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Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Our Car-Day!

Right after we had our breakfast, we headed to spare part shop to buy MyVi’s semysyn oil and oil filter.For almost 9 years, I only trust Panjang to do my car. I must say that his workmanships, services and charges are quite an extra, but still, affordable. And I always satisfied with the result.

It was hubby’s car turn after I got my car serviced. By this time, I started to ponder should I or shouldn’t I change the disc break, as it produces squeeking sound whenever I use it. Tah la, orang cakap, Myvi keluaran 2006 ada this noted problem. To solve it, kena tukar disc break. I’ve been asking around, some said I need to change it, some said reversly. Tukar break pad lebih patut. But I did that too. Still…ada bunyi.

Thanks to Icam, for giving me some recommendations since he also drive a MyVi. I remember we had the same semangat untuk buat macam-macam kat Myvi kitorang. Masa tu semua accessories, spare parts, barang performance untuk MyVi ni still mahal. MP3 player console, armrest, bodykit, spring, bulp, you name it. Semua kitorang nak sapu. Haha! But now, he did more than I do sebab dia dah tukar adjustable absorber…cis!

Knowing Panjang, he always makes me fall into his recommendation (more or less). Somehow, I can get the same thing and brand with cheaper price, but the warranty that he offers that I desire for. So lepas kowtim total charges service and tukar disc break (dari kedai dia), dapat la RM220. Boleh ar…

At last, no more squeeking sound for god sake! Mintak-mintak la lama disc ni bertahan. I promise to change your shoes every 3 services ye Black Pearl?! Hehe…

Then alignment took place. How loyal I be for Panjang, same goes to Ah Man. Haaaa…coz Ah Man always gor for manual alignment rather than computerized. Lagi tepat dan tahan lama. Again, I called Icam for his recommendation on comfortability area. Since spring lembut and rendah, I masih tak nak tukar absorber sebab elok and tak bocor lagi. So he suggested to put spring damper in between the coils. Ha gud idea! (Btw, my bro pun guna benda ni rupanya…)

And so I get this thing around my spring. Susah gak nak pasang sebab coils tu dah rapat sangat. Nak tau iklan dia camne? “You can feel a comfort drive as good as driving a Benz!” Wahhhh melampau nyer iklan! Haha! Sebab tu la I beli (though I know it wont happen)…kahkahkah!

Lepas settle semua tu, we tested. Langgar je humps yang ada kat area tu, and voila!!! Tidak tersagat lagiiiiii! Hahaha! If orang naik kat blakang, tak tau la kan. Ok kot…

We had our lunch at Ekuin and then went for car wash. Ya Allah, brapa lama tak basuh keta! Kotor gile! Esp rim depan. HITAM DEK BREAK PAD BARU! Hahaha. Hubby pun basuh keta dia. Kotor gak. Lepas basuh, puas gile…baru la berkilat nampak rim tu…hehe! Sorry Black Pearl, you ARE blackish black!

Haih…letih satu hari buat hal keta…next thing to do, repair MP3 player, tukar kit untuk bumper blakang (dah terbakar area ekzos), trade current rims and tyres (though I sayang gile rims tu), ganti adjustable absorber and last but not least, wax and polish! Hmm…brapa semua tu?


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