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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Recognized By IBM? Shweeettttt!

Just finished our team meeting and out of the blue, Kak Jun (Project Manager) dropped by and make an annoucement...

"I was invited to join this meeting to give credit this one person who gave HER full effort to...blablabla...Lotus Migration Project...blablabla...she did a very good job when liaising with users, top management, and vendor...blablabla..."

(...HER? I am the only SHE in my team (out of 8 peps! She must have mentioned bout me!)

"...blablabla...and as always, IBM appreciate any efficient employees by giving credits, but anyhowwwww, due to current economy...blablabla..."

(...mesti tak dapat duit ni!)

"As a token, I hand in now a small gift to her...MARINA."

(clap clap clap...Kak Jun hugged me, I hugged her (in front of all the guys including my boss)..almost, ALMOST nak nangis...tapi tahan...)

And so I accepted the gift...make a quick thank you speech to all of my team, boss and the most special person, Kak Junaidah, as the greatest PM that IBM ever had...she's been guiding, leading, and helping me on this Lotus Notes Migration Project (3000++ users with 4 active servers and 3 decommission servers). Also, we had gone through thick and thin sampai I stress tak pregnant pun dia hilite kat my boss! Haha! What a superb lady. She's been working with IBM for 30years! And yet, she's enjoying it more and more...gile terer...selamba je hidup dia, pegi merata dunia, keje susah, tapi happy...her secret? Always think positive and always enjoy her job, whatever it is...whatever it takes...

Sigh...can I do that? Can I?

Anyway, here are the

Nice packaging kan? Siap card and bear "You Are Special". Awwww...

This is the laptop bag that I once had, tapi hubby I dapat lagi...zzz...boleh la...orang kasi, amik je!

Cuma yang ni I suka sangat, IBM Women Thumbdrive and IBM Manicure Traveling Set! Menarik! Nak-nak tengah kekurangan thumbdrive ni (walaupun 512MB jerrr).

P/S: Before economy had a downturn, excellent IBMers will get BRAVO Cert and RM1000++...sakit hati tak skarang? SAKIT HATI TAK KAWAN-KAWANNNNNNNN?


Ely Hasrul said...

huh aku blum baca entry nih pon aku dh nak hangin sbb aku tau xdpt 1k tuh!!!! nak 1k!!!!

Biqque said...

celaka bengang kan? fak la!

dibitz said...

sakitttttttttttt......... congrats btw!

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