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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bali Day 4 : Pantai Kuta, Nusa Dua

We woke up and had our breakfast (yeah, you can guess what we had for breakfast today…) and walked out straight from the hotel. We met the guy who offered the smuggled shades and t-shirts earlier. We browsed around and yeah, it looked original but I guessed it was not original. We did go to branded boutiques and compared the price, and roughly we knew the range for fake and original products. We walked thru the shortcut that we found yesterday and the view was totally changed from soundless and scary to lively and hectic. Along the way, it packed with souvenirs shops and motorbike for rent. Topless foreigners (don’t be too happy, it was men only) riding motorbike with surf board in hand, riding towards Kuta beach, while cars, horse carts taking turn to use the route.

I’ve tried to ask around on few souvenirs’ prices, just to know the price range and as expectedly, it was way cheaper back in Jogja, even Ubud. So I didn’t buy anything in Bali, except for fridge magnets and t-shirts (come on, enough with shopping spree at Jogja…). We then arrived at Kuta beach and lots of people pleasuring along the beach. Sun bathing, local foods eating, lepaking, and surfers tried to surf over the wave but they seemed hopeless…coz no big wave at all! It was much better in Parangtritis beach in Jogja! And hubby never thought that Kuta beach was…like…that’s it?! Plus, too many locals offered to nail polished, dreadlocked, tattooed along the seaside! Sooooo not comfortable when people were tailing you all the time, one after another, and kept on offering this and that till they stand right in front of your beach-view!

We were hungry and tried to look for any Muslim foods nearby, and there was few ‘bakso’ stalls right in front of us…but unfortunately, due to irrelevant price of it, we cancelled our plan to get some (Rp3000 for one ‘bakso’ has been marked up to Rp10,000…COME ON!). We walked back to the hotel to pick up the car. Time to explore on the Bali sea spots today!

Crossing the road to our hotel, few other hotel agents were wandering around looking for you, but don’t get fooled, it was like scratch & win contest! Hubby scratched one and I didn’t remember what was it (but it was not a good prize la) but me, I scratched one and got USD300! I can claim for the prize WITH ONE CONDITION, attend some introductory talk at their hotel…HUH! GOTCHA! We won’t be fooled by you, ulat! (We live in Malaysia…helloooo! We have lots of people who get victimized by this kind of contest). We skipped the talk and took our car.

We drove to Nusa Dua and headed to a private beach. Few topless foreigners (ha, this time, feeeeeemale…but old folks! Hahaha!) got their back massaged by locals. The sea was very privacy, beautiful, clean and the most important was no locals at all. We decided to swim and enjoy ourselves at the sea, ultimately (even that we knew we didn’t bring any clothes to change). We took off our sandals and jumped into the sea…had fun till I got a very bad sun tanned. Then there was a group of students or factory workers wearing blue t-shirts started to play around our spot and killed our joy. Afraid of loosing our things, we made a move to our car and drove back to town.

Along the way to Kuta, we stopped at few surf factory outlets but the outlet that we intended to shop was closed! So we HAVE to shop next door where hubby and I bought a pair of Ripcurl, each (the closed shop actually offered more discount compared to this shop). We also asked them what time they closed, as we need to rush back for dinner (romantic dinner for two sponsored by hotel). With wet shorts and t-shirts, we wetted the car seats and headed to hotel. And, I got the chance to jump into the hotel pool before we get ready for the dinner. Hehe! (Now only I noticed how dark I am sebab sun burned!) After we get ourselves ready, we walked to the hotel restaurant and ordered for foods.

“Ah? Ayam? Mana boleh ni, mesti tak halal…tukar la…” I whispered to hubby.

“Tak boleh, diorang dah set, ni dalam package…” hubby calmed me down.

“La, takkan la tak bleh tukar…mesti boleh nyer…tanya la dulu…” I forced hubby to ask the waiter.

Hubby didn’t manage to convince the waiter to change the menu but I was not satisfied with the effort (ha masa ni sungguh la marah dekat hubby!). There must be a way to change the menu! 

“Biar I tanya reception!” I walked to the reception and asked. “Maaf ya, bisa ngak menu nya ditukar?”

“Ngak bisa mbak, setnya memang ayam, sayur dan nasi ajja” he explained.
“Gini ya, kita ya orang Islam, ngak bisa makan ayam ato daging yang ngak disembelih, tapi ikan bisa mas …bisa ngak?” I convinced him. He later called the kitchen and advised to change the menu to fish. YES! (See hubby…when there’s a will, there’s a way…sayang I tak? I rather eat ‘bakso’ again and again than eat non-halal food).

The waiter then served us the food and said “Ya ini ikannya ya mas, mbak…tadi udah diberitau mas mbak ngak bisa makan ayam kerna alergi…” We both looked at each other and smiled…till he went off, we laughed! (Haha! Bila masa plak allergic niiii?!) The food was ok and we later decided to have our last minute shopping! We drove to the surf factory outlets that we saw for the past few days. We were there at one outlet; from 8.30pm to 10.30pm (we were the last customers that still trying some outfits at 10.29pm, especially me. I didn’t have time to walk into and walk out from the fitting room, so I just sarung je depan diorang…hehe!). The slider went half down, the air-cond was off, but we still at the cashier, paying for our goods. I grabbed a Roxy body hugging and a Quicksilver baby t-shirt, while hubby grabbed a Volcom t-shirt. We went back to the hotel and had a good sleep for tomorrow’s trip.

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