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Friday, April 27, 2012

Japan : Shibuya Crossing and Hachiko Statue, Shibuya

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Hotspot #3 : Famous Crossing and Meeting Place Ever

From Shinjuku, we took a train to Shinjuku-sanchome on Marunouchi Line and changed for Fukutoshin Line to Shibuya.
Shibuya, the center of youth fashion and culture, is noted as one of the most colorful and busy district. At this point of time, I felt so overwhelming coz I knew that I will, by any means, take LOTS of stylo-mylo Japanese chicks! Hahaha!

Besides, I was so keen to see the most popular meeting place, the Hachiko Statue, the loyal dog that waited for its master for years, though his master had passed away. (I hope Kiki will do the same thing. That super lazy cat? Nahhh!)

“WOW! This station is super PACK!” I almost dropped my jaw when I saw people passing by from left to right and vice versa.
“Wait, we need to look for Midori-no madoguchi, to exchange our JRail Pass.” Hubby calmed me down before started looking for the JR reservation office.

“The queue is too long and we gonna waste our time. Let’s do people watching first!”

And so we did.
The very first thing that I saw was, THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, CROSSING THE FAMOUS SHIBUYA JUNCTION! Not to mention, photo-takers too! I quickly find a spot next to one Caucasian guy, who stood on the pedestrian divider, right next to the dustbin. “Ah pedulik!”
I snapped, snapped, and snapped, like a crazy woman. Sambil nganga! Boleh? Hahaha!
Devastating with the scene, I forced hubby to snap my pictures while CROSSING THE ROAD!

“I want to blend in! Shoot me! Shoot me!” I still can't believe that I was finally there and almost hentak my kepala on the road.
“It’s good if we can go up (pointing at Starbuck Coffee above Tsutaya) and take pictures. That is the BEST place to shoot Shibuya Crossing.”
“Ahh…we have no time, concentrate, and start clicking!” The Godzilla came back.

Dissatisfied being the only attention seeker, I went to the other side and forced hubby to walk towards me.

“Let me take your photo. Just walk and act normal. Don’t see the camera.”
Yet, he was looking at the camera! Nak glamer jugak katanya…

I tell you, there were hundreds of people crossing at a time, like a colony of ants! There were youngsters in fancy skin socks, short skirts, gorgeous hair, heavy make-ups, and what not. And I managed to see Harajuku kids somewhere nearby! (Dalam hati cakap, takpe, tunggu kat Harajuku nanti!)
“Owh man…KL is soooooo outdated! (Looking at my newly bought trench coat.)
“Jom! We have to get our JRail Pass.”

“Wait, I need to see the Hachiko first!”

I tried to look around but didn’t manage to locate it. While walking towards a group of smokers, I saw Hachiko! (You can't smoke anywhere you like, regardless day or night, walking or running, covering or sneaking, YOU HAVE TO SMOKE AT THE DESIGNATED PLACE. Find the smoking area and start puffing.) It was right below the sakura tree and surrounded by locals who busy snapping pictures, USING THEIR IPHONE! (There was no chance to pose alone, so don’t bother to wait, just snap!)
“Ok, now JRail Pass. Where to?” I was back on track.

We walked back towards the Shibuya Station and asked the officer nearby. The moment I showed him the Exchange Form, he automatically said “Hait!” and asked us to follow him.
Left, straighttttttt, left, and left again (about 100 meters within the building), there we saw a small booth with JR Information Center signage. The lady officer spoke English very well and took about 15 minutes to verify, wrote down, re-verify, and re-verify again, before handed away a small booklet-shape card, with Tsunami image on it! Whatta…

(Click to see how we get our JRail Pass in Malaysia.)

Remember the earlier officer who escorted us? He waited there UNTIL we received our JRail Pass! SUPER HELPFUL AND DEDICATED!

“So, where we can do the seat reservation?”

“You have to go to the Reservation Office. The seats are free.”

Yup. It’s free, unless you want to try the Green Car or whatever is not normal. Hahaha!

We walked back to the place where we met the first officer and went into the Reservation Office. There, I saw more foreigners in queue. Beforehand, I asked for help from another oldman in uniform (an officer) on how to book for nobi-nobi seat on Sunrise Seto night train. We planned to catch an 8 hours night train from Tokyo to Okayama, indirectly, saving the hotel cost and travelling time.

“Sumimasen…wareware wa…Sunrise Seto…” I spoke no more and just showed him our train schedule, train name, and wanted seat. Gues what? HE CAN’T SPEAK ENGLISH! Not even simple or little English!

"Okay...this gonna be FUN!"

He wanted to help but he seriously had no idea how to relay the info to us. He opened his book (wah nak lawan buku aku hahaha) and checked on what to write on the slip. (Having a complete info on the slip will ease the reservation.) More or less he knew what we want and wrote whatever necessary. Until…

“Nobideska?” (Seriously, it didn’t’s sound like that.)

