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Friday, June 7, 2013

Madame Tussauds Sydney (Sydney)

~ Part 7 ~

I ran towards the Madame Tussauds building and stroked Johny’s face…for at least, 2 minutes! Can’t wait to touch “him”, later. Umph! I purposely forced hubby to include this site in our itinerary, for I really really really wanted to see those famous figures. Well, at least once. Well…mainly because Johny Depp is there. Ehem.
Note : Madame Tussauds is a wax museum, branches in a number of major cities, displaying waxworks of historical and royal figures, film stars, sports stars and infamous murderers. It is located at Darling Harbour.

I then walked to the entrance and met Mr. Kangaroo, the national mascot. We paid AUD38 and entered the main hall, where we saw a lady surfer stood still on a surfing board. There was a lady with a camera, waiting to snap visitor’s photo.

Approaching “Behind the Scenes” section, hubby and I started to go our own way. While hubby exploring the clay mould, I ran to check on the height of my favorite stars’ shadows, Johny Depp and Michael Jackson. Clearly, I was at their armpit level jer. Pfft!
Feeling sad with my height compared to them, I moved to another section, and met Marie Tussauds, the founder. I asked her why she didn’t wax me but she was keen, adoring that bald man! Next to her, there were Beyonce and Will Smith, along with I don’t know who.
Note : Marie Tussaud was born as Anna Maria Grosholtz in 1761 in Strasbourg, France. Her mother worked as a housekeeper for Dr. Philippe Curtius in Bern, Switzerland, who was a physician skilled in wax modelling. Curtius taught Tussaud the art of wax modelling.

We then moved to the history section where hubby played his role in posing with the figures. He LOVES history and he knew almost all figures in the room. He went crazy and acted like cute little girl who gotta play with Barbie!

He jumped from a figure to another and posed wild, basically tried to make fun of himself with them. I almost had my jaw dropped when he slowly whispered,

“I want to put my feet on Obama’s table!” He raised his eyebrows and hinted me to “cover” him.

“Huh? Like…seriously??? Hey, got CCTV up there! Are you crazy?” I spoke softly, in a very low tone. Standing before me, was an officer who was on duty, checking on the visitors for any misbehavior every now and then.

Hubby walked to Obama’s desk and I started to look around. “OMG, please, don’t do stupid thing!” I warned hubby from a distance.

He sat on the chair and leaned back. “No, no, no…NO!” I opened my mouth, big enough that he could understand what I was saying.

He was about to lift his feet and then, he laughed at me! OMG! You moron! The officer next to the desk smiled at us.

He did the same to Australia’s Prime Minister, but this time, he took over the mic. Hahaha!

Guess what, hubby didn’t stop there!

He then ran to Nelson Mandela and tried to pick-pocket this good president’s passport! Like a pro, in just a minute, he went to Queen Elizabeth and tried to steal her diamond bracelet! Not only the Queen became his victim, he went to Gandhi and tried to steal his watch! Poor Gandhi!

“Ayang…are you a-okay? Are you done with pick-pocketing?” We had an awkward moment.

“Ok…E=MC2.” Like what? In just a glance, I saw him somewhere else, with messy hair, and posed next to Einstein! HAHAHA!

"So who’s crazy now? Me or you?” I thought I was the one who got excited with waxes.

We then walked further inside the science section and played around with Dr. Chang’s patient. Hubby, again, went crazy and got behind the x-ray thingy and did funny face. I dragged him to the sport session, hoping that he will behave…but he continued acting crazy and grabbed a racket and posed next to Hewitt and Rod Lever. Pfft!

“I want Johny Depp! Where’s Johny Depp???” I looked around. I can’t stand any longer. I need to see my boyfriend!

We passed by the Bollywood section and met Amitabh Bachan, Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Aiswarya Rai.

“Ayangggggg…look at meeeee…” Hubby called me. I saw him trying to steal Shah Rukh’s flower and Ashu’s cluth!

“Enough!” I dragged him. “I need to see Johny Depp!”

We finally reached the superstar section and was greeted by “Sandy”, a role in Grease played by Olivia Newton John. THE BEST MUSICAL MOVIE EVER! I grew up watching this movie, over and over again. I can sing along all the songs in this movie! I quickly grabbed T-Bird’s jacket and acted Danny, a role played by John Travolta.

Further inside, I saw Oprah sitting on a chair. And so I became her guest of the day. Huhuhu! Then I saw Audrey Hepburn in her famous dress and tiara. OMG, she was soooo beautiful! Well, I was invited for a momentary hi-tea with her. Wasn’t that great?
And suddenly, hubby shouted “Marilyn Monroe!” I quickly ran with my camera in hand, played paparazzi, shooting her with her famous white dress, while her standing on top of the wind hole. Hubby then stood next to her, looking affectionately in love with the beauty. How gorgeous she was. Meanwhile, Alfred Hitchcock was looking from behind, looking bored with his own movie. Haha!
On the other side of this section, there were Bruce Willis, Nicole Kidman, and Jackie Chan. I continued played paparazzi, taking other celebs photo, like Kylie Minogue, Rihanna, Keith, and Brangelina.
Hubby then walked towards the superhero section where he fancied Wolvarine and Ironman. He also posed next to the famous Crocodile Dundee, stepping his foot on one huge croc!
Not for long…

“OMG! OMG! IT’S HIM!” I walked slowly to one figurine in suit, messy hair, with black frame spectacles. I know this guy, 100 and 10 percent sure!

I was blushing.

As if he was looking at me and asking me to come closer. Closer to his body.

