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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gold Coast : Day 2 - Certified Tower of Terror!

At Gold Coast, day started at 5am. It was as shiney as 7am in M'sia. We woke up and I cooked scrambled eggs (ya, I'm the house chef). We ate it with bread. We looked out the balcony, we saw beach! SOOOO REFRESHING! Wave sound? Don't have to mention. We can hear it from our apartment. It was good to see it from the top! So we discussed not to take shower and straight away dipped ourselves in the ocean! Hahaha! We brought towels and goggles along, walked down the apartment through the garage. (Goggles? Hahaha! Expectation was high at this moment!) With surfer's attire, we walked out from the apartment.

Once we reached the basement, we saw one garbage lorry in the middle of collecting garbage. The lorry was quite special as the bar came from the back, ran on top of the lorry head, and pick up the trunk. Not like what we have in M'sia, where the bar is at the back, and when the garbage falls down, no one notice it! Hahaha! Then we walked towards the beach for about 5 minutes. The good thing along Gold Coast beaches is, every inter-houses or buildings, got access to the beach. But not for cars ok. And certain access got shower and its free! WOW! A good way of educating people to not bringing sands on the road huh? We then reached the beach and took pictures. The beach was awesome! Long and wide! SO BEAUTIFUL! We can even see the curve of the beach towards the Surfer's Paradise town!

“Let's run!” KECEBUSHHHH! We ran into the water!

“OMGODDDDDDD! IT'S COLDDDDDDDDD!” HAHAHA!! Yup, the water was cold! The wave was strong! At last, we felt the salty Gold Coast's beach!

There were lots of people swimming and surfing. ALONG THE BEACH! Regardless how fat they are, they know how to swim and surf! So no question asked! To see them in bikinis or sweatsuit, young or old, wasn't an issue at all! (Yup, Most of Aussies are fat and not so pretty...BUT, some of them were really beautiful and handsome!) While swimming, we can feel the strong wave, pushing us to the sand. It looked normal but it was nasty actually. At first we tried to fight the wave by walking backwards but it wasn't a good idea as it pushed us even harder. Hahaha! Lucky the beach was quite shallow. Until we can see ourselves far away from the sand, we stopped. The far we went, the weaker the wave.

So we continued swimming a bit far from the beach and we found one trick on how to fight the waves. Whenever the waves came, we dive underneath it! So the force not as strong as on the water! And if you were lucky enough, you could see fishes as well! (Please pray not to see sharks!) The water was darn clear! And fishes played around your feet, just like that! (Hmm...we thought of caught few and fried them hehehe!) But believe me, you can never catch them! Everyone had a good swim except for Mona. We tried so much posed including jumping, laying on the beach and what not. Anything! Hahaha! Then we saw one beach patrol car in red and yellow color headed to us. He parked right in front of us and went out from the car. He shouted to us but we can't barely hear what he was trying to tell us. But we quickly understood that something was not right, we sensed DANGER!
Without any hesitation, we straight away got on the beach. In our mind, nothing else other than sharks! The beach patrol then planted a sign “Dangerous. Do not swim. Please swim between the flags.” wasn't was the current. Of all the places, the place that we swam was the most dangerous? Hahaha! We looked around, not far from our place, people still enjoying their swimming. Since we had to walk further up just to "swim between the flags", we decided to go back. On the way back, all guys took of their shirts, imitating the locals. One thing that differed them were their tummies. Hahaha!

We thought of going up straight to the room. But hell notttttt! We looked around, there was no management, so we quickly sneaked into the swimming pool and jumped in! We squeezed ourselves in the small pool and can't even do breaststroke or butterfly or freestyle! Hahaha! The we started to do funny things like hold our breath underwater, who got best pose, who better in doing hand stand, rhythmic swimming, and many more! Hahaha! Until we can't stop trembling, then only we went back to our room. We took bath and got ready to go to DREAMWORLD! And today, Cawan drove the car, but still, I was the map reader (from the back seat hahaha!)

Since yesterday we used the same highway, we had no issue finding it. We drove through the Gold Coast Highway, took Pacific Midway, and used the same direction to the Movieworld (it was the same road to Brisbane.) It was easy to locate Dreamworld as it just further up from Movieworld. Along the way, we snapped few photos of Aussie lorries and we weren't sure why Meor and Zam loved them very much. They were kind of nice, some just like what we seen in Transformers. And the most funny part, they had their own choice of car number. We saw few like Dolce, Filmer, Hitman and PukII hahaha! Most outstanding, Surfer. Nice car!

