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Monday, June 17, 2013

Homemade Kenny Rogers Roasted Chicken with Mash Potato and Mix Vege

My first try on roasted chicken and I'm proud of the result :) 

Roasted Chicken
1) 1 Whole chicken
2) 2" Butter & 2 spoons of Olive oil
3) Sprinkle of Rosemary
4) Sprinkle of Black pepper & Salt
5) Half cut of Lemon & 1 whole Onion (for stuffing)
*Optional : Sprinkle of Mix herb

A) Clean and dry the chicken.

B) Marinate with butter, olive oil, rosemary, black pepper and salt. Stuff with lemon and onion. (Do not wash out the leftovers. It will be used for mix veges later.)

C) Cover tray with butter and transfer the chicken into it. Tie with thread and leave for 10 minutes. Simultaneously, heat the oven at 200-230 degree for 10 minutes. 

D) Put the chicken in the tray along with half of mix veges. (Another half will be sauteed later.) Do not cover all space, make sure there's a room for the chicken juice, later.

E) Roast the chicken for 1-2 hours, depends on your oven's performance. Turn the chicken upside down every 30 minutes and sprinkle it with its juice. (Look inside the tray.) Remove out juice if its too much.

Saute Mix Vege
1) Quarter of Cauliflower
2) 20 pieces of French beans
3) 1 whole Carrot
4) Sprinkle of Fish oil, Black pepper and Salt
*Optional : Mushroom, broccoli, tomato

Cut cauliflowers and slice carrots. Marinate with what's left from the chicken. (See step B.) Stir fry all veges. Sprinkle with fish oil, black pepper, and salt.

Mash Potato
1) 4 pieces of Potato
2) Sprinkle of Salt
3) 3 spoon of Sandwich spread
*Optional : Onion (small cube cut)
*Optional : Mayonnaise to replace sandwich spread

Boil potatoes with sprinkle of salt, until soft. Take out potatoes and mash them with sandwich spread.

Mushroom Sauce
1) A pack of instant mushroom sauce (packet)
2) Warm water 

Mix instant mushroom sauce with warm water. Not to thick, not to watery. 

Cut the chicken and serve with mash potato and mix vege. 

What can I say! I am truly proud of myself! (Pat on my back.) 
Now I can say goodbye to Kenny Rogers! :) Try lah weh! Sedap gile kot!


Twilight Man said...

You are so talented!!! I want!

Biqque said...

twilight, no i'm not! it was just plain luck hahaha! (still have half body of the chicken, wan sum?)

just.HY said...

You are so talented!!! I want!

boleh la buat ayam belanda lak lepas ni. besar skit share ramai2. omg! kita buat Thanksgiving nakkkk?

Anonymous said...

klau oven tuh ade heat from everywhere, tak payah pusing pun...untuk orang malas mcm aku..

mummy rahah

Biqque said...

john, ayam belanda tak muat oven aku, oven aku cap hayam saje ye...sila beli oven, then aku buatkan hahahaha!

mummy rahah, sekali lagi, oven saya cap hayam, mmg ada heat atas bawah tapi bila ada tray, bawah tu cam tak kuat sgt la hahaha...

f i d a j a c o b said...

Terpaksa pergi Kenny Rogers satgi nak buke puasa ahkak biq oi..

sabo je le..


Unknown said...

Wahhhh u're so talented jugak! i oso wanttttt!!! joms party ayam!! (eh lain mcm je bunyik) hahaha

Biqque said...

fida, i SUKA kenny rogers ok! hahaha...

na, u pun dah kena sampuk? hahaha!

Biqque said...

fida, i SUKA kenny rogers ok! hahaha...

na, u pun dah kena sampuk? hahaha!

Nordinabilah said...

huhuhu... nk separuh ayam tu biq.. *tamak* :)

av無碼性愛 said...


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