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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Blog About Travel – Pick Me!

Thanks Skin for suggesting me to enter this contest! TERUJALAH!!! To MBP, please pick me :) K? K?

How to Enter?

FIRST: Create a new blog entry with title I Blog About Travel – Pick Me!
SECOND: Answer these simple questions (in English or Malay).
  1. Blog Name / URL : Beauty In Darkness /
  2. When do you start blogging? Since March 2008 and NEVER plan to stop :)
  3. Introduce yourself and your blog What can I say! People know me as Biqque, I LOVE TO TRAVEL, I'm FUN when I'm travelling, and I LOVE TO BLOG the details of my journey :D
  4. Why do you blog about travel? Every SINGLE thing that I did...believe me! As detail as someone's gossip!
  5. Do you make money with your travel blog? Nope! I rip off reader's money by influencing them to go for traveling! Hehe! Well, it's the TRAVELism that I'm spreading to ya'll :) Let's explore and enjoy Allah's masterpiece!
  6. Why should we pick your travel blog? BeCozzzzzzz I travel A LOT and I NEVER missed to blog about it! Ahak! Ahak! And I WOULD LOVE to share it with you guys out there who LOVE to travel and who READS MBP! (All journals can be found under Travel/Vacation categories ya! To the right, to the right!)
THIRD: Link back to MBP and this contest page.

FOURTH: Include the contest banner in the entry.

FIFTH: Leave the entry URL at the comment box

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
you HAVE to make sure MBP pick me above all!


Ely Hasrul said...

hahhaha aku tgk aje review blogging nih terus tingat kat ko sbb ko nye travel record mmg sedetail detailnye hahhahaha

kalu ade voting .. aku dh vote dah!

Biqque said...

tu la, harap2 dpt!

anisizatyA.J said...

i hope u win! hehe

dibitz said...

yes you should win because no one describes as detailed as you do!!! KE LUBANG CACING KO CITER! HAHAHAHHA....

Biqque said...


Lily Riani said...

nak jugak2. dgn tak malu nye self-invite

its simple love said...

Fun! I will have to check this out! Good luck to you!

Biqque said...

tx everyone!

lily, yeah...try la :)

rachael, i wrote in english and malay...hehe! tx!

jauharief said...

caya la sis..!! klu menang kenduri 3hari 3 malam..ahaha..

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