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Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Standard 4 Niece Now Own A Mobile!

Ok, I know that kids nowadays do have mobile phone as early as 5 years old (mainly in KL) for their own safety. They can call their parents, and vice versa. But my niece live in Taiping, particularly schooling at Sek. Ren. Simpang, so why she needs one?

And today, I got one sms that said,

“Tgh buat apa? Ni thirah. Keje ke?”

Thirah mana plak ni? Yeah, I got a niece called Thirah, and hubby got a cousin sister called Thirah as well. But hell no this hubby’s cousin sister has any thought of sms-ing me! So, it must be my 10 years old niece…but…I didn’t expect her to use short form, plus, using KL slang!

I assumed it was my niece and I replied,

“Thirah? Dapat henpon ke? Kat mana ni?”

I purposely spell it right instead of using short form. Waiting for another sms to come in.

“Dpt hp abah. Thirah kt umah.”

Whoa! She was using short form! I replied,

“So acu simpan no. ni la k. Wah dah ada henpon dah,senang la. Kena pandai guna perkataan pendek2. Baru save.”

I still can’t help myself to completely spell it.

“Ye lh. Bye!!”

Haha…so cute! Then we stop sms-ing.

“Tengah buat pa? Kat sini boring lah.”

She started sms-ing me again! In just less than an hour. Excited with her new hp maybe. And now her sms sounded like typical utara kid…haha!

“Kt umah tgk tv cite mami jarum. Ajak la mak dtg umah acu. Sok thirah besar leh dtg sendri.”

Coincidently it was Mami Jarum on Ria! So typical utara people kan?

And she replied,

“Mak kata nanti.”

Yeah I thought so…and now I miss my nieces and nephews…4, I have seen yesterday, another 4, I shall meet this coming raya…owh duit raya…

Come to think of it, why she can't have one...she's a prefect, scored above 90% in all subjects...maybe my sis had promised her 'something'...

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