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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Japan : Imperial Palace, Tokyo

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Hotspot #11 : Residence of Imperial Family

We did our routine morning call, boiling the nasik impit and had quick cereals. Today’s plan wasn’t that pack so we took our time to enjoy the walking.
We didn’t purchase a 1-day ticket coz we won’t commute around Tokyo city. Instead, we bought a single ride ticket from Gyotoku to Otemachi on Tozai Line for 230yen, and changed to Marounochi Line before we stopped at Tokyo Station.
Being in this main intercity terminal was, in fact, very fascinating. There are not less than 18 platforms that serve a range of lines! It is an underworld by itself! Thank God that they have everything written and directed on signboards, in English.
But not to worry, going to Imperial Palace didn’t require us to take any train ride. It was just a 10min walk from this multilevel huge station, crossing the tunnel.

Down the street, we saw a part of palace complex that we were unsure, which way to go. The path was divided into two and looking at visitors walking from and to both sides, made us even puzzled. There was an info board across the street but both ways were illustrating the same vista, an extensive water canal.
“Should we go to the left? Coz it looks like park.”
We walked on the pedestrian alongside the canal, where they had some minor construction. Replacing the divider, perhaps.

“Ayang, that is the most dirt-free construction worker I’ve ever seen.” I whispered to hubby.
“He’s not doing any dirty job, sure la clean. Just ensuring people don’t step on the wet cement jer kot…”

“Yeah…but…stilllllllllll…” I passed by the man. AND HE BOWED TO ME, while pointing to the right way for me to walk. Shesh! (Of course I bowed back.)

“I seriously cannot tahan looking at the hard hat. I teringat cite Ultraman!” I imitated the into song of Space Cop Gaban.

“That’s not Ultraman song.” Hubby laughed.

“I knowwwww. Ok, I change.” I made a sound of blinking red light on Ultraman’s chest. Hahaha!

“Eh, why got no Ultraman here? We’ve seen it on TV since we were young, until now still got kan?” I wondered.

“It’s being aired once a week. And we’ve only been here for three days.” We laughed again.
It was a bright sunny day. We stopped once in a while for photo capturing of the watch tower and the canal. The panorama was serene, with sakura, I-don’t-know-the-name-of-another-tree, birds and couple of ducks.

“Sumimasen…can speak English?” An Asian couple approached me and pointed to my camera.

“Ya…” “Can help take picture?” I still can’t figure out whether they were Chinese or Japanese, coz the woman spoke like Chinese, while the man sounded like Japanese.

I helped them with couple shots and showed them the outcome. She then asked me on how to use Auto mode. They must be kidding! Auto mode? What mode they were using before they met us??

Manual. WITH no proper setting at all. I bet, they just point-and-shoot. Using 600D somemore! (And I’m just using 1100D, pinjam somemore.)

They then asked more on flash, lighting and the use of ISO. I told them using a layman term, like no light, increase ISO. Got light, no need ISO.

“Like now, see sun? Got light. No ISO. Sun goes down, moon up, no light, use ISO.” Hahaha!
We left them and walked towards the entrance but later, decided not to enter the palace since it was not initially listed as one of our main hotspot to visit. We knew that this massive stone wall palace is not open to public coz it is a crib of Japan’s Imperial Family.
So we just stopped at Kikyomon Gate and returned back to where we came earlier.
“Where’s the famous eyeglass bridge?” I asked hubby.

“Nijubashi can be viewed from Kokyo Gaien, somewhere in front of the palace. Need to go inside.” Hubby explained as per stated in the Internet.

We left this huge plaza and walked back to Tokyo Station. Along the way, we had to physically coat our body with our arms, struggling with freezing cold wind.
“If I wear my wig, it could have been blown away…hahaha!” (I brought one, but I had no guts to put it on.)
Back in Tokyo Station, we took out the powerful JR Pass. (Remember our JR pass start date? The time has come!) For the first time, we will be going to make use the pass, limitless!

I remembered, once, the JR officer told us to use the special lane. Looking at the station access, there was only one lane with “Whiteback Ticket” lane. Without doubt, we walked through the “Whiteback Ticket” lane and flashed it to the station master. A smile, and we were off to go! EASY!
“Let’s hug some neko!”

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en_me said...

dah 22 tahun x pi nippponn.. uhhuu

hanie said...

suka la tengok gmbar itik+sakura+tasik/kolam tu hahaha

buleh buat postcard! ;p

Biqque said...

hajimete, maka dengan itu, sila pegi lagi :)

hanie, ha ada plak itik dua ekor kat situ, cam best jer :)

owen said...

Wah, best!!! Tak sabar nak pegi next year, You pegi awal April kan. So sakura dah kembangla. Hopefully next year pun mcm tuh...

hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

The old sephia filter is definitely the best in this post..memang nampak lama giler.. except that the 'no entry' sign

Biqque said...

owen, i went there from 3apr-12apr, mmg sakura tengah bloom sgt :) u need to always look at the forecast tau.

hcvvorld, tx! if they wrote only in kanji, it should be real kan? hahaha!

rayyan haries said...


cantik lah Japan.. all the sakuras and the palaces and the people. Need to plan to go too.

btw, mamat tu jaga cement basah jer? hah? haha...seriously japan precise..

Biqque said...

rayyan, u MUST go, coz it's sooo worth it! :)

ye, jaga cement, jaga orang lalu lalang jerrrr! tapi kemas segak! u tau, train driver dia, glove putih bersih! bukan macam polis trafik m'sia, itam je sarung tangan hahaha!

Arlida Abdullah said...

auwwww you and ur hubby sangat comels !! jeles ok?? hehe :)

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