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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beach Station, Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach, and Sup Tulang Merah, Singapore

All of us were actually torn out since we didn’t take lunch or bought any tidbits to munch, around this island. I can clearly saw those sweaty faces of my niece and nephew that kept complaining drinks in Singapore were expensive. Hahaha! I told them, they can only spend SGD10 a day for meal (which they spend SGD5 on breakfast), and they obediently followed that, coz it left them with another SGD5 for dinner. Kejam tak?

I told hubby that we could just ride a shuttle to explore the rest of the beaches side, since it is free and faster. From Adventure Park, we waited for a bus which the waiting lane, has being divided into 3 sections, accordingly. With clear direction on the signage (to Beach Station), the bus later came with half full passengers. No one actually off boarded at the place we were waiting, so we had no choice but to on board, and the whole family stood at the bus door.

“Ya Allahhhhhhhhhhh busuknyerrrrrrrrrrrr!” The bus smelled horrible!

We looked at the half full passengers, and not to surprise, they were all “that particular race who eat bawang” la kan! Pure Indians! Hahaha. OMG! It was like standing in the pool of nuke power plant! You know that unpleasant body odor, rite? All other passengers, especially the youngsters, were laughing and shouting “Busukkkk! Busukkkk!” and guess what? Those Indians laughed happily “Hahahaha…”, coz they thought that these guys were making funny jokes whenever the bus turned!

Sumpah lawak!

We had to cover our noses, all the way to the Beach Station, and it was a relief when we finally hopped down the bus. Puii! We laughed out loud with other passengers, telling that we could have died suffocated if we stayed in the bus for another 2 minutes! Hahaha!
At the Beach Station, hubby suggested that we should stop at Palawan Beach and Siloso Beach, the two most famous areas to visit. I knew he had an agenda there, but I couldn’t figure out, yet. We queued on the other side of the road, and hopped into one long buggy-style train. Lega tak payah jalan! Few minutes later, we stopped at Palawan Beach, where we could see one huge rope bridge, crossing a man-made river.
It was so serene to see white sandy beaches, with huge panorama right before us. Lamanya tak pegi pantai. My niece and nephew wanted to swim but they left everything in the bag that we stored in the locker. Hahaha! So we crossed the bridge and took few fun photos out of it.
“Owh now I know why you wanted to be here…” I looked at hubby’s face. There was couple of watchtowers, overlooking the southern most point of Continental Asia.

“Hehehe…of course.” He smiled. Well, he was the one who made the itinerary. I had no objection on that.
He was too eager to see what’s on the shoreline, so he climbed one of the watchtowers, while the rest of us sat by the beach, enjoying the breeze. The beach was tidy and clean, but nothing much to explore, just a stretch of big ships over the sea. We snapped few pictures on the landmarks, before we decided to return back to the tram stop.
From Palawan Beach, we continued the tram ride to Siloso Beach, where I told my sister that I really wanted to see that SILOSO signage. It was getting dark and almost Maghrib, but I told my sis that we will stay there only for few minutes.

Luck wasn’t on my side, the tram stopped by the Siloso Beach and what I saw was, an under construction signage! Pfft! Adding to the frustration, the tram didn’t arrive for more than an hour! In the dusk, we had to walk further down the road, to catch the tram, before others hopped in. Sedey!
We were stressed out and had no more energy to walk. From Beach Station, we took a tram and went back to Imbiah Lookout, walked to the locker and took our bags. The weight of each bag was mentally “double up”! We almost cried in hunger before we reached Vivo City. Initially, we thought of having dinner there, but I told my sis that we wanted to try Sup Tulang Merah in the city.

Pity my sister and her family, they finally had no choice but to follow us. Earlier, hubby googled the best Sup Tulang Merah and the best and famous Sup Tulang Merah is located at Golden Mile Food Court. We took a train and stopped at Beach Road, but we had no idea where was the Food Court. We planned to take two cabs from the other side of the road, but again, luck wasn’t on our side. It was super hell of thorny night when NONE of the cabs wanted to stop, what more knowing where we were heading. AND WE WERE SUPER HUNGRY!

We finally got two cabs, where hubby and I split to marshal each cab. The distance weren’t that far and we paid roughly around SGD4 to reach this place. We quickly looked for the stall of Deen Tiga Rasa, and ordered a set of 10 pieces with the price of SGD7. This set came with bread. On the other hand, Pak Ein and his wife ordered fried rice (also in red color). It was heaven on earth, and we enjoyed the Sup Tulang Merah to the final last bone. SEDAP, SUMPAH SEDAP!
After an hour, we got ready to go back. This was where the drama started.

I never…NEVER thought that it will be SUPER DUPER difficult to get a cab, in front of this food court. Throughout our travel to other countries, we NEVER hire a cab, except in Vietnam and China. I mean, we can really count, how many times we took a cab ride. I even told my sister that we didn’t do that either, in Singapore. I apologized to her many times, coz I didn’t expect that no cab, NO CAB, will stop for us. It was almost 11PM and I could see how sad my family was. I couldn’t even dare to look at Abang Ngah’s face. Diam tu maknanya marah lah tu. Eiii takut!

I seriously don’t get it. I wasn’t sure why the cab didn’t want to stop. Was it almost midnight? Was it due to our Hostel location? I almost ran towards a cab, just to make it stopped! “Hoi, tak mau duit ke?” Sambil tabur-tabur SingDollars.

