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Monday, July 12, 2010

Beijing Trip Cookbook

Here comes the Trip Cookbook againnnnnn!

Honestly speaking, Cambodia “Buku Hikmat” has infected the mode of deriving Beijing’s. Once more, I have made 2 designs for Beijing Tour Cookbook. Cartoon and Fact of Wonders.

Anyhow, since I have derived too many book covers that full of “Picture PerFACT”, this time around I chose Cute Cartoon-Opera Classic. Here is the outcome!

Front Cover
Back Cover

Hmm...don't know whether we can survive or not...we don't know Mandarin, and they don't know English...and knowing our style, we never hire a wish us "hua yin!"


Little Mama™ said...

You have been featured!

Biqque said...

thank you little mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! muah! hope more and more readers enjoy my blog! :) will "claim" the badge later :D

byya said...

biqque, hope nnt bley share info on Beijing. I pegi next Feb...

Biqque said...

blehhhh...this time buku hikmat yg terbaek pernah dihasilkan sbb banyak gila detail.

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