When we reached at Dreamworld, we parked our car at the parking area. We saw one Bentley with plate no. IT GURU! Hahaha! Nice huh? There was one helicopter flying around and flew just right above us. Wow! How much to ride it? Nevermind, we went in first. As usual, we took group pictures at the entrance. Next to this place, there was WhiteWaterWorld. We can see roller coasters from outside, big tubes with many loops! It looked amazing! But, we passed the water thingy. That "high" pole that we can see from the highway was more "extreme" to try! So we went in!

As expected, we quickly spotted the "high" pole. It was Tower of Terror. Using the same pole, there was another ride called Giant Drop. From afar, we can clearly heard people screaming, and the coaster, it was like jet taking off! So loud! We sat down for a while and looked how it works.

“OMG! That IS SCARY! But can we try?!”

“Let's go!”

Hell no, we walked around first. In the middle, there was one round of water fountain, which surrounded by colorful shops. Exactly fulfill the needs of deriving a theme park. From this area, we can see another big thrill ride, Wipeout. It was like sitting on the seat and it shakes you left and right and make a mess with your hair. Hahaha! We should try it...later. Haha! Then we went to see Mona's boyfriend, from Nickelodeon Central, guess who?


Hahaha...we managed to watch the show which actually for kids. There was a pirate, stupid but pretty assistants, and we felt exactly like underwater with flying bubbles around us. So beautiful! And when they played the song, every kids including us, stood up, sang and danced. But too bad, Mr. Squid and Mr.Crab weren't there to join Spongebob and Patrick. The show ended with pairs of daddy and kid, changing costume. Well, at lease, Mona satisfied! Haha!

While walking in that area, one staff brought one cub. It was sooo cute and rolled over the places. There was a ride in cave but it was mainly for kids. Then we took picture at Log Ride but since it used water and we did try it at Sunway Lagoon, we skipped it. We continued walking to the Tiger Island, where we saw one bigggggggg tiger statue at the entrance. When we went in, there was one big tiger sleeping under the tree. Then the staff brought out one big white tiger and it played in a pond, along with another yellow tiger that played nearby the waterfall. It was quite scary seeing the staff walking side by side with that big tiger. Eeeeiiiii!
I“Tower of Terror!” It was the time for us to try!

Haaaaaa…once we entered the tower, there was one big red eyes skull! So you have to walk through its mouth to get to the ride. This time, hubby chose to join! But not Mona. She took all our bags and cameras and wait at the seating outside. Not so many queued and we saw one door at the upper level. The scene in this tower was exactly like shaft mines. Dark and gloomy. While queuing, we started to curse ourselves. Only God knows how scared we were! The sound of the coaster taking off, OMG! We were an inch away of backing off but we really wanted to try this ride! The feeling was a bit different when we rode Superman Escape in Movieworld. So we stayed.

There were 2 doors, 4 person per door. The operator opened the steel bar and we went in. Once we sat, we started to say prayer. Hahaha! The shoulder bar then went down, tightened! At this very moment, we had no idea where to hold as the operator didn't allow us to hold any part of the coaster. And the leg room, was really small!




HAHAHA! But this time, we let lose our hands and screamed yeahhhhhhhhhh! We've made it! And you know what? The speed was the same as F1 speed! So now we knew what does it feel, DARN FAST AND FURIOUS! And for your info, Tower of Terror is one of the 6 Big Thrills at Dreamworld. So we have another 5 to go! Woohoo!

We thought of riding The Giant Drop (the same track at different side of Tower of Terror) BUT WE DIDN'T DARE TO TRY! It was a 120m free fall, just like Batman Spaceshot in Movieworld, but this one higher! I bet the scenery from up there was marvelous but no, thanks! Hahaha! I wouldn't want to scare myself and leave my lung up there. Hehe!

Then we walked to the right side of the theme park. At this side, there was World of Wildlife. Like other theme park, we were given a map for guide. There was rail crossing but we didn't have chance to try one.


