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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Project Runaway : Sakura Season

"What should I wear in Japan?"

"I can't wear the same outfit that I wore during Autumn in South Korea!"

Those were what lingered in my mind. I am forced to get myself new outfits, for the sake of having different printouts for my Wall of Frame.
What's inside? Let's take a peek!

Project Runaway One.
I've been longing for a trench coat since I knew how to fly. (Thanks Na for bakar-ing me.) But I don't know why, I can say that I am constantly having issue with sizes. Like today, I found one reasonably priced trench coat, which I had to force, not one, not two, but four salesgirl in MNG Pavi to look for the size that I wanted. They almost turned me down when the available sizes were only XS, S, and XL.

Only God knows how desperate much I want this cheap trench coat, till I requested them to call other outlets in KLCC and MV, hoping that they have size M. I didn’t bother to browse the rack for other options and stood still, waiting for the girl to walkie-talkie the warehouse people.

And she came out with one piece of M-size!

“Ah…these warehouse people…they could simply say takde, takde.”

“Ya…pity you girls…you might lose your commissions…hmm…they don’t really care kan?”

Project Runaway Two.
You would never see bright colors in my wardrobe. The reason being? Coz I like black, black, black. I got to know colors when I met Skin. She used to be ridiculously colorful whenever we hang out.

And so she turned me into her…more or less. I was bold enough to get myself red and blue outfits. But never a green.

I recently went to Matta Fair for JRail Pass, but I brought back a piece of purple knitwear from Universal Traveller. In contrary, I also get myself a set of green Winter Time snowcap and shawl! 

"I'm afraid that it would be too hot to wear this during Spring..."

"But speaking of Japan, you would want to look fabulous among Nihonji!"


Believe me? I am…not! Let’s see whether I can work it on during Sakura.


babyarisha said...

i'm first?
hahaha.. kaler meghah/ bighu xde?

Nurul Says said...

wow! mesti cantik dalam gambar!!.. i loike

Biqque said...

lin, aku nyaris sambar trench coat kaler merah tadi gara2 takde size :D

aima, KENA kasi cantik, kalo takkkkkk...haih...mmg aku bakar baju2 ni!

Lavender said...

Best giler dapat sambut autumn kat Jepun... Jealousss nyee

Ako Retna said...

cantek arr coz kaler dia bright.. nice dalam photo!!

Siyes... ekceli baju x cantek tp warna tu yg bole buat kasi cantek bila amek gmbr, rite??

hehehe me pun baju sama je ...huhu

Biqque said...

lavender, kat japan spring...dulu kat korea tu yang autumn :)

ako, haah bior baju tak cantek, kaler cantek ye dak? hahaha!

Diana Diane Teo said...

Biqque, sama lah kita. Saya punya wardrobe pun semua black black ataupun dark blue blue. Baru recently only, saya bermanja dengan warna purple, pink and white.

I love your white trench coat. Saya pun suka stail jenis macam tue. Hehehe

Unknown said...

wow kalerpul.............. mcm rama2 punya kaler pun ada nih..

Biqque said...

diana, trench coat rawks kan??? i love it! now let's be more colorful :D

na, i gi Zara, mahal! seb beik MNG murah skit...i sambar je la...u la ni! hahahaha! i lap u!

Ely Hasrul said...

SANTEKKKKK!!!!! tp kalu aku sure carik kaler oren atau hijau coat tuh.. hahahaha

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

wallaaaaa..... baju purple tu i loikeeeeeeeee......

Ako Retna said...

betul2 biar kaler tu nampak bright!!
hahahaha... i like bright tapi ermm baju2 i bawa g NZ ni pun erkk hitam juga haha

Biqque said...

skin, ko mmg.

masmz, i pun loike!

ako, tukar! tukar!

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