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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Boracay Getaway : White Beach, Puka Shell Beach (Diamond Ring), Bulabog Beach (Kite Surfing), and Museum of Aklan

[BEFORE] Boracay Getaway : White Beach (Helmet Diving), Puka Shell Beach (Sunset), and D'Mall (Seafood Dinner)

"Will I find my diamond wedding ring? On God's will!" - Biqque

It was our final day in Boracay Island. We lazed on the bed and had a chit-chat…

“Ayang, I had a bad dream. You want to marry another woman coz I lost my diamond ring. You said, if we lost our wedding ring, the marriage wont last long..” I almost cried.

“And I had a strange dream. I found the ring, but it was a lot bigger (the diamond)!” Hubby reckoned.

“Does that mean you gonna get me a new ring with bigger diamond on it?” I chilled.

“No la…”

Pfft! I was lying on bed, silently, and started to think. Should we or shouldn’t we…should we or shouldn’t we…why both of us dreamed of that diamond ring…was it a sign? Or was it just a coincident?

“Ayang…don’t you think we should go back to Puka Beach, to find the ring?” I suggested.

“Hmm…boleh jugak…I just don’t know whether it is a worthy effort or…but we can try…and we can go to some other places before we check-out.”

We quickly packed our bags and took a tricycle to Puka Shell Beach. That was our forth visit to the beach! Can you imagine that? But the final visit came with big hope, to find the diamond ring!
My heart pounded even stronger, as we got closer to the beach. We walked to the left side of the beach, straight to the place where we suspected the ring could be. I started to look for the stone, and guess what? The stone was already far from the water! The ring might be washed into the ocean! *sedih*
Anyhow, hubby and I kept on looking. Again, it was like finding a needle in the sand, and I wasn’t put any hope in getting it back. I tried to look as close as I can and dug few spots. Suddenly…

“AYANG! I TOLD CHA! I TOLD CHAAAAAA! I FOUND YOUR RING!” Hubby lifted up one small thing.




Ah come onnnnnnn! We should celebrate this! It was like one in a million, to find your lost diamond ring AT THE BEACH, with heavy downpour the night before! Kannnnn???

“Ok, ok…jom posing!” 

I quickly put on my ring and smiled like a beauty queen who just won a crown. *waving madly*

We went back to the tricycle bay and stopped at White Beach. Initially, we wanted to stop at Fairways Hotel, to have a closer look at the famous Arch Rock, but the security guard said it has long closed for public. Only hoteliers are allowed.

Then how come Supermeng can go in??? Pfft! This is soooooo unfair!

At White Beach, we did nothing much than photo-taking. Hubby has always amazed with beach umbrella and laze chair shots, so he tried to get the best picture out of it. 
And I love this the most!

Meanwhile, I shot few pictures of the beach and the beach patrol, who wore and had similar attire and surfboard to Bali and Gold Coast beach patrols. 
We then walked back to Isla Kite Surfing, to get our bags and have lunch at the same place, Hangin Café. We slowly walked along the beach and saw a couple of foreigners were setting up their kites.
“Eh, are they going to kite surfing?” I looked at hubby. Hubby was looking at the coconut tree and flags, all of them were blowing. “I guess so..”
“Tengok jap nak?” I dragged hubby nearer. See, everything was fall into places on the third day :)

The guy was laying the kite and its rope on the beach, while the young lady already surfing on the water. It looked so easy for him, from setting his kite, getting it fly, taking his surf board, and voila, he was already on the water, surfing like a pro!
“Look, there even more kite surfers…tengok kat sana je la…” Hubby pointed at our guesthouse, Isla Kite Surfing. 
We walked back to the guesthouse and decided to order the same meal at Hangin Café. That was the most delicious food, at least for us, at Bulabog Beach. Hahaha. Hubby then went up to do his nature call and later, snapped few pictures of kite surfers from our room window.
Meanwhile, I continued shooting videos of them, from the beach. Seemed like the kite surfers pride to show their skills to me. They knew that I was capturing them, and some of them even did a 360 degree turn and simple flip. BUT none of them did back-flip! I guess, we can only see that during kite surfing season. Mesti ramai yang pro!
As I mentioned in my earlier post, Isla Kite Surfing Guesthouse provides kite rental and equipment storage. There was a French guy with a local lady came on motorbike, and took out his equipment. The guy flew his kite, while the local lady cheered by the beach. I was then amazed by one petite lady who was also kite-surfing, but she needed help from the beach boy to hold the kite instead. What an adventurous girl! 
It was so serene and calm to see they did what they love to do. And I really wanted to try this…Mermaid Swimming! Hahaha! Tapi takut plak sesak napas! (I wonder whether you can really swim and flip the tail...kan?)
We finally checked out from Isla Kite Surfing Guesthouse and walked to the main road. We took a tricycle and reached the Cagban Jetty Port, with the same fee. It was actually painful for us to leave this island, for it was really beautiful inside out…and gave us lots of unforgettable memoirs.
Alike to how we came, that was how we went back, with two slight major changes. We took a boat ride to Caticlan Jetty Port, and hired a minivan to Kalibo city. The fee for this van is included in the boat fee, and it is way cheaper than you get a van when you reach the other side. The van ride took almost 2 hours via the mountains. Luckily the van was fully air-conditioned. Anyhow, a family of local got onboard, with their 4 small kids (aging 4 years old to 10 months old), where two of their kids need to stand all the way. That was crazy! I pitied the kid, but the mom and dad looked like they already used to that kind of inflexible.