We headed straight to the kangaroos, but not the close, afraid of being kicked. Haha! But we saw few visitors rubbed them gently and those kangaroos were very well behaved. So we got closed to them and squatted. We tried to touch its head first, and we got good response. So we touched its body, again, it didn't move or do anything. It didn't look mad at all. So we quickly sat next to it, laid next to it, took pictures as much as we can! Once in my life time, I had kangaroos sat before me! Same to the rest, though they still contemplated to touch the kangaroos, they still tried. I looked back, saw one kangaroo dug a hole, I thought it wanted to poopoo, but it squeezed its body into the hole and slept! Hahaha! It must be hot in here.

Not far from us, lots of kangaroos slept under the trees. We had so much fun snapping their photos. Well, first timer, what do you expect. Then we continued our journey to the koala area. Again, for the first time, I was overjoyed to see koalas in front of my eyes! Even there were only two of them! They were so cute!!! But to bad they didn't faced us. And not moving at all. Just sat on the branch, looked back. If they faced us, they just scratching here and there, so still, we can't capture good photos of them. We looked at the counter, to cuddle the koala, they charged AUD15 per photo. So we passed it and just took photos from far.

Enuff with koala that wouldn't want to pose nicely, we walked further up. There was one wooden bridge with waterfall and jungle at the surrounding. There was peacocks, swans, black parrot, and ducks too. We snapped few pictures and walked further up. I started to jump around when I saw tazmanian devil! Cute! But it just slept all day long. Next to it, we saw pademelon, that looked like wallaby. There was one black swan that arrogantly flapped its wings nearby. Hahaha! I don't get it lah! Almost all flying animals had tags on their feet. Easy to be recognized, maybe. In between of the huts, we saw more sleeping koalas on the branches. I wondered how they didn't easily fall huh? Haha!

While laughing at those koalas, hubby's batteries fell down in the cage! OMG! How do we take them back??? We started to think fast and got one idea. We wanted to jump into the cage, but we afraid that people might see us doing so. Since Cawan was the tallest among all, he bended his body, we hold his back, he stretched his hand and tried to take the batteries! And he got it! Thanks Cawan! We owe you! Then we quickly went into the nocturnal animals areas but hell no, we didn't see anything inside there! But we did saw few animals like snakes, rats, and squirrels. So we didn't bother to check the rest.

Then we continued to the other side of the park. We felt hungry so we looked at the map, there was one "halal" resto called Billabong Restaurant. We walked at the swamp side and it was huge and beautiful. I bet there were crocodiles in there! Hahaha! We reached the resto and looked at the buffet price. Too expensive, so we skipped it. We walked and continued snapping pictures, and passed by the crocodiles area. There were two types of crocs in Australia, and amazingly, one of it is the salt water crocs! OMG! Surfer's Paradise beach started to ring a bell...what if we met one there??? Can you imagine that? NOOOOOO! We quickly walked away from that place and skipped the croc show as well.

There was one food stall nearby. We bought salad, chocs and drinks. Nice! We stayed for a while and walked back to the car. This time we passed by Worlds of Classics where we tried to find something that cool and not scary rides. Meanwhile, we snapped lots and lots of pictures and we did have fun like hell! Then we saw antique/vintage cars in 50's era. 4 persons per car, so we hopped in to cars. The car moved on its rail, so we just need to pedal the brake and fuel. We laughed and took many pictures as we made fun of each others. And everyone was taking photos so no one was ready and said cheese! Haha!

When we turned back, we passed by the kangaroo area but this time, we saw red kangaroos! They were huge and masculine! No fur, exactly like siamese cat! Haha! There were dingos too (desert dogs). We continued walking and took more photos until we reached the Log Ride back. At this point, everyone was pointing to each other whether we should ride it or not. At the end, only hubby and Meor jumped in. We waited next to the gate and Cawan pointed to one spot where we can later take hubby and Meor's picture, when the log dived into the water. About 20 minutes of waiting, we finally saw them at the top of the Log Ride, waiting to dive in. Kecebushhhhhh!!! Hahahaha! The water splashed on their face and we all laughed. When they passed us by, I saw the ride seat was made of cushion! Wah! Better than what we have in Sunway Lagoon!

Another big thrill that we tried was Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster. We looked back the root to Tower of Terror and lucky there weren't so many people queued there. Even the Arabian women in "jubah" and "hijab" rode the ride ok! Hahaha! The ride was actually in two forms of motorcycle, either motorcycle with sidecar, or single 500cc. This time, there was waist bar at the back. So this bar will forced you to the front and locked you in.

Red! Yellow! Green!!!



