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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fed’s Spirit of A Champion Series

Can someone tell me how many episodes of Roger Federer’s Spirit of A Champion : Making of A Champion???

I watched once last week…and guess what; another episode was screened last nite! At first, I tought it was the same chapter and it was just a re-run of last week’s episode, but hell nooooo, it was another set of story of his tennis life! I REALLY NEED TO DOWNLOAD ALL OF IT!!!

Last nite’s episode, all his Grand Slams triumph were highlighted! From the first till the fourteenth! My goodness! I was smiling and sighing, watching Fed CRIED on ALL his victories. I mean, ALL tau! Not even once pun dia tak nangis! I wonder about how sensitive this guy can be tau…coz even other tennis players gave him the same testimonial, ‘what you see is what you get’. Hmmm…cute!

The best part, when the narrator said ‘…but…every champ has his own nemesis’. Wahhhhhh! Masa ni background music dah tukar macam zaman gladiator dulu. Hahaha! Nampak sangat like ‘the great nemesis has arised, the only person who can stop Fed from winning the Grand Slam, RAFAEL NADAL, the greatest clay King evaaaahhhhhh!’ perghhhhh! Hebat! Hahaha!

Sigh…I just love both of them…cute, unwind…and yet, so determine with what they really want. They really make my day…and I wish, I can watch them, both of them, lawan tennis EVERYDAY! Boleh tak? Sigh…


Anonymous said...

ya, he's great!

Anonymous said...

oi kecik benar ko nyer post camana nak baca

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