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Monday, July 23, 2012

Relaxing Redang @ Redang Kalong : The Party Revealed

I woke up a bit late due to TT session last night. It was so good to wake up and find that you are at the beach, slothful around, forget whatever you have back in the office. Heaven!

We went down and met the rest at the canteen, again, the long table was ours that no one can deny. Looking at everyone’s face, none of us had taken morning shower, maklumlah, we gonna snorkel again later kan.

Beforehand, hubby and I played ping pong for 3 sets. Sadly, he won! Cis! It was a closeeeee fight! We then changed to swimming attire, applied sun block, walked to the jetty, and hopped into the boat. De javu? Yeah, we did it yesterday. The same routine that everyone should undergo while in Redang Kalong.
“Where’s the Marine Park ticket?” Hubby asked me. “In the waterproof bag.”

“Mas, we are going to Marine Park, aite?” I asked MasZuber, our group leader.

“No…they gonna take us to somewhere else. Marine Park will be in the afternoon.” She explained.

There were 9 of us who wish to do a discovery scuba diving but Redang Kalong can only guide 3-4 divers at a time. So we had to pass the amazing diving session since we wanted to have it in a group. Gile, tanak berpisah kan hahaha!

As usual, the boat transfer was done 200 meters away from the jetty and off we went to an island called Ekor Tebu. Gosh, I swear, they have funny names for surrounding islands. Some were called, Pasir Mak Kepit, Pasir Mak Simpan, Pulau Kerengga Besar, Pulau Susu Dara, but the winner goes to Pasir Macham Ayam! HAHAHAHA! You are cursing someone or what? Macham Hayam!
Before the boat driver came, I acted being one. Looking at the boat driver, it reminded me of my dad. Having a dad (Pak Ein) who crazy with sea, boat, fishing, and sleep with his fishing rods, I am used to sea and beaches since I was a kid. (I know how to fish, trust me! And I used to catch sembilang, pari, and kerapu you knowww…) Almost every year, our vacation should have beaches or boats. I bet, my dad will go crazy if he sees these Yamaha 250 twin engines!
Once reached, Anuar asked everyone to jump into the sea, for him to show around. I quickly asked Dan to jump with style. But he did it differently by “walking” on the air and jump off! Hahaha! Followed by Danny/John and few others, with normal jumps. Anuar then asked me to jump, so I decided, to have semi somersault like what my bro and I used to do. IT WAS FUN! Until my back hit the water! Hahahaha! Sakit jugak woi! (But this was not the photo where I did the somersault berpusing. It's in the video.)
The snorkel guide, Anuar, then swam further and asked us to follow. He dived and showed us the anemone, Nemo’s habitatation. He also dived down to collect another sea cucumber, this time, it’s purely black and slimy! Ewww!

“Who wants to see black furry fish?” He hollered. “Nakkk! Nakkkk!” I swear, everyone answered.

“Ok, when I say one two three, all of you, submerge and see. Ok?” He instructed.

“OKAY!” Wah, beria!

“One, two, three!” And all of us, hold our breath, and submerged.

I can CLEARLY see…his HAIRY legs, waving to us! “HAHAHAHAHAHA BENGONGGGG! That was a good one, Anuar!”

The current was quite strong and we were called to swim towards one small beachside. While swimming, we saw couple of small jellyfishes, boucing up and down.

“RUNNNNNNNNN!” We shouted and swam even faster towards the beach! One of the snorkel guides kicked on top of the jellyfish, pressing it down under. Our hero! Hahaha! Eh no, Kak Anash’s hero! (Well, she got special treatment from this Chinese guy, who brought her around the boat, and she got to see baby shark! Why she was treated that way? Coz she’s a TAN SRI!)

Once arrived at the beachside, we gathered and faced the boat. From the boat, Kak Anash snapped few pics of us and she had to zoom coz we were quite far from the boat. “Man…we swam that far?? How do we go back??” We were forced to! Else, we will ended up in Survivor! (And eat each other…well, MasMZ looks yummeh!)
On the boat, for the third time, MasZuber puked. I don’t really get it. She loves beach, but she’s seasick. Eh? And she totally puked out everything that she ate during breakfast! I guess, it was a feast for the fish! Hahaha! “Puk-a-licious!”