I was totally clueless for at least, 2 minutes! And he kept on looking up, looking down, looking at me, looking at the slip, and repeated the same thing. Patu berjangkit kat aku, aku plak dok tengok laki aku sambil pandang atas bawah. Hahaha!

“Owh…nobi-nobi seattttttttttt! Hait! Hait! Nobi-nobi sitto!” Hubby cleared the confusion. 

“Apa la you, tu pun tak paham…”


We then queued and handed over the slip to the officer behind the counter.

“Sunrise Seto at 10pm?”

“Ha pandai pun speaking Londonnnnn!” I looked at hubby.

“Ya, for 2 please. Is there any nobi-nobi seat available?” (It’s a private compartment, carpeted, for you to lie down. It costs you a bomb, 13,850yen but with JRail Pass, IT’S FREE!)

It took her 5 minutes to bring us a bad news. Only ONE nobi-nobi seat left. Like ONE??? Can we get another ONE??? I thought of creating chaos but…sigh…sob…sob…

“We’ll go for Shinkansen then…make it 6pm, on reserved seats.” Pasrah…
We looked at each other and paused. 

"We have to get a hotel in Okayama. will surely cost us a bomb for last minute booking..."

" hotel will do. Let's do sakura peeping at Ueno Park first!"


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rayyan haries said...

ohmaiiiiiiiii....ramai giler manusia!!

btw biqque, the Jrailpass tu 1000 lebih duit kita kan??

just.HY said...

gmbr2 ko sume cantikkk!!! mcm 80-an gitu. nostalgic.. heheh.

aku x bc lagi sbb aku tgh stress dgn bos. huawaaa!!!

Biqque said...

rayyan, RAMAI GILE! pegi time pagi or lunch time or petang blk keje, ha mmg sesak la :D jr pass tu i dapat RM1,035 masa ringgit tengah power, so ok la...

danny, tak leh lawan gambar ko yg mmg super duper i adoreeeeeeeeee! takpe, kita sama2 tengah stress ngan boss, aku rasa kita patut resign and cari keje kat TV jer!!!

just.HY said...

cari keje kat TV??? nak jadik ape? pengacara tv ke? lol layakk ke??? hahaha

by the way, kagum jap sbb mmg ade org amek gmbr kat shibuya crossing tuh ek.

Anash said...

gile detail
gile best
gile nengok tulisan jepun dgn kepesatan ekonomi mereka yang membangun (ayat..skema plak?)

kasut budak rambut perang yang paling kanan tuh...byknyer strap dia!!!

Ren said...


Banyaknya manusia kat situ.....serabut giler tapi kalo tetibe kite buat2 pengsan tengah2 jalan tu apa gamaknya berlaku eh??? hehehe

Unknown said...

Wow Shibuya!! Ramainya umat manusia..isk isk..baru i berangan nk tgk gambar dr view cam kena ripit nih..

Stylo mylo org tokyo ha..hehehehe

Biqque said...

danny, pengacara jalan2 cari tempat hahaha! shibuya ni mmg spot lintas jln plg hebat sbb tu org amik gambor :D

kak anash, nak kasut tu satu? nanti kita pi cari kat sg wang ok? hahaha!

janggel, gigih la kalo dah banyak tempat. hahaha! aku ada gak terpikir nak telentang tengah2 tu, tapi kang kena angkut ngan polis angkasa gaban plak.

na, MMG KENA RIPIT! duk kat stabak tu tau! diorang mmg stylo...ada masa nak curlkan rambut! ish!

Azizan Zolkipli said...

omaigad ! gadis2 Jepang sungguh awesome dressing diaorg ( :

Biqque said...

ohsem sgt wakjan hehehe!

Cawan said...

rase mcm nk mempunyai awek Japan sorang laaa..

Biqque said...

hahahaha awek jepang pun nangis tengok aset bini ko cawannnnnnn hahaha! said...

nice la momment dia.. seronok tngk

Biqque said...

yup, best!

shah_rule said...

errr tak clear sangat pasal Jrail pass nie, sbb aku tak bace entry before ni agaknye.. nanti check balek.. haha biqque letakla map cm entry nz ko tuh, snang aku nak imgine.. tak familiar dgn sbutan japan ney~ hehe

Shibuya junction tuh ade orang kate nak ambik gambo naek kat starbuck, nampak rmai gile orang~ gila laaa

begitu fashionista yer masing2..omg~

Biqque said...

shahrule, i will do that sbb skang aku masih dalam post tokyo. nanti dah kuar, aku letak map :)

shibuya tu mmg kena naik stabak tu, baru nampak cun dari atas, kitorang takut kena bayo minum hahaha rupanya tak yah, takpe la...

fesyen sangattttttttt :D

Ely Hasrul said...


Biqque said...

ko dulu dgn ko skang sgt beza hahaha!

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