“I’m coming…honey…” I told him.

I hugged him. I tried to kiss him on the cheek...but…but…TAK SAMPAI! Damn!

“Udah-udah la tu Ayang…” Jealousy strike. Anyhow, I forced hubby to take tones of pictures of Johny Depp and me. Hubby’s feeling? Who cares!

“Goodbye my love, till we meet again.” I was hallucinated. I tried to drag Johny Depp with me but he didn’t move an inch! I had to let him go. I moved on and met the late Michael Jackson and my Romeo, Leonardo Dicaprio, another two men that always be in my heart, for his music and movies. Last but not least, Heath Ledger, may you rest in peace.

That ended the journey of Madame Tussauds. The end. 
Eh…where’s hubby?

“Ayang, look at me. I’m choking Lady Gaga to death.”

*Cricket sound*

“And who will you be?” He was wearing an electric blue short wig.


It was 10 past 9 and we needed to find our way back to the Malaysian Hall. Though it was Saturday night, and we should be enjoying fireworks from the harbour, we chose to go back before it was too late. Hubby asked the man behind the counter (an Indian) and he was kind enough to lead us the way to the nearest subway. 
Along the way, he was telling us that locals were bit crazier during the weekends, especially when they got drunk. He hated them, for destroying the shop, and some even came into the Madame Tussauds souvenir area, and took whatever they want without paying any cents. Even guards can’t do anything and it was considered a lost to the shop. Gile lah!

15 minutes of walking. Super duper speedy walking. “Owh God, he walks really fast!” I told hubby, catching my breath to pace up with this guy.

“Just let him go first…we’ll find on our own.” I surrendered.

We decided to separate at Queen Victoria Buildings and let the guy continued with his “speedy Gonzales” walk. With little memory on the bus number, we managed to catch a bus which the route passed by the Malaysian Hall. Thank God that Malaysian Hall had no curfew and we can freely enter the building at anytime we want. We took a shower and had a good rest…a really good rest.

Then hubby voiced out…“Blue Mountain nak esok?”

“HUH???” Gulp! “But…HOW?”


Ren said...

Wow header baru!!!

Amboi kemain lagi peluk2 ngan Jhony Depp!

just.HY said...

giteww malu2 bagai dgn johny depp. ntah2 kenal ke tak ko tu biq si johnny tuh! hahaha... amboihhhh tak menahan still ingat dialog2 yg berlangsung!

Ayu Fatarina said...

salam perkenalan - coolnyee dapat ambik gambar dengan celebrity! hehe!

Hang Dhamin said...

HEADER blog yg sungguh menjeleskan.....tak sangka kat madame tussauds pun boleh seronok aku membacanye..ang gila! haha

Orga said...

OMG! cantik giler header blog ko biqque, simple and betul dapat jupe ramai celebrity, wax pun, kalau tunjuk gambar sekeping jer, mesti orang ignat ko betul-betul jupe diorang, hehe...

Biqque said...

janggel, dah lama tak tukar header...hehehe. eh mesti la nak peluk johny depp! mmmm suka sgt!

john, mesti la dia kenal aku, ko je yg tanak percaya. dialog? biasa la, kitorang kan byk dramaaaaaaaa :)

ayu, salam kenal :) cool kan? jadi la hahaha...

hang dhamin, nak ke ukulele tu? TAK LEHHHHHHHHHH! hahaha! weh pi la boracay tuuuu! best! ala tempat mana pun pi, if kita enjoy, mesti best. kena la gila2 skit :D

orga, lagi best if aku pandai petik ukulele tu sambil nyanyi2 tepi pantai :D ha if aku tunjuk kat anak sedara aku, nescaya diorang percaya! :)

owen said...

Masa pegi Sydney 2011 tak buka lagi Madame Tussauds nie. Tapi memang best la posing-posing dengan artis2. Hehehe... Tapi tiket agak mahal. Sebab exchange rate kot. Sebab dah pegi yang Hong Kong, Bangkok dengan Tokyo. Takdela sampai RM100 pun.

hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

i have seen a lot of madame tussaud's post but till now belum dapat peluang untuk pergi lagi~ ish ish..hehe

The Deserts of Arab

Twilight Man said...

Wakakakaka this is the most hilarious post of yours. Very well written to make your photos funnier. The waxed figurines looked better than the one in Bangkok which I saw in another blog.

Anash said...

ok you like to 'act' among the celebrities...hahahha
(terus pandang sepi nengok gambar sendiri yg 'kaku' sebelah patung-patung di 'ulu kelang')....

should know you earlier ..leh ajar camneh nak 'bergaya' sebelah patung...hhehhehee

Anonymous said...

Didie Alias. He must be kidding! I was LOL!

* Btw, your hubby starstruck moment abis nie kan Madame Tussauds. Oh ya, someone had changed her blog header tue! Nice ukulele!

Biqque said...

owen, i pun pegi skali jer sbb nak merasa tgk apa ada :D kalo jadi pegi HK/Macau aritu, pegi sana dah...

hcworld, at least go once la rite? hehe...

twilight, we know what to do if we go to boring places :D

anash, alaaaaaa diorang dah keras, kita plak la kena lembut hahaha...gelek akak gelekkk! yah, i shud know u even earlier, sis :)

zaraab, didie alias sgt kan! hahaha! ya, he went crazier than me pfft! new header for sure, dah lama kot asik kambeng jer...hahaha!

Hulubalang said...

kekekekee....lawak la sharul.. yg x leh blah pakai wig jadi dide alias.. wakakakakakaka...

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