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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hot! Gold Coast Pictures Are Now Accessible!

Finally! I have uploaded all GC pictures into my FB albums. OMG! Seriously, I don't know which one to pick and upload, coz we have THOUSANDS of pictures from 5 cameras! Can you guys imagine that?! And guess how many CDs we have to burn? That was after all these photos being resized!

Ok, enjoy the pictures first while I start drafting the journey experience ya!
Special entry : GC Rides


Outdoorfreak said...

alaaa.. ad tadok acct facebook.. tak leh nengok :(

Biqque said...

alamak...ramai dh ckp cmatu...jap ek i guna cara lain...tapi if tak dapek gak, aD register je, tapi tak yah guna hehehehe...utk tgk gambar je...hik!

Biqque said...

ok, dah boleh bukak aD. i dah amik link yg open to public! yeay!

click! click!

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