We finally managed to persuade two cabs to send us to Lofi Inn Hostel at Dickson Road, near Jalan Besar. It wasn’t that far, weh! We paid each cab around SGD8, inclusive midnight charges. Pfft!

After a quick registration, we headed to the room, and took turn to shower. Our stay story, can be read here.


Supermeng Malaya said...

mcm banyak tempat je kau cover ni.. berapa hari pegi sebenarnya ni?

Biqque said...

meng, aku masuk singapore jumaat pagi, keluar singapore sabtu petang. kira jumaat tu sentosa island dgn sup tulang merah, sabtu tu city tour dgn shopping skit2. ha amazing race gitew...hahaha!

just.HY said...

byk lagi x cover ni sebabnya panas gilerr wehhhh!!! nak jalan lagi. aku boleh bayangkan kepenatan anak buah ko termasuk abg ngah ko tgh tahan cab tu. hehehe... terpaksa dtg spore lagi! hahaha

Unknown said...

tertekan betui baca part tahan taxi tu hehehehehe

Biqque said...

john, nampak gaya kena repeat lagi? aku tamo dahhhhh hahahaha! tu la, sian kat diorang sbb satu hari dah berjalan kaki naik ketapi bagai, benda plg senang yakni cab, pls susah nak dpt! BANYAK gile cab malam tu ko tau, sekor pun tanak benti!

na, ha u tatau betapa fedup nyer kitorang masa tu, ya Allah aku mmg menyumpah abih la cabbies malam tu!

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

owhhhh itu ke sup tulang merah yang disebut-sebut tu........ hurmmmmmmmmm terpaksa larrrr tahan diri lagi nihhhhh....... kang tak sedo diri tetiber dah sampai sana lagi...

Diana Diane Teo said...

Sampai sekarang saya belum cover Siloso Beach. Nampak yah another trip to Singapore again. SGD10 for meals per day? Ada susah sikit kalau bagi saya =P

Orga said...

tak boleh blah geng makan bawang tu, ahaha...perhh, kalau aku sanggup turun tunggu bas lain lah.

bahaya jugak tu stay sampai lewat malam, tempat makan dah ok, transport pulak buat pasal. untung korang dapat jugak cab lastly, tak dapat bayangkan kalau takda cab, mesti jadi gaban lah abg ngah ko tu :)

Biqque said...

mas, uih sedappp! terpaksa la terjah lagi ek? korang mmg hahaha...

diana, another trip perhaps? hahaha. sgd10 actually mmg susah, tapi do-able la kalo nak save kan hahaha. ada je duit lebih, tapi saja train diorang like that :)

orga, kitorang tak tahan dah letih, nak cover beberapa tempat lagi, tu yg blasah gak naik tu. malas nak buang masa. tu la, aku tak sangka sungguh la begitu susah dan payah cab kat sana! ya Allah tobat tok ah dah aku takmo naik cab kat sana dah. jenuh duk kat tepi jalan tu sampai terduduk menunggu. seb baik la gaban, ksatria baja itam, maskman sume tak kuar malam tu hahaha!

Jard The Great said...

kesian mereka yg makan bawang. hahaa.. otomatik menjadikan mereka busuk =P

Anash said...

cantik le pulak cara hambek gambo jambatan gantung tuh
sila ajar? (tetiba)
sedap,kan sup tulang merah tu ?

akak rasa yg kat .....errr...(lupe le tuh nama kedai kat spore)

kena ripit aaa sebab tak pergi pulau sentosa lagi (way back 1979 tau!!!)

MasZuber said...

aku rase cab saje x nak brenti sebab nak tunggu midnight kot! bleh charge lebih sket

adakah kepenatan hari tu sama dengan kepenatan kita menapak ke bettelbox?

Biqque said...

jard, org lain makan bawang tak bau cam diorang hahahaha! (pencinta bawang jugak*

kak anash, ajar? hahaha! ha duduk dpn, saya lukis. aah, sup tulang merah tu sodap bangat, mcm nak lagi jer...bebila kita pi makan blk ari naik moto jom! hahaha!

mas, mungkin gak la, tapi kebanyakkan nyer ada org, if takde org pun diorang pasang lampu HIRED tu, haih! penat dia? ha sebijik mcm kita jalan ramai2 tu la! sedey ok!

raie said...

Kenapa singapore charge dia southern most point of asia? bukan ada indonesia lagi kat bawah dia...
kalau ikut semenanjung asia tak termasuk pulau-pulau southern most point adalah di johor (tanjung piai rasanya)... pls advise...

Biqque said...

dari johor, ada bridge linked to singapore, from singapore ada bridge linked to sentosa, from sentosa ada bridge linked to an islet called pulau palawan yg ada towers sbb tu la katanya yg paling southern :)

asia continental tu kira dari tanah besar asia (china, india, such) yg bersambung...indo tak sambung, so sbb tu diorang tak kira...ala biasa la, ada je record breaking yg sesuatu negara tu nak buat :)

~Beb~ said...

assalam sis,

aiyok syiok nye la hai tgk bwk famly, berkesempatan bawak paretns!

eh baby dah brape bulan tuh? hehehe

Biqque said...

beb, mmg syok pi ngn family :) baby tu baby kakak, setahun i blum kuar lagi :D

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