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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Luv Fashion!

I am so into fashion these 2 days! AND I DUN KNOW WHY!

I blame Kourtney Kardashian for being so petite and sexy! She always on very HIGH heels and black leggings during her pregnancy (she adores LNA leggings!). And regardless thigh high, knee high or even ankle high boots, they really work on her. Can I copy her? (Can I get her stylist too? Online advise perhaps? Hahaha!)

Dolce Vita romper? I want one! I know that Bebe has one black draped romper too, marvelous and expensive! (Owh god...can I walk in that 5" heels?) How did she do that, almost ALL the time...

When Nicole Richie get a custom made string head piece during her appearance with House of Harlow 1960, my desire on this thing getting uncontrollable. I really really REALLY want one...(though I have Texas size of forehead, I don't give a damn!) Someone, get me one!

Accessories? Ya, I LUV to own them but I rarely wear them...but House of Harlow 1960 Cabochon Stone Bangle is so irresistible! They look nice in skinny arm! (Hmm...need to workout!)

BTW, Antonio Berardi shoes, are WEIRD! Can u imagine? Heeless? (Ya I know it has been in the market for quite sometime...but as I said, I just got into fashion fever these two days...blergh!) Well Posh, u...uuuu...uuuuuu such a superb trendsetter! Crazy...

Forget I need a pair of black booties! Like NOW! NOW! NOW! That will completes my Kim-gas-station-day...(yeah, that's Louboutin...damnnnn!)


Ayul said...

Dear biqque,

Sorry this comment is not about fashion :) I found your blog while bloghopping and read about your effort for a baby..i am married for a year and last january we went to see dr hamid arshat and guess what? he sent me for HSG too! and after awhile on 4th Mac, i discovered i am pregnant has been 9 weeks now. so the HSG works! thanks to your post on LPPKN etc. that triggered us to try :) hope to hear good news from you soon, insyaAllah... - zairul -

Biqque said...

hi zairul,

i heard bout him as fren did see him but still no luck. so i guess it's Allah's job huh...neway, glad to hear that u've pregnant! i did HSG too and but...still, no luck :) takpe, i try lagi :)

Ayul said...'s ok, it doesn't hurt trying right? wish you all the best!

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