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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hai Van Pass, Da Nang

“So, Hai Van Pass, anyone?” Hubby suggested, as per planned itinerary.

“Jom!” None of us declined.

As usual, Dan Arif was the same person who led the way, since he had a quick glance on google map back in the hotel, the night before. The road here in Da Nang seemed less users, in good condition, and easy to use. Thus, riding in Da Nang wasn’t a big challenge to us compared to other big cities in Vietnam, like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.

Before we pursued the journey, we stopped at the same place to refuel. The auntie gave the impression that she had won lottery when 4 bikes asked for full tank. She gladly joined Pak Ein and his wife (took off her con hat, hand-combed her hair) and posed for a picture.
We then passed by My Khe beach and headed straight to the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam, named Thuan Phuoc Bridge. Along the bay, there were lots of fishing boats that were inline, together with few traditional used and unused coracles. The scenery was breathtaking, more or less, like what we have back in our fishing village in Perak or Penang.
While passing the bridge, Dan Arif did strike a peace-sign. That showed how leisure we were in enduring the journey, crossing the 1.8km length of suspension bridge. The excitement got higher and I can see that we were so thrill to reach Hai Van.
It is said that Hai Van is one of the most scenic hillside roads in Vietnam, winding roads of a paved mountains, a peaceful and quiet place to discover. It is indeed, an impressive landscape, that awe-ed us when we locked our feet at one of the corner.
“Hai Van…Sea Clouds…” that’s what I read my tour cookbook. Means, the peak is in the clouds while the foot is close to the sea.
We thought of stopping by to have a quick lunch at one of the corner, but the smell of cow dung had killed the initial intention. So we continued riding and riding, guess what, group of cows were sitting right in the middle of the road, just before one corner!
We finally stopped at another open area, complete with water pipe (broken pipe I guess) almost appropriate place to have our meal. Who knows that suddenly, a lorry of pinkies passed by, which later left behind a super stinky odor right on our nose! Fresh meat on delivery, babes! Hooo! Busuk gile! There goes our second try. No lunch for that day.
Riding again, and again.

Not furlong, we decided to stop to have a group pose and crazy jumps.
Well, I normally like to lay flat on the road (like what I did in NZ) but this time, no ah-ah, pinkies pee all the way down to Hue!
While jumping dozen’s of time, hubby told me that he saw one train tunnel, in between mountains. This might be one of the vital mode of transports during the Vietnam war back in the 70s. It is estimated that Hai Van mountain itself, held seven tunnels along the 3km stretch. Wow! Whether it is still being used or abandoned, honestly, I can’t tell.
The journey continued. On Allah’s will, we didn’t face the danger of bended roads, uphill, where we reached the most top, where we could view both south and north of Vietnam. How do we know this? The fortifications of French were seen, right before the huge Da Nang map.
Here, we enjoyed the whole vista of Da Nang, the Tien Sa Seaport, Son Tra Peninsula, Cu Lao Cham island, and long sandy beaches of Lang Cho, that we initially thought of Hue. Misty and foggy, we stood right on the highest peak, 500 meters above sea level. While hubby and Dan Arif explored the French forts, the rest of us sat next to the signage, and later posed with the one and only road sign of Hai Van.
Opposite those forts, there were local vendors having their business, selling local foods, handicrafts, and souvenirs. Few tourists were also found, sipping coffee while enjoying the mountain view. Breaking the silence, a couple of Caucasians rode with locals, on German old classic bikes, that produced loud echo in the area.
We later decided to ride down the hill, before sunset. Looking at the road condition, with no road lights, we better made a move before we lost our good vision. Our tummies were playing hardcore song, asking for late lunch or perhaps, dinner. A very, very good dinner.
Leaving Hai Van with emotions of the past, this path can be considered as the most impressive route, with the presence of green trees and blue sea, herein the beauty of Hai Van.
"Sakit bontot ka Pak Ein??" Hahahaha!

Note : Click link for Sekupang version (Pass of the Ocean Clouds).


Ren said...

Wow Pak Ein sangat la rempit! Sempoi!~ Kolaj -kolaj mataku melihat :)

Biqque said...

janggel, moto dia paling laju tauuuuu, jgn main2 hahaha!

terpaksa la kolaj2 tu, gambar byk sgt :D

Supermeng Malaya said...

memula aku baca ayat Hai Van is one of the most scenic hillside roads in Vietnam, excited nak tengok next gambar..

pastu nampak lembu tengah melepak.

dang ! sungguh scenic dan senak !

Anash said...

sungguh banyak penggunaan model sana sini..akak like!!!
sebab nampak gambo nih 'hidup!'
nape klik kat sekupang dot net tak leh? dah ilang ke ape?

just.HY said...

landasan keretapi terowong looked so nice. mcm dlm cerita org putih. hehehe uishhh mcm bahaya ke korang duk melompat kat tepi gaung mcm tu. nasib baik kete tak banyak.

Unknown said...

wow crowded nye dlm lori tu! gemuks2 plak tu hihihihi.. goreng pun sodap katanyeee

Biqque said...

meng, actually cantik tu cantik, cuma aku nyer time kat sini nampak dikejauhan tu agak misty...lembu dan babi tu watak sampingan jer...jaga2, kot2 terlanggar lembuuuu hahaha!

anash, kat sini jer yg kitorang gegila skit sbb dah bosan gile kot riding tanpa henti :D

tu link sekupang, try click, bleh jer ni :D

henry fox la plakkkk...aah cantik terowong tu, tetiba rasa mcm nak naik ketapi plak...tu jauh kebawah tu tau, aku zoom.

masa melompat2 tu ok lagi, masa gi tepi2 gaung tu, ha terasa2 mcm ada je yg memanggil suh terjun hahaha! keta tak banyak, mcm kat NZ, tapi skali lalu, lori pun ada.

na, hmmmm gemuksssss sgt! nak order kah? hahaha!

Azian Elias said...

serronoknya.. wish i masih lagi muda.. sure buat cam ni.. but too old to do all these..kena travel agak terancang sikit.. maklum ramai rakyat..

Daeng on duty said...

Assalam, jemput tengok blog saya.. saya ada jual long sleeve maxidress dan jubah cotton/denim selesa dipakai dan smart boleh pakai ke ofis, atau jalan2 pon boleh..jemput visit dan follow ya :)



Fatt said...

eh org atas ni iklan baju plak terkojut den

bila tgk gmbr pak ein sakit bontot aku teringt plak memori naik motor sampai sakit bontot waktu pusing2 Jogjakarta dulu..sampai ke Borobudur kami merempit...naik pulak ke Gng Merapi..ya Allah tuhan je tau..kalau tak dah lama aku beli spende bontot span mcm kak ziana zen tu

memori :)

Biqque said...

azian, ok jer if nak travel dgn rakyat jelata :D ada caranya, janji bleh jalan2 hehe.

fatt, aah ada plak yg iklan baju maxidress kat sini hahahaha. uih kalo ada padding tu, sedap la naik moto kat thailand ke indon ke vietnam ke ye dak? eiii tobat la sakit wehhh...

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