light lunch at one of the foodcourt.
We were told to get back to Redang Kalong office by 3pm. So by 2.30pm, we gathered and walked back to the designated place. IN HOT WEATHER! EVEN HOTTER THAN SNORKELING TIME! Argh! 
ICT was located just before the airport, so we took our sweet time to eat. All seafoods were placed in a plate, according to its price. I grabbed two plates with one crab on it, and I was pretty darn sure that I heard that kakak said, it was RM5 per plate. Wow, its affordable! WHO KNOWS, when I paid for my food, the total was RM25!! Pfft!! Fine…I paid.
We bye-bye Kak Anash, MasZuber, Dan, and Skin’s family, as we headed to the airport. Aside Skin’s family who drove back to KL, Kak Anash and Dan flew back via Firefly, while MasZuber and her sisters took a bus ride.
After quick jamak, we went into the departure hall, where Fatt’s souvenir (from Danny/John) was detained. A pair of steel chopstick from Korea! Like…huh? Was that a weapon to you? Okay, I rephrased. Was Fatt’s face look like terrorist? Hahaha!
The delayed flight, again, delayed even longer. Pfft! To cut the story short, we arrived at LCCT and everyone went back home, safely, with gratified smile on each and everyone’s face. We had fun, I can ensure that. We had blast, I can ensure that. We had true friendship, I can ensure that. We want another trip together? I DEFINITELY CAN ENSURE THAT!

To #TravelholicAwesome, BIG THANKS for the memorable trip, guys! USS was our first, Taiping was our second, Redang was our third. More to come? YUP! So don't stop counting!

Note : Watch #TravelholicAwesome memorable video by Dan Ariff, here
Check out these moment:
0:33 second, where I played American Darth Vader
0:47 second, where I had a jumping somersault
2:45 second, where we had Mexican wave
2:47 second, where Danny/John enter-frame with Janggel dancing on the right!


Ren said...

Wohhhhh teringin nak makan ICT lagi! Sedapnya!!!

Anash said...

apa itu Janggel?
citer pasal makan di bulan posa?

btw, kena rephase
"Masmz and Dan " naik Mas
myself sensorang aje naik firefly esoknyer...

yes..we have AWSOMEEE days bet we have greaaattttt daysss tanning our skin out!!!

wait my finale entry on redang...
stay tune (dah buat marketing kat sini plakkk???hahah)

just.HY said...

WOW! dah abes dahh!!! yeayyy! aku punye? tggu lepas raya ok! hahah.

btw, RM5/plate tu utk sotong celup tepung je. ketam lain harga. haha tipah tertipu ko nih biq! keke.

terima kasih semua sbb sudi menjayakan program suku tahunan kita semua! God Bless!!!

p/s: cun giler gmbr suci kat jeti tu. kakak santek harus print dan framekan!

Biqque said...

janggel, ko nak mkn lagi? hahaha! sila sediakan uwang banyak2 sbb u are about to belanja me! hahaha!

kak anash, owh ye ke? nanti i tukarkan :D but apa2 pun, we did have fun kan? speaking of tanned face, i kena cari whitening blk la camni! kang raya tak cun! hahaha! ok, will wait for yours!

Biqque said...

john/danny, AKU FIRST ABIS DULU KE? yeayyyyyyyy! hahahaha! aaaa aku tertipu dek kerana nampak sepit ketam yg sedap itew...sigh. gambar suci tu ada banyak yg white balance melampau sbb dlm screen nampak gelak, guna flash, amik ko! ya, tx to u too :) hidup mr.president! #kipaskuat

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

wow! dah abessss.....

punah ceciter aku nak siapkan dulu kununnya... ekekekeke.....

Sotong tu memang Rm5.... kalau harga yang lenlain memang ada rate harga diorang tepek papan harga kat tiang tuh... sah tak perasan larr tu....

letsjommmm last quarter lakssss.. hahahahahaa

#yerrr diriku tertinggal di Terengganu

Twilight Man said...

The bus is so unique and funny! I hope your hubby's swelling foot has recovered. Once I got stung on my ear by a bee while trekking the jungle at night. Whole night my right face was swelling and my ear was buzzing bees in extreme pain! I nearly turned gila and mengamuk! LOL.. I rather kena stung on my foot! Ha ha..

Ely Hasrul said...

tu la fatt muka darth vader tuh pasal la xlepas hahahaha.. sedap korg smpai umah aku smpai kuantan pannjiiiaaannngg citenyeee hanya bleh heart to heart jek ngan ko nnti ahhaha okek aku nk start version aku.. aku link ko nye kang .. nk gambo suciiii!!

pasnih mana?

gua mulu?

Biqque said...

masmz, yeay ko kalahhhhh!

twilight, the vinegar worked! next time (pls avoid) try that ok?

skin, nanti aku kasi gambar, lupa, patut smlm copy jer...

pasnih? tatau! tapi mesti best nyer lah!

MasZuber said...

ICT nie baru aku tahu boleh tahan mahal. sebelum nie kalo makan sini bos yang bayarkan. tp bile bayar sendiri haaaaa jgn terkejut.

sekor ketam : RM15. awww

nways, walo mahal, isi ketam dia memang manis dan sedap..

p/s: rasa terharu dipilih masuk travelholicawesome. #tetiba

Lily Riani said...

masa kat ICT dah kenyang... rugi giler ok.

Ain Mardhiah said...

ok la tu 5 jadi 25, ainul pernah silap dengar 15 sekali jadi 50. terus bayar dengan hati membara2. hehe...

p/s: akak, blog auriss ni mmg la ainul punya, tapi takyah le panggil auriss, geleman plak rasa. hehe ^^

Arlida Abdullah said...

Suci is such a cutieee :)

Bestnya trip korang to Redang

Biqque said...

mas, #untungla bos bayar hahaha! ye, tahniah, ada dah LAMA terpilih!

lily, ye ke? lor...

la ainul keeeeeeeee cis! hahaha!

muchang, best la nak2 sume kepala sama :D

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