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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Anyone Want Red Stilettos Chandelier?

We've been visiting many lighting outlets lately. Trust me, Puchong is the heaven of lighting. Among all shops, there are two shops that offer selection of cheap lights. House of Lighting and Top Ten. Top Ten is already cheap but frankly speaking, House of Lighting is cheaper. It replicates a fish market that over-pack with tons of fish, and people are all over the places, ordering fish from sales persons in bulks! And guess what, they even have numbering system for you to queue, just to make payment! Hahaha! From ceiling type to hanging, and wall type to fencing, you can get as cheap as RM18. But of course, it doesn't come with energy saving bulb. You have to be smart enough to compute the total lost, before you blindly grab them. As for the design, you will have a choice to go for antique, or modern looks.

So, one of the items that we’ve been looking for is chandelier. Since we were in Ipoh last weekend, we went to this popular lighting shop in town. I've been admiring my MIL chandeliers (and FIL gardens too) and she suggested us to visit Wakong. It is popular with huge, expensive, modern and beautiful chandeliers. Some of them cost thousands! (OMG, Ipoh is so overrated lah, crazy pricey!) They have many types and designs in the showroom, but I was fancied with one chandelier across the room. Why? Because this one is one of a kind. I’ve been sneaking around the outlet just to avoid the sales person from seeing me snapping this picture. Did you guys ever imagine a chandelier of red stilettos hanging on your dining table, OVER your meals?
I might be old fashion but no offense, I do listen to old folks, not to "treat" shoes and prosperity or any good things, "equally". (One of the reason why I didn't get heels for my wedding, MIL didn't want it to be in line with food, telekung and sejadah.)

But, this chandelier is quite fashionable huh? Grab one at Wakong, Ipoh. Hehehe!

Anyone sees any other extraordinaire lighting than this? :D


Aswadi Jawal said...

nice blog...
i follow u, do follow me back :)

Lily Riani said...

serious shit!

Ako Retna said...

uishh unik nyaaa... ee klu letak bawah meja makan, tetiba terjatuh masa tgh makan.. erkkk camno ek? hehe

Ely Hasrul said...

ko byg la tgk makan patu dok pk kalu kasut jatuh kt kepala hahaha.. nnti bila sume dh settle aku pon nk tgk la kt puchong..

Biqque said...

aswadi, tx :D

lily, kid u not!

ako, ha tu la nyer...make sure lekat kuat2 la hahaha!

skin, kat puchong tu belambak kedai, sampai sakit leher ko melangut hahaha!

Unknown said...

wah lain dari yg lain..agak2 nanti dah takde kasut nk pakai, leh cabut dari lampu ni jek hehehe

Biqque said...

hahaha size sume besar2 na, kecik comey takde :D kena tempah!

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