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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sistas In La La Land

Met sistas today during lunch time @ Pavil. I was sooooooo darn happy and revived (I luv ma sistas! Hope you guys were happy too…)

Keyword for today : Akon in da house ya'll!

Can’t wait to upload our pics! (Muka je pun muka laaaahhhh...)

p/s: Blame me for not bringing the cable…sigh…


Adib (the cute sista), Me (the pervert sista), Skin (the sexy sista), and Elly (the beautiful sista)
(Don't or shall I say NEVER ask what's with the calling name...)


Ely Hasrul said...

besh orgasm i ever had

Biqque said...

kahkahkah! ko la! akon! cam haram! kahkahkah!

Ely Hasrul said...

omg aku kena buat facial...

dibitz said...

bila nak start biggest loser nih? hhahaha

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