Once we stepped down, we took our bags and shoes and walked ahead to the Thunder River Rapids. The place was called Wild Wild West. Got jail and place where they tortured the prisoners. The was a hole at the side, like prisoner dug it to escape from the jail. So we played good cop bad cop there and snapped lots of photos there. Hubby and I even drastically posed as lovers who got separated for years. Hahaha! We then tried the Thunder River Rapids since the queue wasn't too long. Enough for 6 of us, we hopped into a floating buoy. All bags were kept in the middle of the buoy and the buoy flown down the stream. The water came from above, side, with splashed of here and there, and we played who got the most wet. And guess who? Na and Cawan! Hahaha! She even had water in her pants! And the winner were hubby and I. Hehe!

We stepped down an saw Na and Cawan's butt still wet. In front of the Gold Rush, there was one big fan. So both of them stuck their butts to get them dried. Haha! Not long after, we started to get hungry again. We looked for foodcourt and still had the same menu, ceaser salad and fish & chips. While eating, there was one heron (large bird) walked by. Haha! From there, we walked to the Wipeout, fastest vertical ride in the world, not moving. They wanted a full seats of 20, then only they will run it. Stupid huh? So we had to skip the ride. We then headed to Flow Rider and saw two staffs, young boy and girl, demonstrating their surfing skills. Awesome! Looked easy! But I bet, we can never do that! Haha! Then we looked at the right,

“THE CLAW!!!” 

“LET'S TRY!!!” 

“Eh where's the rest?” Na, Mona and Cawan weren't there.

So hubby, Meor and I queued for it. This Claw was ring shaped and swing 360 degrees and reached zero gravity as high as 9-storey building! Haaaaaaaaaa! Crazy huh? We sat around the ring, with dangling feet. We looked down and saw the floor started to open and the Claw SPINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNED!!!


While we on top, Cawan snapped our photos and each of our faces looked so terrible and scared! Hahaha! Once we got down, we asked them where did they go. Mona actually wanted to take pictures with her hero, Spongebob. She was so happy coz she can hug and kiss him. And there was baby Rugrats too! Even the pirate knew them as they were the only two who wore scarf. We thought of trying Cyclone, but it was already late. Cyclone is the tallest high speed gravity roller coaster in Southern Hemisphere! Don't play-play ha! Then we walked to the exit and along the way we stopped by at certain places to snap some pictures, including putting hubby's head in shark's mouth that turned to be hubby having shark's head. Hahaha! We actually did ask few locals to snap our group pictures but all of them turned out to be shaky and blurry. Hmph! At the end, Meor went to the car and grabbed our tripod, came back to us, and voila, we had nice group pictures.

We got into our car and headed to Surfer's Paradise. Along the way we stopped at one Indian restaurant that offered "halal" curry. But only hubby and Meor bought it, while the rest planned to cook. We later went to Woolworths and bought few needed things. We also stopped at the famous night market at Surfer's Paradise. We wanted to get fridge magnets and what not. We had to make 3 rounds at Surfer's Paradise Boulevard in order to find free parking which we couldn't find one. So we just parked somewhere around there and walked.

“WHAT??? ONLY THIS???” Unbelievably dissatisfied!

The night market was more to artsy thingy. No fridge magnets at all! We can't even take any photos there! There was one time where this one local women chased me for taking her booth photo! Hahaha! Why so difficult? Next time, just put "No Picture", that's all she needs to do! I did not buy anything but Na bought one scented koala. We both then bought one leathery dried fruit and it tasted good! Anyhow I didn't manage to finish it. We ended the night by taking pictures at the Surfer's Paradise landmark but the pictures turned out to be not so great as too many people crossing by.

We got home and cooked. As usual, I was the cook and this time we cooked macaroni soup. We put almost everything in there, even the black pepper that Na took from don't no where. We also bought chili sauce and guess what, Aussie didn't eat chili sauce, they just eat tomato sauce. Not a fan of spicy I guess. After we took bath, we watched TV and discussed about tomorrow. Ciao!


Ely Hasrul said...

beshnye! kalu aku sumpah tak naik sume2 tu takuttt hahahaha

Biqque said...

aku blasah je naik...haha!

AzAshburn said...

u duk kt apartment mana?im going there end of next month...any suggestions?

Biqque said...

knight, i duk kat columbia apartment. very nice. semua ada. kat sana u kena plan betul2 activities, kalau tak rugi. u can see all my activities at

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