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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Dad In Law A.K.A Hubby's Dad

Perak and durian, selalu dikaitkan bersama…and yup, we had durian at hubby’s parents’ and brought back a container of bubur durian to ours’.

It happened when hubby’s dad bought roughly 7-8 durians back in Taiping and we had it during Saturday’s lunch. Typical me, who can’t stop talking bout food, excitedly imagined and spoken out how delicious bubur durian with roti would be. And guess what? Hubby’s dad took it as a wish when the next day’s lunch, I saw hubby’s mom started to squeeze the santan, looped the pandan leaves, while hubby’s dad started to open up the remaining durians!

Owh god…he did it again!

Hubby’s dad…a cool, kind-hearted, non-talkative, wise man, started to fulfill whatever I craved/asked for since the day he brought me a jug of plain water during the meet up for the first time, to get to know hubby’s family. Hubby’s mom served milo and the moment she offered me the drink, hubby told her that I only drink plain water. Yes, that’s soooooo true but I didn’t expect hubby to notify them in front of me! I still can drink that milo dear…and few minutes later,

Hubby’s dad brought out a jug of plain water and 2 glasses, for me and for him! (Just to cover up a.k.a he also drinks plain water which hubby said he never did that).

And I…drank…it…with…red-faced…and…yet…delighted…

That was the first…the starting point.

Once, when I saw durian stalls along the way to Trong. We were in hubby’s dad’s car, hubby was driving, hubby’s dad was on the co-pilot seat, I was at the back, and to break the silence among both of them (yeah, my hubby and his dad REALLY non-talkative guys), I started to talk cheap! I made a statement,

“Uih durian!”

And so, he did it again!

He asked hubby to stop at the next stall and bought 5 durians with RM90++! Ya Allah…shame on you Biqque! And not only durian, I once unintended-ly said,

“Eh ais krimmmm…”

Hubby’s dad was eating ice cream at that time! And due to that stupid statement that I made, he offered me to have one! He let me choose between chocolate or strawberry filling. What have you done Biqque…macam budak-budak!

He even once, dig out some cute yams (indoor plant) during our visit to hubby’s maktok’s property, when I told him that I like this one kind of big leaves yam that being put up for sale in nursery! With his expressionless face, he pulled out around 4-5 anak pokok, down the way to the river back there, ignoring the mosquitoes that bite.

Yup, he did it again!

And last but not least, same goes to what happened at one street stall, where I and hubby’s dad had laksa, while hubby had mee rebus. A human habit, to taste other’s food, and so did I. I tasted hubby’s mee rebus and hubby’s dad suddenly asked me whether I want one or not.


Thanks abah…I will definitely use this chance when I get pregnant…hehe! As for current interest, I enjoy telling you about politics-blogging! Makes me feel “THERE GOES YOUR BRAINY DAUGHTER IN LAW”.

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