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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Day With US Embassy

How to apply a 10 years visa from US Embassy based on my experience?

Not less than two days before the Interview day.

1. Browse through the US Visa official website at Make sure you read and chew, as there is no “give and take”-business with US Embassy.

2. Go to Alliance Bank to pay the application fee of RM492.00 (RM460.00 for US Embassy while RM32.00 for VFS service). Remember, it is non-refundable. Regardless your visa is approved or not. If approved, yeay, go back and celebrate…if not, considered you pay their lunch.

3. Take an instant passport photo for US Visa purpose. If you think you can re-use your current passport photo, forget it. The size and the background color are totally different. Don’t ever think to smile or get your hair done. No use. You are required to remain silly with both ears visible. 6 pieces for RM15, but serious shit, they gonna ask only 1 piece from you. Don't forget to ask for softcopy. You gonna need it for online photo upload later.

4. Login to the US Visa official website at and complete the DS-160 online form. Upload your photo as well. Remember, do download the step by step guide, before you lost your mind. Though it’s easy, beware of "time out". Keep saving and saving and saving the form, for easy upload. Or else? You have to re-do, over and over and over again. Don’t say that I don't warn you guys. It’s really frustrating ok!

5. Print the confirmation page of DS-160 at the end of the journey. But don’t get overwhelm. It doesn’t end there. You should send a copy to your email for a backup. Why? Because it has a CEAC code that you need to keep, in order to set an interview.

6. Now, come to the stage where you have to set an appointment for interview. Key in the receipt no. (remember? That RM492.00? Helloooo…) as well as the CEAC code. A set of date will appear but you can only view it. Don’t worry, you can pick both, date and the given time slot, later. Interview can only be set two days after, or more. Make sure you pick the earliest slot coz the earlier, the faster. Just to ensure that you won’t end up mix up in the next slot. Print the invitation letter out! Without this invitation letter, you are not welcome, as low as stray dogs.

7. Last but not least, wait for the day to be happened! Prepare for what you will say and practice it with whomever next to you. Haha!

The Interview day.

1. Go early (but not too early, maybe 15minutes before) and stay in line. Make sure you are in the correct time slot queue (or the guard will yell straight to your face). Queue for a number, by hand in your invitation letter and your IC to the guard. Get the number and re-queue in the same line. Walk faster or the person behind you will take your spot.

2. Wait for your turn to be invited into the guard house. Once entered, you have to take out all of your belongings to be scanned. You? Yea, how bout you? You aren’t going to skip the screening part as well. Take off any metal accessories (I got buzzed coz I wore metal belt. Stupid!) Leave your electronic gadgets at the guard house as well. Don’t worry, they have a set of pigeon holes to place into, according to the no. given to you. Don’t be such a bragger who shows all his/her laptop, iphone, blackberry, ipod, hi-fi, home theater and lcd tv, ok? Handbag and file case are allowed.

3. Walk straight to the lobby. You gonna find another screening post to enter. This time, the guard will raid your handbag thoroughly. He even questioned my lipstick palette! With his Mr.Potato mustache…arghhh!

4. Look right. There is a table next to Mr.Potato. Press the button on the numbering machine. Wait in the waiting hall to your right. Be alert to be called upon. Always look up at the screen but you are allowed to look down once in a while. Hehe.

5. Once you no. being called, walk out from the hall and enter the opposite hall. You will pass by Mr. Potato again. Don’t say hi, just walk straight into the hall. Quick! Don’t make the officer wait for you. Lots of people waiting there. Yes, you can also wait in here actually, but I didn't know that. So blame me for step no. 4. The officer will greet you and you should do the same. Hand in ONLY the required documents. Put away all the supporting documents. I suggest, bring a file to separate them. Or else, they gonna throw it straight to your face. Hahaha no la. These are the needed docs:
A) A piece of Visa photo
B) Alliance Bank original receipt (Embassy's copy)
C) Invitation letter
D) CEAC confirmation letter
E) Original passport (old and new)

6. The officer then will process your application. He/she will take all the required docs and ask you whether you’ve been to US before or not. If not, the conversation stops there. If yes, only God knows what’s next. The officer will take a copy of your queue number. Remember, keep the other half. You gonna use it twice more.

7. Sit down and relax. Don’t be too anxious like me. I’ve been looking left and right, to copy what others are doing. Wait till you are called for biometrics. Watch the soundless TV on how to place your hand on the scanner. Do not mess up like one stupid lady just now. She put all of her fingers on the scanner. And yes, don’t be surprise if the number is not in sequence. Again, only God knows why. At this point, single numbers don’t have any priority.

8. Once called, walk gracefully like me, towards the counter. The officer will again greet you like he/she is your next door neighbor. She will repeat the instruction as you follow what she instructs you to do. Place your four left fingers, followed by four right fingers, and end with both thumbs. Smile and go back to your seat (if and only if, no one took it…)

9. Be alert for the next session. It’s the final stage where everyone would feels like pee-ing while re-sitting SPM. The no. again being jumbled up. You have more or less 15minutes to surreptitiously hear what others being asked. Learn the way they answer and study the way the officer reply. Don't scratch your skinhead. Dandruff will fall.

