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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ashburton To Dunedin


Scene Location :
* Ashburton

* Hinds

* Rangitata

* Winchester

* Temuka

* Timaru
* Pareora
* St. Andrews
* Makikihi
* Waimate i-Site
* Glenavy
* Waitaki Bridge
* Oamaru i-Site
* Maheno
* Herbert
* Hampden
* Moeraki Boulders
* Dunedin

Total Distance :
* 330km

* Fuel - NZD60

Setting :

* Day - Clear and bright

Character :

* Driver : Biqque

* Map Reader & Photographer : Shahrul

* Extra : Chawana, Sheep, Cows, 2 pakcik batu, Akak reception kat Aaron Lodge

~Page Two~
Ashburton To Dunedin: When The Sekupang Team Meet

The day was bright and the sky was blue. We shifted driver and this time, I was the one who drove, since hubby wanted to do the photo capturing. We were so excited to start our journey, especially when we saw brownish trees along the roadside. Once in a while, we stopped due to our eagerness to snap the sakura-like flowers by the housing area.
“Omigod! Sheep! Sheep!” This was where our fascination started.
“Tangkap! Tangkap! There! Over there! No! Over here!” The craziness has conquered us.

The grass was green and the sky was blue, exactly the same as what we have seen as Windows XP wallpaper.
“Aaahhhh…now I know where the wallpaper came from…” Ass-U-Me.

Hinds - Rangitata - Winchester - Temuka
We passed by Hinds, Rangitata, Winchester, Temuka, and more sheep and road signs came into the picture. There weren’t many vehicles on the road that eased us to cruise, leisurely.

“Sheep again! Ya Allahhhh! Comel siutttttt! Lembu pun ada!” Still jakun with the kambing along the way.
We had to slow down when we approached the small town like Winchester and Temuka, and follow the speed limit. Both towns were quite vacant coz it still 7.00AM. We then continued our journey to Timaru and stopped at Pak’nSave, to see what we can have for breakfast.

I settled with readymade eggs with celeries in mayo while hubby had vanilla waffle with strawberry filling. Haah, kitorang takde masalah kalo tak jumpa nasik…bukan macam bapak aku, pegi mana pun nak nasik jugak. Haha! We also bought the cheapest drinks, bread, red and green apples, BBQ chips, and towel.
“Hah masalah ni takde sudu…” So I had to use that super tiny stir that I got from Caltex (hot drink) and poked those eggs and ate. Yummeh!


We then stopped at Timaru i-Site, bought fridge magnet, and captured few pictures with that stiff uncle on the bench. Looking at the other side of the road with various countries’ flags made us wondered…what is there to be looked upon.
“Wahhhhhhhh cantik gileeeeeeeeee!” With breezy air and clear sky, we stood before the sea that surrounded with beautiful cliffs and super huge waves.
So we parked in front of the museum and walked down the road. There were church and historical building that seemed to be under the influence of Edwardian and Victorian architecture.
“Hey look…Freemasons Hall! Tunjuk kat Adib ni mesti dia marah ni. Haha! Take photo, quick! Quick! Kang kena halau tak pasal jer.” Teringat Adib…she is so damn good in this Freemason issue.

Pareora - St. Andrews - Makikihi - Waimate
We left Timaru and had a de-tour to Waimate, where we had to pass by Pareora, St. Andrews, and Makikihi, beforehand. The reason behind it was to see the famous wallabies. But for another 6km lencongan, takpe la time kasih je. So we settled with black and white cows, and more sheep as substitution.

Again, we visited the i-Site, bought fridge magnet, and had a quick chat with the volunteer, where he suggested to go over the nearest mountain, to see the whole town. Tak cukup masa la pakcik.

“And where we can find this man?” We asked him, while pointing at one of the postcard.

“Well, you can walk down this block and he just right next to the clock tower and toilet.” Kat toilet ha ko letak mamat ni. Meh cium skit!

