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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Houston - We Go Mexican Mambo

We later walked towards the parking area and looked for his rented car. Thank god he was allocated with a car, and the car was a compact Pontiac, with GPS on board. I loike!


“Lapar sangat!”

“Ok, we go and grab some Mexican food.” Wah! That nasi goreng Mexican that he told me kah?

We headed to Mambo Restaurant, a Mexican place that served seafood. It was almost 10.00pm and it was not advisable to visit a Mexican place at night. They were renowned with gang fight and “kaki pau”. But hungriness was larger than fierceness, we went in and laid our butts on the chair!
A cute waitress came and spoke Mexican to us,

“El duro ni pacinto no hebre blablabla” she greeted rapidly.

“Err…English please?” we smiled at her.

“Owh…what would you like to have ma’am?” now we comprehend.

“One Mambo Combo…and 2 glass of water please…” hubby ordered as per written in the menu.

Yeah, we ordered one plate of stuffed crab, shrimp, oyster, fish, with dirty rice, and…when it came,

“Ha tu la, I dah cakap…u bleh abiskan sorang?” Haha!
We shared and guess what, we scooped a spoon of rice, we found shrimps. We scooped a spoon of rice, we found fishes. We scooped a spoon of rice, we found stuffed crab! NASI ARAB KE HAPE NIH??? Haha!

The same waitress came for about 3 times, just to check on us, whether everything was in order or not. They really working for tips but I found it so pleasant for her to always keep herself updated. THAT’S what Malaysian should copy! Ni datang je makanan, salah itu salah ini. Haha!

I wondered why the waitress spoke Mexican to us. I looked around, and found a guy who sat with his family, ya know, his look, exactly like Malay. I looked again for another guy who sat behind hubby, I tell you what, his face just looked like “brader jual burger”. I looked at hubby, with his thin mustache and beard, HUH! MACAM Mexican! No wonder la…Mexican look, just not much different than Malay look lah! Ya ariba ariba andre!

We walked out from the restaurant, with a “to go” box (we had to tapau the food, can you believe it?) we saw a sheriff checking on one Mexican guy. The scene was similar to what we had in Malaysia, where our policemen always stop Indonesians and check on their legal paper. Kan? Sama la tu. Immigrants.

Reached Four Points Hotel by Sheraton around 11.00pm. I had to force myself to get cleaned before I went off to sleep. But hell no, I can’t sleep. I was too excited to choose which porn movie to watch, that later kill my joy since they were not free! Haha! Tipah tertipu!

Perghhh! So young so TIGHT!

Same old fantasy.


Hubby and I later had a bigtime chit-chat-fight on what will happen tomorrow. He told me that his colleague, whom a HR Manager, a 40s years old lady, whom I STRONGLY thought as “mak bonda” person, wanted to follow us for the next 2 days! Can you guys imagine, I was on 28 hours flight, came across the globe, to be with my husband, and about to get my pocket ripped off at Houston Premium Outlet tomorrow, NEED TO SPEND MY TIME WITH ANOTHER LADY???


Tell me that I am selfish for not letting her be with us. Yes, I am!

Tell me that I am jeopardizing hubby’s name in his company. Yes, I am!

Pick me, or her, or I call the day off!

Hubby finally pick me (I terjun balcony if he didn’t choose me) and what he had to do, he had to call the HR Manager with a VERY reasonable reason that I asked him to say,

“My wife segan la…”

KAHKAHKAH! Me, segan? Bagus…attaboy! I know how contemplated he was…he told the HR Manager before that his wife is friendly, luv shopping, luv photo capturing, talkative, and now his wife segan? I bet she had a cracked on me, but lantak la, janji aku happy dengan laki aku di States AND NO ONE ELSE CAN COME BETWEEN US! (Especially an older women whom salary twice than me and wears Chanel! Wah, exaggerate nyer!)


Ely Hasrul said...

uncle c = uncle camelo andre andre hahahahhahahhahahahha

cock in paradise? kahakhakahakahkah

3plepl8 said...

apa camelo andre andre ni?? andre si gembala unta kah?

dibitz said...

hahahahha korang mmg.. mana2 pegi pun automatically jadi citizen sana.

Biqque said...

nanti i try gi arab, tgk dorang kata i orang arab ke tak...(mesti diorang ingat i Filipino maid kan?)

TheBubblyMe said...

syoknyer dpt p sana. how i wish 1 day boleh round 1 dunia! lagi lagi.. nk tgk pictures!!

3plepl8 said...

bila nk pg mexico??

Lily Riani said...

cewpat cite shopping!

Unknown said...

hahah..ya Allah besarnye portion makanan tuh..memang leh save budget cam nih. Order sepingan jek!!! Porn tu yg tak tahan, sapa yang kaki layan porno, memang juling la bijik mata!! confirm tak tidor malam hahahahah...

3plepl8 said...

juling baca citer shopping nnt....ha byk porn titles tp sume kena bayar haha

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