We reached Kalibo city and quite surprised with the surroundings. Most locals turned twice when they saw us, must be my colorful hijab and blouse. Hahaha! Hubby and I decided to kill some time and visited Museum of Aklan, as per suggested by Bebot (the tourism guy) last night.

We stopped a tricycle and asked for the fee. He looked contemplating, either to charge us a local price or foreigner price, coz we looked like Muslim Mindanao, but we didn’t speak Tagalog or Visayan! Hahaha! He must be so confused! He started the bid with PHP60 but I turned him down with PHP20. He finally agreed, for the distance wasn’t that far.

At Museum of Aklan, they previewed everything about Aklan’s history of culture, religion, background, politician, and what not. The museum officer didn’t look like an officer to us. He was bald and had lots of tattoos on his arm. BUT…he spoke super police and soft! Hahaha! He asked us to leave our bags at the entrance and he even helped me to take down my bag. Nice!

The museum was really warm, hubby and I sweat like crazy! So we spent (I guess) 20 minutes and took whatever photo that we wanted, quickly. I remembered Bebot told me that Boracay Island was actually given/opened by a “dato” from Malaysia. Anyhow, I couldn’t find that info in this museum. 
Before we left the museum, I had a “cheese” moment with the museum officer, where we posed at the museum’s entrance. He then helped us to stop a tricycle and negotiated for the price. The first tricycle rejected the fee, PHP15, but the second tricycle had no issue to take us to the airport. And the airport was quite far! Hahaha!
We had ample time when we reached Kalibo Airport. We had to wait for the check in time. The airport was really small and out of space, and we were sunken by hundreds of Chinese and Koreans. Hubby and I sat on the floor, next to the “airport fee” counters.
OH YES, THERE WAS AN AIRPORT FEE AND WE NEEDED TO PAY IN CASH! PHP200 FOR DOMESTIC, AND PHP700 FOR INTERNATIONAL (more or less)! I dodn’t mind paying if the airport is in good condition and have various of facilities…but Kalibo Airport and Manila Airport just don’t deserve that amount of price. Pfft!

We finally got in and the environment was similar to China Market. Hahaha! They (Chinese from China) were playing cards while eating instant noodles! And they spoke VERY LOUD! Cannot tahan of the smell of instant noodles, I went to get one. LUCKILY, they were selling seafood noodle! Owh I tell you…that was like the most delicious instant noodle I ever had in my life…HAHAHAHA! Lapar punya pasal!
The flight took only an hour to reach Manila. Can you imagine how fast you can get from Kalibo to Manila and vice versa? Remember how long did we take on ferry ride? 10 FREAKING HOURS! But honestly speaking, we enjoyed the ferry ride than this.

We reached Manila around 10pm and our flight to KL will be only at 6am the next day. Looking at this poor terminal, I felt like sleeping on the conveyer belt! COZ ALL CHAIRS WERE CURVY AND HARD! We had no choice but to sleep-sitting. Hubby lasted longer than me, I then lay down on three curvy chairs and forced myself to sleep! AND IT WAS FREAKING COLD!

The next morning, we checked in and paid the terminal fee (pffttt), and got onboard. Again, we flew with Zest Air and we left with no choice but a coffee and muffin. I HAVE NEVER HAD A COFFEE AS MY BREAKFAST, THROUGHOUT MY WHOLE LIFE. And hubby even seconded the statement.
The end.

Video : Enjoying Kite Surfing and Exploring Museum of Aklan
Disclaimer : Sorry for the low quality video. Conversion sucks! Wait for the full video of Boracay Island soon!
Note : Yeay! Dapat balik cincin diamond! Byeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Credits : All pictures are taken by hubby and I using Canon 550D and Canon 650D, with wide lens and kit lens. Meanwhile, some pictures and all videos are taken by me using AEE Magicam SD21. Click here for more details on both gadgets.


thatsofarah said...


Video tangkap guna apa? Best nya lah tgk kite surfing tu.

Supermeng Malaya said...

banyak nak komen ni.

1. tahniah kerana berjaya abihkan boracay..... aku punya next. ( gelak jahat )

2. aksi 'main' tepi pantai tu tak leh blah.... hahaha... syok beno. anyway. tahniah ler jupe balik.. miracle tu !

3. arch rock tu aku ambik dari atas bot ler.. aku pun x redah sampai ke ke sana.. memang x nampak org jalan kaki situ sebab dia tambak tepi2 tu...

Supermeng Malaya said...

oh lupa nak tanya. airport kalibo tu kena bukak kasut tak nak boarding?

Orga said...

fuyoo...romantik abislah time jupe balik cincin tu, setuju dengan sm, memang miracle...gambar-gambar cantik biqque, sampai sekarang aku still jeles dengan header ko, huhu...

