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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wangfujing Street : The Shopping Street

“Dinner mana?” I asked hubby.

“Kita try je la Muslim Restaurant tu…” hubby said.

“Ok…but nanti malam kita beli lagi la buah plum tu, kan you kata sedap dan murah hehehe!”

Since I had no more baju to wear, I straight away wore the newly bought "I Love Beijing" t-shirt. We went out and walked away from the hotel, heading to the Wangfujing Street, the famous shopping street in Beijing.
Suddenly, “Comelnyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” “Baik plak tu duk diam-diam…” “Amik gambar dia!”
OMG! It was a super cute white furry kitty sat on stool in front of its owner’s shop, where I bought 5 set of bookmarks for souvenirs. Without looking at us, it jumped down and went in. Siut tul! Hahaha!

At then end of the “hutong” (alley) we heard music came from the small park right before the beautiful church. A group of locals gathered around and blocked my view, left me no idea of what was going on. I had to climb two levels up to have a clearer view, where I then saw a band playing musical instruments. Since there was nothing to capture, we snapped few pictures in front of the church that has one big hotel besides it. Haha! Ok…let’s moved on.
There were billboards along the street that has the face of Jet Li (Jet Li loves milk hahahaha) and other known artists, including the giant-sized China most popular basketball player. From this view, we saw many big and colorful shopping malls and shops.
When I said many, it means REALLY MANY la. See how many malls they have at one street?We walked to the end of Wanfujing Dajie and saw one International Expo held at one of the junction. Since it was free, we went in and saw many local products like shoes, beers, sweets, foods and drinks, being sold alongside international booths.
“Takde makanan halal langsung ke? Kot la buah ke, cucuk-cucuk ke…haihhhh…” we complaint.

“Nak try tengok McD?” hubby suggested. We went in and looked at each other…speechless. Everything was displayed in Chinese. How on earth la tourists know how to read Chinese? How to order?
“Jom la…kita tengok KFC camne…at least bleh beli mash potato ke kan…” hubby suggested again. We went in and no surprise, everything was written in Chinese as well. Zzzzzz…how leh?“Kita belasah je la cari Muslim Restaurant yang Dong Lai Shun tu…dalam complex je kan?” hubby talked to me while I was looking at the tour cookbook for the address.


Entering the complex made us smiled and said “Ha, baru la nampak yang class skit…” See, how different the high class, middle class, and lower class people in China. Seriously, you can see the different on their dressing, make up, attitude and look. Those who shopping in complex look cleaner and trendier (and had their armpit shaved!)

“La ni ke kedai dia?” “Panjangnyer…mesti mahal…”
Yup, it can goes up to RMB200 per person coz they serve steamboat. Dang! I’m not going to waste my money just for a steamboat! I’d rather waste my money on a Peking duck! Nasib baik takde yang halal, or else, I’m 100% sure that I will get one.

With hungry tummy and sad face, we walked down the escalator and went out from the mall. There were 2 set of cartoon figures that happened to be so cute and fascinating, and I didn’t let go the chance to pose with them.
On the street, we walked towards the end of the expo and stopped at one detachable food stall. Hubby bought a bottle of ice lemon tea and sat on the bench. We shared the drink while watching one guy playing with one of his hot selling item, which was a RC helicopter, like what we had in Sg.Wang. He knew that everyone was watching him demonstrating the RC and suddenly,

“Panggggg!” HE KICKED THE HELICOPTER, HARDLY! “Ktung ktang ktung ktang!” The helicopter was rolling over and over and stopped few meters away from us.

“Fuiyooooo! Ni tahan lasak punya helicopter nih! Kalah kat Sg.Wang nih!”

We both made fun of the scene. What if we get this helicopter and demo it in front of the salesperson in Sg.Wang, kicking and throwing and smacking this helicopter arrogantly, and yet, it still in good shape to make a take off. Hahaha! See, see, yours can do meh? Can meh? Panggggg, I kicked again. THIS IS CHINA MADE MAAAA! Hahaha!

I did…see the guy and jokingly asked how much it cost. It was about RMB500 which after bargain, I was offered as low as RMB200. But I didn’t buy la. Gila ka…(ok, I admit, I almost bought it..)

Another funny thing that caught my attention was these dancing donkey and messy-haired lion, where we can get this type of toys at cheap souvenir shop in Malaysia. You know, those battery operated toys doing hula-hoop dance move?
Aaaaaaa…CHINA MADE donkey and lion, don’t do hula-hoop ok…THEY HEAD BANGING! HARD & ROCK! HARDROCK! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I tell you hor, we can die laughing, watching these donkey and lion doing that move, again and again! (Thought of buying one of them for Aqilah, but afraid that Aqilah will cry looking at how crazy it can be.)

Still hungry…and thought that we shouldn’t eat each other. We decided to walk back to the hotel. On the way back we saw one big panda with single star cap on its head.
“Panda komunis!” Hahahahaha! So funny!

Sigh…still hungry…walked in the Fair Price Market and met the owner. He guessed us right, “Malaysian?” “Ya ya ya ya…” we still hungry. We bought one kilo of plum (RMB3 for 7 biji, gile murah!!!) and went back to the room.

Still hungry...“Ahah! Kita rebus telur nak?” I shouted to hubby. I boiled hot water, dipped in two eggs in two separate mugs, and waited. While waiting, I snapped three pictures of souvenirs and Chinese Renmimbi (ni je yang tinggal for tomorrow…)
“Dah siap?” hubby asked. I took out those eggs and cracked them up into two new separate glasses.

“Eeeeiiiiii…not even half cooked, not even quarter cooked, this is uncookeddddddddddd!”

(We swallowed, anyway…)


Ronnie said...

seems that it is so hard to find halal food there... wah.. got money can open one restaurant for halal food !

Biqque said...

ya la hard because the kedai itself displayed in chinese characters...maybe it just behind us but we wouldnt know...

u think that money enuff ka? no laaaaaaaaaaaa hahaha!

Lily Riani said...

lucky devil, i tak masuk pun town dia, ingat cari uniqlo then cam tak berani n malas. lain kali nak kene extend kow kow and lajak kan diri to xian.

Biqque said...

xian tu harus lah if nak tgk terracotta tu kannnnnn...hehehe!

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