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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Houston - I Love Inflight Food

“Ayang, I am needed in Houston.”
He emailed me.

“WHAT??? WHEN???” jumpy, panicky, and worried, I was.
“In 2 weeks time…” he replied.

I was trembling and shacking…yet figuring…how I go about of following him to States. Badly! (Yeah, I’ve sworn before…if he ever goes to States again, I WILL FOLLOW HIM!)

With IBM letter in hand, I managed to get my Visa approved. (Trust me, IBM never forget to slot in a line “she will bear all the cost”, duh!)

Then, what’s next? It was the ticket buying moment.
I swore to God, hubby and Na were really down on their knees (Na was more on jumping I guess), just to get me a return ticket! Haha! They were awesome! From MAS, KLM, Singapore Airlines, to transit at Moscow, Seoul, LA, I ended up getting a transit at Doha, Qatar, with Qatar Airways, that cost me a month of salary! (Fook! Jelly drinks, wall stickers, anyone?)

Visa, checked! Flight ticket, checked! Leave? Err…I purposely make myself unconscious. Haha! Hmm…how many days I should take? Or shall I say, how many days do I have in balance? (Minus Cambo and Beijing…Raya…hmm…) Argh! Go to hell with the balance!

And so, I took a whole fine week, to the Lone Star State, Texas. Which part? Houston! Why Houston? Ask my hubby. Why hubby? Coz his company sent him there, not LA, not NY, not DC, a-ah, none other than Houston, ya’ll.

I was so sleepy that day, but I didn’t dare to sleep. Terrified of the jet plane will leave me, not I’m leaving with a jet plane. Haha! Watched tv, starred Kiki, sighed, sighed, and sighed at the wall clock.

A-hah! The time has come! Deb was good enough to pick me up and send me to KLIA. She in fact, have waited, and told me a trick, where I can actually request to get an upgrade seat from Economy to Business. Really? Just by being single, lost, and pretty dumb but actually smart Blondie. Hehe. But I didn’t get one. I just got a seat next to the window, and next to a lady. Well, thanks to the hormone-pregnant-lady at the counter.
I’ve waited around 1 hour before boarded. Met an Algerian outside, who then smoked 2 cigarettes, just to have a chat with me. Same to another Algerian that hubby used to know, this guy was about the same in communication. He was not fluent in English, but really damn fluent in French and Arabic. Ok, not interested.
I went in and left him behind. I headed to the train, to the departure hall, where I boarded into a very nice A330, but not so nice looking stewardess. Haha! Serious! They weren’t the same as per advertised in the paper, and totally different from what I’ve seen in Air Asia or MAS. Inflated tummy like mine? Hmm. Then I can be one of them. As world’s 5-star full service airline, a set of amenity kit, headset, blanket, pillow, were already placed on the seat. I had no interest to watch any movies or listen to any songs, as I was too damn sleepy. (Hey, it was 2 o’clock in the morning. Should I be singing?) Lucky they provided everyone with stickers, on what we wanted them to do. “Ma’am, would you like tea or coffee?”

I woke up gradually. “Orange please…” I was asking for a juice??? Haha! What on earth (no, I was flying) was I thinking of?
She gave me a glass of orange juice and a box of chicken puff. I forced myself to eat with both eyes closed. Hell yeah, I finished my food and continued sleeping.
“Ma’am, your breakfast?"


Huh? I just finished whatever puffy she gave me earlier. Do I have to eat again?

Dot. Dot. Dot. Oo…it was 4 hours ago. Damn.
She served me with nasi lemak rendang, orange juice, fruits, and bread with butter. So I asked for a glass of water. (It’s a free flow, as long as it’s under the complimentary items. And yeah, the liquor too.) I ate and ate and ate.Argh. What should I do next? Should I watch a movie? Ok. I touched the 9” screen, and chose Avatar. MY GOODNESS! I cried! It was so amazing and touching!I took out a ply of tissue from the cutlery plastic, and wiped off my tears.


I just got to know that the cutlery plastic had a pack of salt and PEPPER! Wasn’t that GREAT?
And so I slept…again.


Ely Hasrul said...

hahahahhaha bagus mkn tido mkn tido.. tgk movie.. bleh duk kat cabin aje tuh

lagi lagi lagi???

Unknown said...

hahahah best2..i tergelak2 baca nih..lagi!!! lagi!! lagi!!!! LAGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

Biqque said...

ok, ok, sambungannyer akan menyusul sebentar lagi :D

Lily Riani said...

please tell me your luggage is bigger then that! pleaseeee

Biqque said...

ini pegi babe, balik time, TAMBAH lagi satu beg besar 24"! siap beli kat walmart! hahaha!

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