Biqque said...

farah, i guna AEE Magicam SD21. kualiti clip original sgt cantik tapi yg dlm blog ni i dah convert ke mpeg sbb nak compile dlm moviemaker xp. so kualiti dia ke longkang skit la after conversion hahaha!

kite surfing tu mmg best, rasa mcm nak try jer sbb mcm senang. u shud try!

meng, meh aku jwb:
1. *tepuk2 tangan* ha jgn buat bodo je dgn ko punya ok!
2. tak sempat amik gambar aksi 'main' tu sbb sexcited sgt! hahaha! tak sangka weh jumpa balikkkkkk! sumpah tak sangka!
3. ooooooooooooo ye keeeeeeeee ok, i rest my case! fiuh lega! sbb kitorang pun amik dari atas bot gak. seb baik tak gaduh dgn guard kat fairways tu! hahaha!
4. kasut tak kena bukak pun...mcm senang gile, lalu dpn immigration tu patu dah terus masuk hall. simple jer. ko kena ke?

orga, hahahaha ko tau la laki aku manade nak romantik, malu kononnnnn cit! tapi mmg aku bersyukur sgt jumpa blk...kalo tak, terpaksa beli diamond yg lagi besar! hahaha! ala jgn la jeles, gambar ko laaaaaaaaaaagi meletup2 cun ok! mencik!

just.HY said...

wahh!!! untungla kan! anyway, miracle sg tuh jumpa cincin. takde aksi "will u marry me again ke?" hiks. gmbr cantikk! guna fish eye ke biq?

adakah aku sanggup redah airport mcm tu? hahaha

Biqque said...

john, ada part sarung cincin blk atas kapai terobang :D hahaha!

tak la, mmg guna wide lens and ada gambar yg aku amik guna magicam, yg tu pun mmg wide dia melampau2 sbb tu nampak cam fish eye...

Anonymous said...

Dia punya suspend pesal wedding ring hilang tue, mak aihh. Alih2 jumpa jugak. Kalau rezeki tue, jumpa juga kan at last.

Hulubalang said...

patut paksa jek sharul sarung cincin masa jumpa kat pantai tu...baru nampak romantik sambil buat aksi 'main' tu kekekeke...

tp mmg lawo gile la sana kan..

Biqque said...

zaraab, mau tak suspens...contemplating tau samada nak beli cincin baru or cari jugak. alhaldulillah Allah tlg kasi jumpa jgk :)

HB, dia sarung gak kat pantai, tapi sbb tak terpikir nak rekod apa2 sbb teruja sampai terkam terus atas dia hahahaha! ye mmg lawa...pasni tak yah jeles2 dah sbb cite dah abish!

Supermeng Malaya said...

masa aku kat kalibo kena bukak kasut... dah la orang ramai beratur. kaki masing masing nauzbillah busuk !
( termasuk kaki aku ler kot ) hahaahah

so dah tamat boracay.

lepas ni mana pulak???????

* peminat bertanya

Shaza said...

fuhh! at last, habis jugak citer bersiri boracay ni... jenuh nunggu... anyway, cantik sungguh tempat tu ye... sesuai ke kalo bawak anak2 bawah 12 thn?

Biqque said...

meng, la ye ke? nasib baik la time kitorang takde, kalo tak, aku baling kasut aku yg basah2 lembap tu! hahahaha! ye, tamat sudahhhhhh. ko jgn tanya lepas ni pi mana! sensitip! SENSITIP SGT! PFFT!!

*tgk manage my booking yg kosong*

shaza, hahaha tunggu ke? ha abis sudah ye, tepuk2 tangan :) nak pegi bawak anak ok jer, ramai yg bawak anak kecil bermandi-manda kat sana...tapi takde la mainan/hiburan utk kanak2 ye :D dewasa ada!

Ren said...

Teringat cara penceritaan drama hilang cincin ko haritu hehehe

Biqque said...

janggel, drama sgt :)

Twilight Man said...

Selamat Hari Raya to both of you! Maaf Zahir & Batin. I hope both of you will always be happy and go on traveling till old age! Life is short and precious to be angry or sad.

This post is interesting with the museum photos! I am a big fan of all museums in any country. I love your beach photos with the umbrella and deck chairs. I am dying to laze somewhere soon and read a book while gazing at the sunset.

Biqque said...

tx twilight :) come to our house la, i give duit raya to u hahahaha...

we have no more vacations after plan, just get the ticket and go :)

Anash said...

akhirnya abis dah citer nih?
dah tak de drama?
(jom pi raya kat taman?)*tetiba*

Biqque said...

kak anash, nak drama kena pi trip lain plak hahaha...

Time Traveller said...

waa.. jumpa balik ring.. macam dalam novel pulak hehee.. by the way tahniah la.. :D

Biqque said...

time traveller, aah jumpaaaaaaa...tak sangka sgt! benda sekecik tu bleh jumpa balik! :)

CQUEK said...

a wonderful place to hang out.. very relaxing, and thanks for sharing all the nice shots.

Biqque said...

cquek, indeed, a beautiful place that u shouldn't miss to explore :)

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