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Monday, April 13, 2009

Gold Coast : Day 5 - Preach The Beach!

We wake up early this morning since we have to send 4 of our trip bugs to the airport. They wrongly bought return flight tickets which was too early (6am if I’m not mistaken)…hahaha! We drove them to Coolangatta Airport and off they go (Na, Cawan, Meor and Mona). Bye-bye!

Only hubby, Zam and I left. We went back to the car rental and swapped it with another car, Hyundai Excel, 2-doors kind of type. Enough for 3 of us. Right after a small fight with the rental owner who mistakenly swiped our car for car bond, we got the wanted car. And our mission that day was to complete whatever left in yesterday's trip. We planned to stop at ALL beaches along GC! Hahaha! What a big dream huh? Na's idea!

We started our beach hopping at Coolangatta. First pit stop, North Kirra Beach. There was one new and huge shopping complex that sell lots of surfing attire. I wasn't sure with the price but I guessed it was way more cheaper if you shop at Surfer’s Paradise. Beach here was larger and emptier. Nothing to view except for the beach partrol. So, we've conquered one beach!

To ensure that we were not going to miss any single beach in Gold Coast, we followed the beach road. Luckily, along the road, there is always road that connects every beaches. After Nort Kirra Beach, we saw Bilinga Beach. This beach was quite smaller, coz right next to it was Tugun Beach. So basically, these beaches are side by side, next to each other. And again, every beaches got its own beach patrol. We saw surf clubs too. Got many of them. There were big rocks around this area and the waves were so strong and beautiful. Seagulls were also there, enjoying the fish flying.

After snapping picture here and there, we reached at Currumbin Beach. From this beach, you can actually go to Currumbin Wild Life but we hold this plan for tomorrow. There was small and beautiful cape at this beach and all of them were rocks.

Since this beach was the end of all beaches due to the cape that blocked our road journey, we headed to the highway. But not too worry, it wasn't far from the federal road. We then went back to the track and saw Palm Beach. At this area, there were many major activities like surfing, shopping, sun tanning, and etc. Then, from this beach, we went to Burleigh Beach.
Burleigh Beach was really awesome. We went up on a hill and parked our car. From there, we saw many visitors picnic on the grass with bikinis on top! WOW! Hehehe! We even got few pictures of topless girls! At this point, I had a big fight with hubby where Zam unconsciously told me that they've been to Sabah before! (We planned for Sabah trip after GC since hubby told me that he never been there!) OMG! I cried but I had it covered. I walked faster and left hubby at the back. Zam was stunned and can't do anything. And I scratched my thigh!!!

Since I didn't want to kill the GC excitement, I hold it first. Hubby knew that he will get scolded back in M'sia. I can see on his face! We then took pictures on the rocks and continued to drive to Miami Beach.
It was like the same scene like Florida. Hehehe! The palm trees, the bikini ladies, not much different than Burleigh Beach. It was also one of the biggest beach in GC where major activities being held. Then we moved on to Nobby's Beach and Mermaid Beach. I seriously don't know how they separated these beaches! Hahaha! They all looked the same! Then we saw Kurrawa Beach right next to it and they got bigger surf club!

Then we move on to Broad Beach. This beach was super huge like its name. Hehe! Coz this beach started from Mermaid Beach towards the Surfer’s Paradise! Haaaaa! Again, the activities were the same, surfing, surfing, surfing. From this beach, the scene looked familiar coz we had used the same road almost everyday. Surfer's Paradise. Hehe! We continued to Main Beach and saw few locals doing BBQ here and there. Anyhow, the park area was clean! Good mentality and soooo civilized!

Then from Main Beach, we reached the end, Southport Beach. The most beach called The Spit! Before we reached here, we passed by shrimps factory, fresh from the sea! Hmmmmm! Niceeeeeeee!

Before we went to The Spit, we had lunch first. This time we looked for rice, Maharani M'sian Resto. We parked at the side of the road and saw stools still on top of tables. When we reached the door,

“Ha come in, come in…” one uncle spoke Bahasa with us. 

“How did he know we are M'sian?” I whispered to hubby. Hubby told me look at our face lahhhh! Hahaha! Eh, who knows, sometime people thought we are Philippine or Mauritius ok! Hahaha!

So guess what we had for lunch…nasik beriyani! OK! Make it 3! And it wasn't as great as what we have in M'sia! Not delicious and expensive! AUD12! I think that uncle never been back to M'sia for years...hahaha! We have new dishes la uncleeee!

On the wall, we saw many M'sian artists like Anuar Zain, Dato' Siti, Linda Onn, those who always come to GC la. Then there was one auntie who I think, must be the owner. We also saw Muslim Paper that quoted Nandos as "halal" resto. Good! So, no more doubt! Then the uncle told us there aren't many Muslim here, Brisbane have more than GC. Muslim there are more active.

