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Sunday, October 18, 2009

GIMP Taught Me How To Cheat!

Disgusted (pergh ayat) with people who has DSLR that can EASILY make a blurry background image instead of using macro, and disgusted (pergh lagi) with people who KNOW how to play around with Photoshop doing that blurry background image, I am called to learn the only freeware image editing application that I have in my lappy, which is GIMP.

After doing some googling and youtubing, I finally found (selama ni malas je sebenarnya) the way to blur the selective image (dunno why, but I am a super freaking fanatic of selective blur image! I even thought of paying whoever knows how to, even worst, buying a new camera when Ricoh R8 failed to do so! Padahal tak reti buat je!)

I took one simple image and started to use "paths tool" a.k.a the magic scissors. See below image.

Original pic

See the below background now is blurred! Voila!
The famous "gaussian blur" rules!
(Habis la semua gambar I pas ni, blur blakang! Haha!)
Then I started to play around with another type of blur.

Original pic
See the motion down here? Done by "motion blur" tool.
(Sesuai untuk memberikan impact kelajuan pada gambar.)

Happy with the blur filter, my itchy hands started to dig deeper. Let's erase unwanted image!

Original Pic

Now you see the Kota Lukut is missing! Cleaned by "clone" tool.
(Boleh erase orang yang tak berkenaan jugak!) that all that you can do Biqque? HUH??? Bring it onnnnnn!

2 separate original pics

Andddddd I have pasted it over the other and erased it by "erase" tool!
(Confirm boleh buat superimpose pasniiiiiiii! about, enlarge my boobs and flatten my tummy?)


dibitz said...

dah bleh enlarge boobs kasitau eh..

Ely Hasrul said...

haaa aku xbaca last sentences pon aku tau kompom ko nk besokn boobs okek pasnih buat tetek aku besa gak makasehhhh

Biqque said...

oraits! menjunjung titah!

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