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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beef Curry With Murungakai

Hubby loves curry. And he forced me to make curry for him yesterday, coz his team lead (who is a Sri Lankan) gave him this fruit. Do you guys know what is the name of it?

It's an Indian fruit (yes, it's a fruit ye adik-adik). But I know that Malays eat it too. I didn't remember how did I came across this food before, but I know this fruit la. I MMSed my sis a photo of it and she said my late mom loves to put it in curry. She called it "gamungai" (Ok...I can't recall that...duduk asrama la katakan...)

I prepared curry before but it can't be compared to hubby's. Anyhow, yesterday, he brought back one unfamiliar beef curry recipe, where we were needed to blend everything including "lengkuas" and "cili boh". Huh?

And so we tried. Not bad at all...we ate if for "two days! :D

P/S : I prefer fish rather than beef.


kemang~ said...

i <3 curry too :)

NeenaAnuar said...

I suker chicken curry! :D

azura samsuddin said...

pandailah biqque masak ;) mak zura pun suke masak 'buah' tu dan mmg sedap kalo masak ngan kari xpun dalca he3

Ely Hasrul said...

tingat kari ikan mak jah sebelah umah aku.. huishh sedapnye..

Biqque said...

takde la pandai mana...sesekali kena gak tgk resipi especially benda yg tradisional2 ni...hehehe!

skin, mak jah pe kabo? hahaha!

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