We arrived and everyone back to their room, except for hubby and I, who loosened up at the beach bench, right in front of Skin’s room. I called Sami and asked him to play sand castle with me. He tried few times but failed, so I asked him to water the sand, as it would be easier for him to mould the castle. And he succeeded! Yeay!
Later, MasMZ, Fatt, Byya, and Lily joined us and grabbed Sami’s toys, and went crazy! I doubt, when the said they had never played this during early days. Sure or not?? Hahaha! I thought we had better, cooking rice with sand, cooking veges with leaves, and preparing tea with soil, playing “kawin-kawin”? Hahaha! (Gambar neelopak ni lagi!)
We then changed into dry clothes and had buffet lunch. Each and everyone had suntanned face now. Hahaha! (I had the worst!) But being in Redang, under the blue sky, looking at the blue sea, with #TravelholicAwesome with me, priceless! After a long chit chat like we’ve never met before, we went back to the room and performed what necessary. Again, we changed back to our swim attire and got ready for Marine Park visit. Fiuh! Snorkeling again?! I LOIKE!

This time, the distance was quite close. Despite the close journey, MasZuber still puked! Hahaha! It was funny though I know she suffered much to empty her stomach. Sorry dear, but I still wonder.
Those are fishes! Kid you not!
Marine Park was as expected, with toilets, vendors, and what not. We gathered at the right side of the beach where we left all our things to Ely’s family, since Suci had a quick baby nap. We then started to get crazy and had fun with group jumping photo session. It wasn’t easy to fit everyone in the frame but hell yeah, we did it! Winners were Byya and Fatt, who had the highest jump in ALL pics! Crazy…practice make perfect, so they said.
Anuar then called everyone and we followed him, swam underneath the jetty. He told us that he’s going to show us some good photo of eel! We waited for him while he dived with our rented underwater camera, which later turned foggy. Demyuh! Luckily, Anuar managed to snap three pics of the yellow dotted 8-footed eel! GOSH!
“Where’s hubby?” I looked around. Bini tak ingat laki, camni la.

There I saw, he was waiting and accompanying Tan Sri, at one of the jetty poles. Hahaha! Kind-hearted guy, he was. (Mati la puji laki sendiri. Dia slalu cakap aku tak puji dia.)

We then swam further up towards the shipwreck, where our group stopped at the floating barrels. Only few of us continued to explore the outer part of the beautiful shipwreck that is now, became the habitats of underwater creatures. (Scary gak tengok lama-lama dalam air tu!) We tried to have a group foot photo (like what we had on the beach) by clang to each other but we failed. Hahaha!
After an hour of exploring, we swam back to the beach, where hubby and I had double pedaling, assuming that it would be faster. Hahaha! We then back to the boat and headed back to the transfer area. Since there was only one boat came, 5 of us need to ride the small boat back to Redang Kalong.

Had enough with snorkeling? Neah! The beach boy was sporting enough to bring us, Na, Danny/John, MasZuber, Dan, MasMZ, and I, to see Nemo! It wasn’t far from the jetty and can you believe that that’s the only place (at the area) where you can see a family of Nemo? Right IN FRONT of Redang Kalong!

The beach boy taught us how to get close to Nemo, where we were needed to put our hands off, but just the face. He experimented to us, and guess what, Nemo came out and bit his mask! Hahaha! Cute! Danny/John and Dan tried but with MasZuber around, we had lots of fun! She kept on TOUCHING the anemone several times, despite of yelling/shouting at her to keep her hands away! Hahaha! I laughed while snorkeled and Dan can hear my laugh straight from the snorkeling set! Can you do that??
We then went back and asked the rest to get us some keropok lekor, since we had wet clothes. Yummeh! We spent the evening with chit-chating, laughing, before we changed for dinner. 

Right before dinner, hubby suddenly came to me and said “I got stung by bee!” 

I was freaked out!

I yelled at him “Where did you get this?” and he answered “I stepped on it. I didn’t see it coming.”

I asked him to sit down at the canteen steps, where I saw he already put some oil on it. His left foot started swelling. Lily and Na was there to help, when suddenly, Na suggested to put vinegar on it.

“Vinegar? Then we cook?”

