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Sunday, October 18, 2009

I WANT PS3/PS2/Samsung Netbook!

Boys Toys R My Toys!

m(_ _)m
My wishlist! (_ _")

Complete with Guitarhero accessories! Wireless guitar, wireless drum set (must have! Getting addicted with it dy! Unleash talent. Perghhhh! Dream baby, dream...) and one usb mic. Andddddddddddd I have to spend like RM2000 for all these! (A slimmer one? You do the math.)

Ok la...never dream too much. If PS3 is too fancy to have (namind, I can just do the running man passing few houses away and enjoy it at Deb's house), I'll go for PS2. Getting cheaper nowadays as Sony no longer selling them...RM380-RM400 with non-original controller. Black is too common (...but exclusive huh...?)
Maybeeeeeeeeeeeeee...a PINK console, controllers, dance mat, and GT racing steering to add the adrenaline???!!! (My long lost talent nih!!!) RM1000++ jugak nih!

Samsung Netbook N310
Oh man...husbands are giving lappy to wives nowadays! So techie! (Gudbye roses and chocolates...) Last month, after we both got watches for our birthday, we thought of having netbook for next year. And getting one for me is like getting one for him (fair n square katanya...a hah! Smart ass!)
If and only if I were to get one, turquoise is soooooooooooooo mine! This netbook has a peeble-style keyboard and it is scratch resistant (coz the cover is rubberized!) Don't ask me why, but it has anti-germs as well! H1N1 prevention kot! Haha! But, Intel Atom la pulak...need to do some research...hmmm...RM1700. How leh?


Cawan said...

console, i vote PS3, coz it have BlueRay, HDMI, ahhh macam2 laaa.... nyam2.. time for u to upgrade ur "DVD Cap Ayam" player kan2?!

and Netbook, HP Staff Promotion Sales only at Rm900.. maybe, "processor" tak seberapa pantas kecerderasan orang2 mcm kite ni.. asyik complain? dont get Netbook!!!

Biqque said...

takpe, netbook tu hanya utk photo editing dan facebooking :D

Biqque said...

bleh ke tlg beli???

dibitz said...

someone is hooked on guitar heroooooooooooooo... kwang kwang kwangggggggggggg...........

debyG! said...

biq.. aku tatau ko born as a rockstar! au natural gitu! xpe... ko senantiasa welkem to my hse.

notebook tu chantek!!!!!! rega berapa biq?

Ely Hasrul said...

kalu papi suh aku pilih sdr kompom aku pilih kaler pelangi.. segala permainan di atas tidak menariks minat aku sbb ko pon tau kan aku lembab games nih. tolak gitar, drum ngan dancing mat tu abang aku ade sume.. aku rasa otak cam korg aje leh main mende2 gini.. kalu aku.. tembak belon pon fail.. papi dh lama riki wii.. utk senaman katanye.. aku ckp belikn aku fridge beso dulu hahahahahahha

Biqque said...

hahahaha dib, tu laaaaa...

deb, nampak sgt tak baca, aku ada tulis la reganye! (mmg tak sangka aku BLEH main dram! perghhhhh! perasan sial! fyzal tgk mesti gelak tak benti...hahahaha!)

skin, wii bleh gak, tapi mahal sial...takpe la, aku tgk astro je hahaha!

Cawan said...

biq kalo ade promo lagi aku forward kan nanti ye..

// netbook surfing and office works bleh, kegunaan lain mmng lembab..

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