Glenavy - Waitaki Bridge
We left some memories here and moved on to Glenavy, Waitaki Bridge, before we reached Oamaru. On the way, aku tak kasi chance dah kat kambing-kambing ni. Aku stopped tepi jalan, lari tepi pagar and forced hubby to snap few pictures!

Kambing angkat muka. 2 saat. Kambing terus lari.



Kambing memang pemalu ke??? Takpe…takpeeeee!

We continued our journey and suddenly “Alamak! That yellow barn!” We had passed the yellow barn for about 200 meters. “Are we turning back or not?” “You want or not?”

Patah balik!

“Ok, ready with your camera...” “Ready…” “Tangkap!” These two crazy couple can live like this…can you imagine??? Haha!
Again, not far from the barn, we stopped and I quickly went out from the car and pointed to the cows over the hill. Camne la bleh naik gemuk-gemuk camtu?!

Approaching Oamaru, we saw more sculptures and artistic statue. We looked for the i-Site and parked the car right in front of it. I grabbed few fridge magnets and we started to walk around the town, snapped lots and lots of pictures.
In between roads, there were creative and imaginative figures. “Eh eh, keta ni benti la…lintas, lintas cepat.” That is one of the good culture that they have, where pedestrians have more priority. Kalo kat Malaysia, mampos ko kena hon! Lagi laju keta tu ada la!
We also went to the Harbourside where an old steam train called steampunk was exhibited. Almost all buildings at this area are classic and traditional. Sungguh indah dipandang.

Maheno - Herbert - Hampden
We then started the engine, bukan engine ketapi, tapi enjin keta, and passed by Maheno, Herbert, Hampden, before we stopped at Moeraki Boulders.

“ITS SHAUN THE SHEEP! ITS SHAUN THE SHEEP! OMIGODDDDD!” There was a group of suffolks that was known by its exclusivity of black-faced breed. AND I LOVE THEM VERY MUCH TILL I PUT IT ON MY TOUR COOKBOOK BACK COVER!

Moeraki Boulders
Ok, back to Moeraki Boulders. It’s been said that these boulders are spherical and started to form 55 million years ago. Hamik ko! Aku tatau la zaman dinasour ke zaman ape, but they are vanishing now.

At first, we parked at the motor camp area, where we could see the boulders from a distance. Akibat malas berjalan, we drove to the nearest café and walked down the trail, by contributing NZD1 for two, instead of NZD2 for each. Hehe…bleh la, takde syiling masa tu. At least, we bought fridge magnet apa...
I was so amazed with the stone…examining them one by one. Hubby told me that these stone were made by aliens. Pfftt! More Asians at this attraction, posing here and there like no one business. Well, we were among them. Haha!
We stopped again at one of the rest area (another good thing that the government have prepared) and snapped with seagull. I presumed. “Jap…jap…I move realllllllly slow towards them…” Rupanya, diorang tak lari punnnnn!
Before we reached Dunedin, we stopped for fish and chips at one of the restaurant. We opted for blue cod instead of salmon, since it was cheaper. Tapi sedapnyer masyaAllahhhhh! Agaknyer sebab lapar sangat kot…

We reached Dunedin on time and had a difficulty to find Aaron Lodge, due to miscalculation of traffic lights. Cannot tolerate with the chilliness like last night, hubby decided to upgrade from powersite to cabin. Ye la, cabin ada heater…dalam keta takat pukul 1 pagi tahan la…masuk je pukul 4 pagi, keras!
“By the way…is there any chance for me to check whether my friend have already checked-in?”

“Her name please?”

“Chawana…” Tu nama pelesu jer.

“Owh she hasn’t.”

We drove to the cabin and found that the cabin was super cute and simple. We took off those unnecessary things and sedar tak sedar, tertidur.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Eh lagi kuat plak.

“Sape pulak ni…JAIS ke...” sambil gosok-gosok mata. “Laaaaaaaaa…camne tau kitorang kat sini?” Chawana and Aqilah stood right in front of our door, gumbira sungguh tak terkata!

"Receptionist tu la cakappppp! Siap bagitau kitorang yang korang upgrade from powered site to cabin!"