“Hahaha! Cawan got stung before and…” All the funny stories came out. Lily ran to get the vinegar, tissue, and hansaplast, and I wiped it on several times. It was swelling up! Please, don’t panic! I am panic! I don’t want him to fell sick, what happen to our Redang trip?! Wah sayang laki!

He then back to the room and took a rest, while I continued “lepaking” with few of us, watching the garbage collector, walking and towing the small boat (due to low tide), while waiting for MasZuber’s sister and friends came back.
When the dinner time came, I called hubby up and he came with swelling foot. Pity him. The swell didn’t reduce yet. We ate like crazy since it was BBQ buffet. Yummeh!

The moment that we were waiting for has arrived. The gift-exchange session! We were told that whoever picked a person’s name, need to guess before we opened the gift. Everyone was thrilled coz no one knows what others have prepared! We didn’t put any price limit, but I told them, if it was a pen, I will poke the person’s face! Hahaha!
Started with Danny/John as the president, he launched the session with a short speech. He was the first one to pick, and he got Cawan’s gift, the one that everyone was trying to get for! AND IT WAS A SPONGEBOB PUZZLE! Drama has started when Sami grabbed the gift and carried it along, thinking that it was his! Hahaha! (Which he finally got it since her mom did a barter system with Danny/John!)
Whoever name that was picked by the first person, need to be the second picker. So the list went on and on. As I could remember, these would be the list (in random order).

Janggel – bath accessories by Hasrul
Fatt –  Wonders of the world book by Na
Byya – moneybank camera by me
Skin – south and north island NZ’s FM by Fatt
Me – travel pillow by MasMZ
MasZuber – varieties of country FMs by Dan
Paie – Holland wooden shoes by Shahrul
Na – Sri Lanka t-shirt by Lily
Shahrul – Wales cloth piece by Anash
Cawan – bath accessories by Skin
Lily – AA flight model by MasZuber
Anash – handmade clutch by Paie
MasMZ – blanket by Janggel
Dan - varieties of country FMs by Danny/John
Hasrul - sumpah tak ingat dah!!!

I was told that Danny/John was so shocked and jealous when he thought that Byya got a REAL camera from me. Hahaha! And one funny thing had happened. Earlier on, I was called as “mak esah”. To add the superstitious, I got MasMZ’s gift, where she wrapped it with red and yellow scarfs! Once I held the gift, suddenly the wind blew my hair, exactly like what we saw in ghost story! SCARY but yet FUNNY! Kan?
We continued the night with a game called Charade, where we were divided into two groups, according to FM colors by Kak Anash. Skin became the jury, where she gave the movie and song title for each group. The fun began when MasMZ tried to virtualize a ghost, with “toncet” kat kepala! Teletubbies?! Hahaha! It was Hantu Bonceng, for god sake!

I then, got Pusara Di Lebuhraya, and tell me, how am I supposed to do a highway?! I quickly sat down and cried at batu nesan, fine, Dan got it right, from kubur he changed to pusara. Highway…? Ok, I quickly drive a car, open the window, pay the toll, and came out from the car, be in the toll post, and receive the money! Hell yeah! Dan and MasMZ managed to answer it! Hahahaha! Crazy!

We lost when MasZuber didn’t give a clear clue on Smooth Criminal. She just swayed to left and right, smiling, like drunken master! Hahaha! That’s what you called smooth dear? You should have shown your smooth skin la sayang. And criminal? I saw she kicked and punched here and there. Was that a criminal to me? No. Hahaha! Cute little monster, she was! Especially when Dan was around. Lalalala... 

Note : Watch #TravelholicAwesome memorable video by Dan Ariff, here
Check out these moment:
0:33 second, where I played American Darth Vader
0:47 second, where I had a jumping somersault
2:45 second, where we had Mexican wave
2:47 second, where Danny/John enter-frame with Janggel dancing on the right!


just.HY said...

omg! gambar last yg ade gmbr mak esah tu mcm real giler! bomoh sesat mana nih!!! hahaha

teringat malam kasik hadiah tu, gelak sakan wehhh!!! gilakkk!

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...


wallaweyyyyy neelopak tu sumpah macam agent cia wahahahahaahahhahaa.... yang penting muka tak dapat dikesan.... padanlah boleh gelak tengok gambo dia... eh, ehemmmmm.... cissss

Banyak giler ikan sampai jadi kawanan gelap... kalau dok dalam air sah-sah dah macam orang giler sebab kagum berada di kawanan ikan... nanti bawak aku yer,,,, teringin nak pergi tempat nih.....

