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Monday, July 12, 2010

My Blog Is Featured In MomBloggersPlanet!




Remember this post? The one that I've been dying for?

I GOT FEATURED!!! And this icon says it all!!!

Click on the cute badge, to read what she has to say about me :)
"What’s Interesting About
I love how Biqque write in details about each and every place that she went. If you read it, it’s like you have been there yourself. This is virtual traveling that I talked about – read a good travel blog and experience the travel as if you’ve been there.
Related pictures compliment each story and the way how she relates the places with her feeling make you want to read more and more."

Million thanks to MomBloggersPlanet for this opportunity :)
Hope, "travelism" that I'm trying to spread, contaminates the readers.

Appreciate it so much! I'm AGAIN, honored :)


(Now, I shall claim my badge! :D HEHEHEHE!)


Unknown said...

Congratulation! Your blog deserve deserved to be featured on MomBloggersPlanet.

Ely Hasrul said...

tahniah gak kat aku sbb aku la yg suh ko masuk situ wakkakaka.. tapi sume nye benar belaka.. tu yg aku marah ko lmbt update blog hahahaha

Biqque said...

thanks nizam :)

tenkiu skin, keranamulah aku masuk :D muah!

jfook said...


Ken Wooi said...

so cool =)

Biqque said...

jfook, where got... :)

ken, tx!

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