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Monday, January 3, 2011

Globetrotter Best Give-Away Ever!

Yup! As what it is stated!

Globetrotter is organizing one GA that ONLY big companies do.
She's offering the below gift for the winner.
What contestants need to do is to guess the iPod model. Clue is there! (Flip hair...) She did mention Nano and Shuffle but she didn't mention Touch :D People always talk kona-kona oneee...hahahaha!
Sooooo, the answer is iPod Touch!

Then contestants need to guess the size in GB. Ok, this is quite tricky as I've been surfing all day long, and this 1st gen iPod Touch offered 8, 16, 32 GB flash memory. Anyhow, few forumers said that this 'artist' edition only came in 8GB, but somehow, someone said he bought this edition in 16GB! Unless Ms.Globetrotter swapped the capacity, we wouldn't know :D
Sooooo, to be save, I'm gonna say either 8GB or 16GB!

Besides that, contestants also need to guess who is the artist in that screen! Hell yeah, I've been twisting my head and neck, and laptop screen, trying to figure out who he/she is. I googled images and keywords, from Macy Gray, Alizee, endorsement, signed, then I saw this legendary John Lennon! The hair, the shade, the lighting, you must be kidding!
Sooooo, my answer is John Lennon OR in full, John Winston Ono Lennon.On top of guessing the artist, it's a bonus if contestants can guess what is the displayed song, in the same picture. Knowing the album photo, (flip hair...) I am pretty sure where to look for the album cover! With the length and shape of the text, I think I know what the answer is! (It is displayed all over the internet! Kahkahkah! But who cares, I found it through the hard ways!)
Sooooo, I'm gonna say the displayed song is Imagine, the opening track that is also, the album name that was released back in 1971!

Enough with the guessing, now the contestants need to describe what should Globetrotter include in her blog. Ok Lily, listen. Your blog have it all! You are a VERY good story teller and you write good en-mal-cny-blog-slang. Your readers came from various countries. I don't know what is your daily traffic but you need to earn something from there darl!
Sooooo, add nuffnang or adsense! I know you are rich and kind-hearted, but there is no harm if you 'serve' nuffnang and 'add' adsense. I know it's going to slow down your page a bit but I bet you gonna close one eye when you see dollars and ringgits later.

And why should I, Biqque, WIN this iPod? Clearly because I am the first to enter, my entry is the most fun, I answered all correctly, AND I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY IPOD BEFORE, NOT EVEN THE 1ST GEN! (Is there any IT Spec who don't own any IT gadget like iPod?) Yeah, ME! So let me have one to get 'IN' la like other techy people...I can bring around town or around GLOBE! Right? RIGHT??? (Lift eyebrow...)

Last but not least, contestants need to be a Globetrotter visible follower and leave a comment of your link in her contest page. Umph...(flip hair)...I've been her follower since I knew her doubt about that...(looking away). And Lily, you DEFINITELY saw my link in your page right? Or else, how did you find this entry? Hahaha!


So, let's join!


Lily Riani said...

tabik spring!... gempak gempak.... it's 8GB. hahhah... all answer is correct and bonus for the album pics ok!

Biqque said...

ha skang sume dah tau jawapan, bezanya sape buat best ngan tak je la entry tu ek :D

Anonymous said...

i da tau gak da buat entry lama dah tp xpublish g...hehe...

Biqque said...

takpe intan, masuk je :D

3plepl8 said...

now everybody knows the jawapan oredi. so the winner la who else (ada >15 more days to enter).

Biqque said...

now its all up to lily to decide :D

(please God, let me winnnnnn)

azura samsuddin said...

Biqque menang punye... Lily pilih Biqque tau ...

Biqque said...

aminnnnnnnnnn hahaha!

nadiah said...

good luck biqque..

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