After lunch, we continued our mission to find the "meter maid". Who are they? Girls in two piece gold bikini, with cowboy hat, selling things and help you to pay for your parking! I actually didn't noticed but then Zam saw them, followed by hubby. So we snapped few pictures of them! Hahaha!

Then we took pictures of HRC and saw Duck Tours on the road. We passed the ride and shopped till we dropped! We decided to swim again at the beach for the last time, since Zam never tried Surfer's water. Since I wanted to try to surf, we went into one hypermarket and bought one bodyboard in pink color! Yeaaaahhhaaaaa!

I quickly tried the board and hell no, it wasn't easy ok!!! But slowly I managed to surf on it. Hehehe! Hubby took my pictures and laughed out loud when he saw me up side down with the board! Hahaha! Without doubt, the wave here ARE the best! It pushed you straight up to the beach!

It was getting late, so we went back and took bath, got ready to go out again. Where? Anywhere! Hehehe! We decided to visit The Spit again and stopped by The Seaworld. Too bad, it was about to close. So we just snapped few pictures in front of the entrance. When we reached The Spit, it was too dark to take photo. We've tried by any means, still unable to get a perfect shot. So we skipped.

We went back to Surfer's Paradise Boulevard and walked around the area. It was lively and happening! Clubbing here and there, nice cars were all over the places, moving round and round showing off to us. Dang! Hahaha! There was one limo with I can't recall how many doors it have! Fuiyoooo! Best! Then there were showgirls at every sidewalk of the shops, and again, we really wanted to get in, but afraid to costly. So we just take pictures...

We took away "kebab" and ate at apartment. Tired!

The day after, we went to Sea World and Wet World for a quick visit. We then, again, went to Surfer's Paradise to have a final sightseeing before we went to the airport. It was sad, soooooooo leave this place. Sigh...when will be my next round, I can't answer that...coz I normally don't repeat the same place, twice...

So long Gold Coast...muah!


Outdoorfreak said...

fuhh.. siapa yg pose ala-ala charlie's angle kat tepi laut tu.. hihihi

Biqque said...

who? me? she? me? who? zzzzzz...


AzAshburn said...

been trying to apply visa via ETA..didnt succeed tho...wonder why... btw nice pics uve got there.

Biqque said...

knight? any reason given? kitorang apply senang je...same goes to my fren who flew last hour later, approved dah. did u go to the link that i provided?

AzAshburn said...

already did but i was notified that my transaction had been declined....i have no idea what went wrong but will keep on tell me about their custom..heard that they are very fussy and strict esp when food is do we have to show them everything at the declaration counter...?

Biqque said...

hmm...hope u can get clearer clarification why ur application being declined...

custom? oh yeaaaaaa, very d strict kata orang. haha! u better declare everything that they ask for and yes, you have to show it to them before they ask for it. liquid paling diorang nak check. better bring below 100ml. to be safe, dump it all in your checked-in luggage. don't bring along with your hand luggage, or else, they will throw your things into the bin, right in front of your eyes! if dry food takpe, but make sure it is not written in english (malay lagi bagus) sebab diorang takkan tau apa ingredients...hahaha...kidding...maggie boleh la...

fyi, coming in was not as strict as going out from ozzy...dunno why...they even 'raba' my hubby and our friends, atas bawah, just to complete the procedure...lucky i was exempted...

paling teruk, if the 'guard dog' sniff your bag and cakar sana sini...eiiii! better not to that extend ya...gud luck!

AzAshburn said...

geez kick the dog out..wonder why their officers are so darn strict... they even radiate pet food in ozzy which has led to fatal death of dogs and cats... raba atas bawah? itu dh considered as physical harrasment tuh..mintak2 tak kena esp my wife...u bawak bekal apa kt sana?agak2 bwk serunding lepas ke tak?sana halal food dia ok?ingat nak masak aje..

Biqque said...

knight, kitorang kat sana masak je coz apartment tu complete sume ada. we bought groceries at woolworths, ada gak barang m'sia kat sana. butchery halal pun ada, tapi malas nak cari. kitorang masak simple je buat lapik perut. kat luar semua makan fish n chips je. sampai bosan! haha! neway, nandos halal. kebab, tengok kedai.

serunding ok kot sebab kering. try la...haha!

~Beb~ said...

Byk nye tmpt dah p.. Sasau tgk 1 by 1. Tinggal jauh kebelakang.. Huhuhu.. Swonokz!

Biqque said...

takpe, pelan2 kayuh :D

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