"Hahahaha! Gile ko! Semalam sejuk gile tido dalam keta...memang tak bleh blah la! Patu powered site sume kena ada special power cable...and it only comes with campervan, bleh???"

They upgraded to a similar cabin next door, since tak tahan tido dalam keta, sejuk gedi. We lepak and chat about how we all arrived while enjoying Kiwi Whittakers and drinking L&P, the world famous in NZ.
Can’t wait for tomorrow’s challenge! The Sekupang Team is back!

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Unknown said...

Hahahah best! best!!! teruskan lagi!!

Yang moeraki boulders tu, Cawan pun kata tu alien yg buat!!! gile betui!!! Aaaa windu shaun the sheep...embekkkkkkkkkkk..

Fatt said...

klu ko lalu kat west coast, ada sepanjang pantai ni org susun batu bertingkat2..mmg mcm alien punye kerja..scary kot aku rasa. hehehe...

tp ko perasan tak batu2 kat tepi tasik sume pipih? aku nyesal tak kutip bawak balik...err motip?? saja kenang-kenangan...lalala~

biq, aku rasa syahdu bila ko ckp singgah Pak'n Save Timaru sbb kat situla almost 3x a week aku beli grocery. kalau roti aku slalu beli kat kedai roti Coupland kat depan main road Timaru yg busy nak mam* tu.

yg patung dpn i-site tu ekceli sailor/founder pekan Timaru..aku penah amik gmbr duduk atas peha!

haih, nape ko tak ckp ko gi Timaru? aku ada benda nak mintak tlg tapi takpelah, next time aku pegi aku nk singgah balik situ.

Biqque said...

na, gigih ni tiap2 malam tido kul 12 sbb nak karangkan cite nz! tu la, serius cam nak caya pun ye gak sbb corak dia pecah2 tu cam alien hahahaha!

fatt, batu bertingkat tu kat nami island korea bersepah! so aku rasa asian gak kot yg dok menyusun kat nz tu hahaha! actually kat umah aku pun aku ada bikin satu :D harap2 tak khurafat kahkahkah! haah batu tepi tasik sume pipih kan? cam sedap buat baling lantun2 atas air :D

sah2 la aku lalu timaru sbb mmg roadtrip kan. aku suka siut pak'nsave sbb egg mayo dia sedapppppppp! (aku gile makanan bungkus)

haah pakcik batu tu aku kenal, saje letak nama pakcik batu kahkahkah! ko gedik duk atas peha kan? aku siap cium raba2 lagi hahaha! buduhhhh!

la apsal ko tak roger je fatt! ko nak ape weh?

mikamusz said...

wa.. baru baca hari ke-2, x sabar nak tgk gambar and cerita seterusnya...

Ako Retna said...

biqque, cantek!!!
chawana punya gambar pun cnatek gak..

siyesss tetiba rasa nak pegi tapi erkkk ntah sampai ke idak hehe :p

eh camne rupa cabin tu, nak gak tengok ;-) so nak imagine gak camne kowang tido..

Liz said...

secara jujurnya aku nak ckp, "Biqque gilakan sheep". hahaha.. comel la weih!

Biqque said...

muz, i pun tak sabar nak menaip! tapi keje bertimbun!

ako, pegiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! meh nak racun banyak2 :D gambar cabin tunggu next post okek!

liz, ye mmg aku suka kambeng biri2 hahaha...

Ako Retna said...

hahah biqque, my fren tgh meracub kepala hotak i ni...

dia ajak gi next yr march...

eh btw, how much total cost u all ek? nampak gaya, klu jadi i gi nz, harus kena menuntut beberapa ilmu kewangan dari u ni haha

btw, berapa lama u all gi nz?

