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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cute Ribbon-Headband

Camwhoring on the way to work this morning.
Eager to feel cute-but-i-know-I'm-not, I bought one cheap ribbon-headband and try it on.
Then...I accidentally click on one particular button, three times,
I found this cute frame! (I just got to know that!) Hahaha!


(You don't want to imagine, how I look like in rabbit and chimp posters! Did that to hubby :D)


Ely Hasrul said...

haha beshnye.. smlm hsrl ckp.. 'b u dpt tak mms biqq tunjuk rmbut baru?' patu dia tunjuk sms ko tuh siap ckp 'cantek tak hairdo baru lebeh kurg la.. hahaha hsrl tnya itu ini.. last2 aku ckp 'extentionnn' hahahhahaha

Lily Riani said...

cute. awat bukan gurlie pink. ehheheh

Biqque said...

mesti dia heran kan skin? hahahaha!

lily, i dont look good in pink la :|

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