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Monday, August 11, 2008

デスノート (Desu Nōto)

Let me tell you guys...

I've been watching these sequels since Death Note, Death Note: The Last Name, and the latest, Death Note: L Change The World. I amazed with this live-action manga since it introduced the secret and function of the book (can you imagine how powerful you can be when someone's life is in your hand? Just by writing that person’s name?) Plus, how tremendous to have such high-quality-eye-catching 3D Shinigami, Ryuk and Rem, both male and female god of deaths, in their own styles and characters.

I like L very much! Ken'ichi Matsuyama has amazed me like what Johny Depp did in his bizarre-looking films. L in Death Note was the world's top-rated detective, has many quirks, such as sitting in an odd manner, snacking on sweets constantly, and holding objects in a peculiar manner (I mean, he holds everything with his thumb and forefinger). He even made me laugh when he started to type on keyboard using only his two left and right forefingers up high, with funny mask on his face!

Death Note, and Death Note: The Last Name, really impressed me with unbroken scenes of Light and L mind-battling each other. But with Death Note: L Change The World, I was bored to death! Yes, I have an issue when Death Note started to plot on saving the world when a team of extreme ecologists are trying to unleash a deadly influenza-ebola virus across the earth! What the f**k was writing the Death Note related to virus spreading? Where was Ryuk? Was there a need to burn the books? Ok, I see how sequels need to be ended…

Nonetheless, L did spare few scenes and save my day…especially when he tried to walk straight…hahahaha!

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