Ako Retna said...

amboi biqque,
header tak menahan sungguh hahaa...

siap baring2 lagi :p

Biqque said...

ako, tgk brapa orang u nak gi, bleh share2...nak tido luar, amik campsite or powered site (harus ingat, takde cable so sia2 jer)...nak tido dalam, amik hostel or cabin jer...tgk cuaca masa u nak gi la.

total cost tgk brapa murah u bleh dpt keta and cabin...rata2 mmg tak lari sgt la bawah 3k (kalo pegi berdua). melainkan u duk umah orang, tlg jaga kambeng dia...

i pegi 7 hari full (8 hari termasuk balik) so tak dpt pegi invercargill dgn franz josef...if gi 10-12 hari sempat tawaf satu south island tu...TAPI AKU TAKDE CUTIIIIII! pfftt!

header tu terbaek kan? hahaha! bleh dgr atas jalan if keta mari :D

Ako Retna said...

tu laaaa...
sebab member ckp better gi 10 hari+ ... adeh tgh dok mengira cuti ni..

tambah plak takut gak amek cuti lelama kang ada yg bising..

plan mcm nk g on march 2012.. ujung2 bln gitu.. dah masuk summer tak ek masa tu?

ermm... x sure derang plan nk stay mana, coz klu jadi i ikut orang je.. follow je mana derang nk pegi n stay.. harap2 klu jadi in my budget lagi la cost nya tu ;-)

so far tiket yg derang dapat rm1225, murah ke mahal ek? tu pegi-balik

Ely Hasrul said...

header terbaek!!! ass-u-me (budust haha)

batu2 tu mmg ade ukiran la kt situ? kretip alien2 tu lukis hahaha

wahh ape challenge sekupang?? cpt update!! xdek gambo korg dgn chawanna ke? qilah? (duhh pi la bloig qilah hahhaa)

Biqque said...

ako, kitorang dpt rm500 skarang tatau la sbb check baru2 ni mmg dekat 2k, gile mahal! hahaha!

skin, sok baru jumpa chawana :D tungguuuuu!

Unknown said...

Ye skin.tungguuuuu.. Nanti ada la muncul Chawanna dan Aqilah hahahah...

Aku pun tak sabor nih nk tunggu entry Dunedin sendiri hahahahha

Biqque said...

tu la na, i rasa nak kena kasi post dunedin kita kuar masa yg sama...esok u sampai dunedin kan? i kuarkan post i esok! cepatttttt!

kuntum said...

soalan tekumpul:

1- berapa average full tank mazda premacy tu - sbb aku pon booked premacy
2- mcm bekenan nk overnite kt holiday park dunedin tolong lah letak gambar kabin2 tu sume heheh
3- kolo bole ko letak la kol bape ko gerak kol bape ko smp..bole aku estimate masa aku nanti
4- tu je takat ni..soalan tekumpul besambung lepas ko smbung cite nnt


Fatt said...

ha...takde ape la..klu ko pegi aku bgtau. dah balik kira simpan. hehe...aku tak reti tuh baling batu lantun2 atas tasik..mmg fail tak berbakat! pffttt!!

saje nak jwb soklan ko. bln 3 dah nak hujung summer nak masuk autumn.
summer bln 12-3

klu ko nak roadtrip elok lebih 10hari...paling afdal 14hari...

Biqque said...

1)kitorang dok isi nzd30 half tank, skali jalan. kira dapat jalan satu hari la dalam 300km camtu. keta tu 1.8 kuat makan minyak siutttttt! tapi sedap bawak la :D

2)dunedin tu cabin dia comel! aku rasa ok jer if ko nak duk situ :D kitchen n toilet depan2.

3)kitorang gerak tiap2 hari dlm kul 8am sampai la petang. sbb malam dah takde pe kalo nk drive.


fatt,aku dari skolah dok belajar buat menatang tu hahaha! makanya, KENA la pegi NZ lagi :D

niL said...


1. Header sgt fantastic!! sakit perut gelak sorang2!
2. Gambar + Action gambar sgt menjeleskan..
3. Baju purple itu sgt cantek laa!..

kuntum said...


sbb ko nye blog byk kasik aku tips @ idea..aku bole tolong apa yg ko nk soh biq buat kt timaru tu..kalo ko sudi la

aku pegi 26nov ni

Biqque said...

nil, baju last minit beli kat matta fair :D i pun loikeeee!

kuntum, ha tlg buatkan utk fatt :D

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