Biqque said...

john, actually aku pun takut tgk muka aku! gile seram! babis tul la bleh main2 plak gambar mak esah ni kan? hahahaha!

tu la, malam tu mmg lawak abis!

masmz, kan aku dah bilang, ko mcm iceman dlm the incredibles tu! hahaha! tgk dari atas mmg geli kaler itam tu, tapi kat bawah, uiiii best gile! rugi ko!

Ren said...

OMG sape yg duduk atas hemok tu? Neelopak ke? OVERST!!!!

Lily Riani said...

eh! you dah dpt underwater pics yek... best, nak gi berak sat. bye. hahahhah....

MasZuber said...

kali nie punye trip yang TENPALING banyak muntah. tak tau asal. mungkin ombak kuat sangat kot


aku tak dapat dari John, dapat yang Dan punye. Dan dapat dari John. huhuhuhu

tak sabar nak pegi next trip. plsssss la organizekannnnnn

shah_rule said...

ei tuh ular air yg bawah jetty tuh ke.. wahh superb giler gamba tuh dah la dalam gile kan.. memang dia duduk situ je dah setahun dah, haha

sian sami, nak spongebob jugak.. haha kelakar la bdak nie..!!

hampeh tau bungkusan bungkusan tuh sume.. haha envy lily, nak kapal terbang jugak!!!!!

Biqque said...

jggl, neelopak nyer gambar ada kat sume camera, bertabahlah...mmg overst! kita tgk gambar kita banyak tak kat camera dia okeh?

lily, amik kat fb lagi...

maszuber, sbb muntah ko terlalu gembira hingga melonjak2 keriangan hahaha! salute lah kat ko!

ok, hadiah2 tu dah dibetulkan. aku tak ingat sume pun hahaha! ye, mari kita pegi lagi! tapi, korang dah nak pi "situ"...cis! nak pantai lagi tak???

shah_rule, itu belut besar, dah berkampung lama dah kat situ sbb guide tu asik bawak orang tunjuk tempat tu jer hahaha!

aah, sami sampai nangis2 ucap time kasih kat uncle john hahaha!

hampeh? lagi hampeh if ko saksikan kebengongan sekor2 malam tu hahaha!

Unknown said...

Amboii neelopak!!! melampau abis gambar ko yek, tertongeng bagai semua ada!!

The best trip everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! (ha sapa mampu lawan? sapaaa? sapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) hehehehe #gileriak

Anash said...

(sambil kesat air mata)..
suka dengan trip ini
memang rasa nak print blog korang dan buat scrap book
belek2 bila tak de internet kat rumah...

lap korang semua...

Supermeng Malaya said...

gambar bot black and white tu lawa.

yang terjun botol feeling feeling Pandelela rinong tu kau kah????

* picit kepala x leh terima

Ain Mardhiah said...

siapa punya gambar yang sebelah kumbang tu? lawak giler posing...haha

btw akak, cool sangat ni pergi pulau redang. jeles2~ ^^

Biqque said...

na, melampau kan neelopak tu?! mcm2 gaya dia kuarkan.

yup, the best, indeed! sape? sape? #matiriak

kak anash, i lap u more :) menarik tu idea scrapbook! hahaha!

meng, hasil tangan masmz. aah, yg lompat2 terjun2 tiruk2 tu sume aku lah senang cite. sila picit kepala kuat2 skit ye?

auriss, tu masmz. dia la neelopak utk trip ni hahaha! mmg best, lagi2 kalo pegi ngan kawan2 yg happening :)

Twilight Man said...

What a fantastic idea to exchange gifts like that!! It looked fun and more fun for everyone.

Biqque said...

twilight, ya, it was fun, especially when we don't know what we'll get :)

Ely Hasrul said...

hahahahhaha aku xleh komen hahaha xtahan mmg besh giler hahaha tapi satu jek la.. laki ko dh lama kena sengat, smpai pg sapu cream suci lepak tk bilik sume last skalik baru ngadu kt bini yg dok sebok mengayam ketupat nk raya hahahahhah hahahah

Biqque said...

skin, hahahahahaha nampak sgt sayang bini kan? hahahahaha!

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