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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lenovo Ideaphone S890, For Those Who Do.

I've been using this Sony Walkman W660i phone for 6 years and I thought of using it until the very last day of its battery. I have never intended to change to any smartphone available in the market. (Plus, if I get one for myself, I am throwing myself into supporting those smartphones for my clients. Tanak ah!) Along these years, I faced no issue with social media, for I had usually access them via Laptop. 

This phone comes with 2Megapixels Camera, 16MB internal, 3G, I am satisfied enough that it can capture photo, video, play MP3, and other simple features that a phone can do. Though the screen sizes to only 2", the whole phone fits nicely into my pocket when it weights only 93grams. And yes, it is still in good condition, accept for the screen protector lah. 

So long my dear, but I ain't throwin you away...
But being "forced" over and over by smart asses out there and being "blamed" for not supporting technology when I am myself, working in IT World, I think it is about time for me to get a smartphone. I am giving 80% of my interest to Samsung but hubby came out with this brand, that is no alien in my nature of business. Well, I am supporting this company, for God sake! 

IT savvy frequently heard of this brand on laptop and desktop, but seldom heard this name on the phone. This phone has gone viral at China and was out of stock when it was recently launched. I had no obligation to get one though I know it won't top any popular smartphone brands out there. Coz it cheap! And I am a cheapo! Hahaha! Ala, my requirement pun sebab nak Wassapp dengan Instagram and bit of Keek jer punnnnn!

And so he checked and compared, and he told me that I can get the same specs as Samsung Grand, BUT, cheaper by RM200! So, why not? I called up my support guy and checked on this smarty, and received a good feedback, more or less similar to what I've read in forums and reviews.

Here are the range of series and I get myself, the latest in the market, a Lenovo Ideaphone S890, in white.
What caught me most is the 5" screen and 8Megapixels. Anyhow, the 4GB internal is too way lower, but the rest are just good enough for me. (Do not compare with S3, Notes, Xperia Z, or higher. Itu bengong namanya ye.)

Let's see what's in the box!
Original Leather Flip Casing
Original Rear Casing
3-pin USB Charger Head
USB Cable

 Original Leather Flip Casing (Leather at front, plastic at the back)

5" IPS Display with Screen Protector

9.3mm thin

For my social media followers, with immediate effect, do bear with my vain pics and videos coz I don't even care whether you like it or not, hell yeah, I'm gonna post it all! Well, uh-uh, coz you, ask for it! *niggah style* Call me a smartphone user now. Thanks to smartass out there! (Yes, you know who you are...go pat your back!)

P/S: Guess what? Lenovo just launched a new phone, a day after I bought their latest one. GREAT!!


Supermeng Malaya said...

lenovo? oh come on !!


so how gempak tak?

eh.. phone lama kau tu mcm phone OR aku. dia pun beriya tak nak tukar.. puas aku suruh tukar, dia nak yang tu jugak... isk isk isk

Ren said...

Firstime dengar nama henpon Lenovo... tapi nama laptop i mmg lenovo hehehe.

Biqque said...

meng, biasa la, mak kan cheapo hahaha! cina mari mulah mulah maaaa...hahaha! ok la, bleh la guna, gempat tak gempak, pada aku sama jer kot sume penggunaan smartphone ni. android gak, jellybean 4.1 sama cam samsung sume tu.

weh phone lama tu best per...mudah dan senang :)

janggel, aaaaaa lain dari yg lain skit. laptop dah biasa dah kan? :)

ye saya punya laptop pun lenovo, sah2 kot...hahaha!

Unknown said...

untungla bersmartphone bagai...

just.HY said...

eh laptop ofis aku pun lenovo gak. jom sametime! hahaha...

welcome to the world mak esah!

Biqque said...

na, u tanak beruntung-runtung gak ke??? cepattt!

john, jom sametime! hahaha! haish nyusahkan aku la SoMe ni dok update aku macam2!

Anash said...

akak nih lagi BUTE IT...
bute smartphone gadget..
masa pi beli hp baru, hangkut derang nih sampaikan aqillah pun terjebak sama.....

but i will get used to it easilyyyyy..not like me..
(sampai sekarang..masih tatau nak set alarm camneh??? sangat...)

Biqque said...

anash, saya baru smlm set alarm hahaha! kena try n error. bengang gak memula nak buat ni nak buat tu tapi tak reti. ye la, baru nak blajar guna android kannnn hehehe...

aljukimong@ AK said...

Dah mcm jenis smartphone.., tiap2 bulan keluar baru..mana nak kejar..adooiii

Biqque said...

aljukimong, tu la pasal...dah la malas nak study sume product, sambar je la mana ada...hahaha!

Twilight Man said...

I like the design!!! Lenovo is catching up!

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