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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Play Pilot At Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum, Kuala Lumpur

The only way for me to visit those interesting places in KL is when my sister and her family are in town. Else, it would be once in a blue moon for hubby and I, to explore the city of KL. So this time, we chose Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum a.k.a Muzium TUDM.
This airbase is the oldest base in the history of Malaysian aviation. It was handed over from British to RMAF on 1960 where it served as the country first International Airport before it moved to Subang in 1965.
It was raining when we decided to visit TUDM Museum. I had no idea that this place is open to public, until my good friend, Skin, brought her kids here. Nothing much to expect from this place, but for kids, it is a good place for them to experience the carrier, fighter jet, helicopter, and etc. And all of them are all phased-out aircraft, as per below list.
  • Cessna 310F donated by Antah-Sedgewick-Chartered  
  • DH Chipmunk donated by Royal Thai Air Force  
  • DH Tiger Moth donated by British Aerospace  
  • Canadair Tebuan CL41G ex-RMAF Kuantan  
  • NA Harvard acquired from Fred W. Patterson III in exchange for a Tebuan  
  • DH Heron donated by Sri Lanka Air Force  
  • HU-16 Albatross ex-RMAF Subang  
  • A-4PTM Skyhawk ex-RMAF Kuantan  
  • BAe Scottish Aviation Bulldog ex-RMAF Alor Star  
  • Bell 47G-5A ex-RMAF Kluang
There were fun activity too, where kids can learn and know how rocket departs and how far it can go, just by using soda. Cool huh? The newly developed hangar also displays variety of aircraft. Though it is not more than 30, it is said that more and more aircraft are coming in.

For more info, you can visit their website at and you can bring back a souvenir from there, by visiting their gift shop that sells flight models, magazines, books, cd-roms, t-shirts, and such.

Entrance is free.

For me, it is a also must place to visit, especially when you wish to "plant" the word "pilot" in your kid's growing medula oblongata :) hahaha!

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