10. Out of nowhere, your no. being called. Oh god! Don’t panic! Don’t panic! Inhale…exhale…walk confidently towards the counter and smile. Forget others who are looking at you like you are crazy horse. Smile, smile like you are the Miss Universe of 2010. Greet the officer. Opposite sex will have different behavior. Do not pass anything to him/her yet. Be patient. Stay put and look forward. The officer will greet you and start asking.
A) Why you wanna go to US?
B) Are you married?
C) Are your parents in Malaysia?
D) Do you have any friends or relatives in US?
E) How many days will you be in US?
F) Are you working in Malaysia?
G)What’s your salary look like?
*Questions are varies depend on the purpose of your visit.
I answered : "I wanna go to United States to cook for my husband. He only eats rice, ikan kayu and petai. I need to eye on him so that he won’t go to any strip club to get a lap dance."
Haha. No lah! At this point, the officer will ask you to provide the supporting documents. Hand in one by one and explain what the document is for. As for my case, working for IBM, offer a wide open door for me to walk into US. Provided, you have no bad record like prostitution, imprison, drug, money laundering or etc. BTW, who gonna admit that?

11. The officer will straight away decides whether your visa is approved or not. Don’t be happy if you receive your passport straight away. No. You shouldn’t be happy. It means, your visa is being rejected. Go home. Bye-bye. You should be happy if you don’t get your passport at that particular moment, and get a small square blue manila card, stated where and when to collect your visa. This card is the guarantee for your visa and passport collection on the next day.

12. Now, you can go home and start buying flight ticket!!! Owh! Don't forget to claim back your electronic gadgets at the guard house! Okies?


Lily Riani said...

yeay! bila pegi.... i nye interview 2 min jek... you from HP? NOVELL sponsored you trip? ok. approved! hahahahhah... to be fair, ni kali ke2 i apply US visa, kurang soalan ler kot kan...

Ely Hasrul said...

kali nih xdek leh suntie biq temenung & demam2 rindukan uncle c..

3plepl8 said...

wow! a complete walkthru for us visa application.

Zafrina said...

wah, best best! which part of US? bila pegi? i dulu pegi sume org buatkan sebab pegi in group.. mcm nervous je baca nak apply visa kat situ.. :

Biqque said...

lily, i pegi suka2, sbb tu dia banyak tanya...if IBM antar, mmg tak tanya pape la hehehe...

skin, tak kurus lagiiiiiii :) (dulu siap gastric n turun berat badan kan???)

ayang, haah complete gile! sape nak pegi, sila...

zaff, ala i pegi kejap je...saje follow sharul...tak jalan mana time la baru jalan...i pegi houston tx. nervous? mau tak nervous, ada budak pompuan before i, terus balik tau...tak dpt.

Lily Riani said...

sure confirm dapat nye..... bukan ada criminal record...

Unknown said...

Ya Allah, ni dah kire macam manual guide nih hahahaah..leh i print, kot2, esok lusa/tahun2 mendatang nak pegi US dah ada manual guide utk pegi interview buat visa hehehe..

Biqque said...

sila, sila...tatau la tiap2 tahun dia tukar ke hape kan...

CeeCee.Quintin said...

gorgeous information. i need tht! :) thanks alot for sharing! xoxo

Biqque said...

no prob jessica! would be happy to help all the applicants! hehe!

Anonymous said...

Hi dear ! Just to find out whether u need to bring along the photostate or original copy of the supporting doc. like bank statements, FDs receipt etc ..... thanks !

Biqque said...

if u have the original, make a copy of them the original and pass them the copy if they ask for it...

Anonymous said...

Hi! Me again. I've just got my US visa succesfully, just for others info, I've called VFS, confirmed that u need to bring only original doc. & make sure do not leave out your Alliance Bank receipt, an Indian family was rejected straight away in 1st step counter without the receipt. A very big 'thank u' to Bigque, your post really give me confident & calm me down thru out the whole process. Thanks.

Biqque said...

awww...tx anonymous (whoever you r) i'm happy that u've got ur visa approved!

yup, NEVER, EVER, leave the Alliance compromise!

Anonymous said...

Hi ! Do I need to declare if I bring along my lap-top to US ? Thanks.

Biqque said...

nope, u don't have to :)

NMN said...

Hi Biqque... I accidently found ur n3 regarding US visa. Nak tanya sikittt jer. Visa tu valid for how many months? Should I apply for the visa or buy the ticket first?

Thanks in advance ;)

NMN said...

Ehh.. sorry... baru perasan tajuk... it's for 10 years. Wahhh... berbaloi la ye. So, tinggal satu soalan je la.

Biqque said...

nmn, quite tricky sebab supporting docs, bleh kasi flight tiket, but to purchase flight tiket, untuk tidak rugi, baik apply visa dulu...sbb if tak approve, mau burn 6k duit tiket! if apply visa dulu, tak approve, baru burn 500 je kan :D hahaha!

yes, valid for 10 years, so amatlahhhhh berbaloi!

NMN said...

Betul jugak kan? Alamak... baca ur reply jer, jantung I dah dup dap dup dap...hahaha.. dasar penakut!

Ok Biqque, thanks ya. Doa2 ler mudah segala urusan I.

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